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Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:02 am

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Kari Hunter, walked down her pathway of the condo her parents bought her. She smiled at Jake who was waiting there with his car.
"He looks so serious",she thought.

"Hey Darling", she waves at Jake going up to him giving him a passionate kiss. She pulled away slighty confused why he didn't return the kiss.

" What's wrong Hun?" she asked concerned.
He looked at her " Hey Kari, nothing we just gotta talk now".
She smiled " Okay Hun what about?"
"About us Kari".
She stoped smiling and looks up at him.

"What about us...." she said starting to slowly get tears in her eyes

"It's not going to work out, I can't stand the idea of staying with the same girl forever, it drives me in sane when there are so many cute sexy girls to get hooked up with. When I'm with you I can't get a hook up, cause that's cheating. So I'm ending it here and now", He said with a sexy grin on his face.

Kari felt like a million puzzle pieces right then.
" Jake.....please don't we'll work it out! Please!" She said, begging him with her eyes and her voice.

"Sorry dear, it's over", He pushed her, smiling as she stumbled back. He slowly walked back to his car taking his time. He got in, turned on the engine, waved and drove away.

Kari started crying, she buried her face in her hands, her long blonde hair falling over her face.
Suddenly she felt life less....her legs away. Her last thought was "He never cared.....he never cared". She finally fell on the ground.

After a few minutes, she felt a soft hand lift her up...for a few minutes in her life...maybe...just maybe someone did care...she thought. She slowly opened her eyes....The person in front of her... Was so beautiful.....It was like God formed the person with his own hands....like there couldn't possibly be a single mistake in his body anywhere..... It was like looking at an angel...she smiled and closed her eyes.Falling into a peaceful sleep.

Hope you all enjoy it. Let me know how it is so far and if I need more actions or to show more of her emotions.

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