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Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:47 am

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He was walking in the hall ways at his middle school.
He noticed a girl infront of him with long soft brownish hair swinging side to side. He said Hi the girl didn't Notice he said Hi louder the girl still didn't Notice. He went up to her and said Hi do you know where the Cafeteria is? She answered "Um, Sure I guess." She walked him around the school and to the Cafeteria. He said You would Like anything to drink like Soda or Bottled Water? He felt pretty stupid asking that but the girl said "Um, only if you tell me your name." with a smile. The boy turned a bit red and said Um its Shair, Shair aliBakhsh shuddering a bit. She said "Shair? Like the singer Shair?" The boy got shy and embarrassed and said No with a big smile cause he smiles with his shy. She says "Well Shair You gonna buy me a drink or do I need to pay you by telling you my name?" the Boy said Uh your name will do. She says "Then in that case my name is Jenny, Jenny Slate." After buying her the drink they go outside of the Cafe and the girl says "Can you go outside at 6:00pm?" The boy says Uh who'll be there?_? the girl answers "That's not important, what is Important is that you get there Okay" The boys says Do I have a choice? "No" says the girl. then he goes where the girl tells him to be at 6. After 1 year being good friends the boy sees the girl and says Hey there. But the girl barely notices him. it went on for a couple of weeks, and then the boy finds out shes nowhere to be seem. He asks the girls friends and they reply CANADA he says Canada? But why and without telling me? Then after 1 year later he says another girl at a school nearby and says You again but notices shes not the same girl, shes another girl who is to him exactly just like Jenny from far away but inclose he finds out that's just another of his friends.

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