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Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:27 am

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I work at a rehab center which used to be a nursing home. It still feels like a nursing home though since most of our patients are elderly. I have been here for only 4 months and in that 4 months I have multiple experience already. Like tapping on the wall, whisperings, seeing something/someone/shadow out of the corner of my eye when no one else is around. I really didn't think much of it for it could have been something else but I have this 2 particular experiences that I believe are paranormal.

My office is located on the other end of the building. It used to be a resident's room so it has a bathroom in it. A few days after I started here, I started hearing footsteps in the bathroom, toilet flushing, water running. I have called maintenance several times to check on the toilet and faucets but they are not finding anything wrong with them. I have gotten used to it but on the days that I am swamped and my temper is up there, it gets annoying so I would yell towards the bathroom "please! Not today". And I wouldn't hear anything for that whole day. Thank God no one has seen/heard me do it yet, otherwise they would think I was crazy!

Another thing with that bathroom is the batteries on the smoke detector don't seem to last long. Maintenance has to change them every 2 weeks when all the other detector's would last about 6 months.

Another experience is, I was in the medical records room on the other end of the building. This room is very humid, it feels like you're in a sauna when you're in there. I would spend about 2 hours a day 3 times a week in there reviewing 2009 medical records before we send it to an off-site storage never experienced anything there until last Thursday. I came across my friend's dad's medical records. He passed away earlier this year. My friend didn't really talk much about her dad's illness. All we knew was he had some type of cancer. I felt uneasy reading his medical records. I feel like I was violating their privacy but I had to do my job.

Right after I closed his records, I saw this shadow pass by so I turned around expecting to see someone but no one is there. I looked outside and no one is there so I just shrugged it off and went back to work. I kept seeing the shadow but every time I turned around no one was there so I just ignored it. I just wanted to finish what I was doing so I can get the heck out. It was pretty hot and I was sweating like crazy when all of sudden I felt a cold sensation on my shoulder, it made me jump. I felt it again on my left shoulder this time. It freaked me out so I decided I was done for the day, I fixed the records and left. When I was leaving, I passed by a cold spot by the door.

Could it be my friend's dad?



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