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Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:39 am

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The only thing I really remember about my dad was that he was young. My mom was about 18 when she had me and my father was never there from the start. He worked alot then went out alot to deal with his achohol problems by drinking his ass off.

My mom thought it was the only way for him to feel younge still. I was five when the bastared left us for some dumbass women.

He moved with the women near his family in Oregon. He tried calling me,but i ignored it. Mailing me letters, I never opened them. Texting me, deleted them.

He left me.

Why should I give him the time and day?

"Rylie door!" Mom yelled up the stairs. My friend Kayla was going to come over for the first day of summer. We had planned this summer to be a blast for both of us!

I bolted out of my room toward the door. She smiled as she waved her hand fastly in a excited way. I couldn't stop grinning. Not only was this going to be fun, but my boyfriend was going to be all mine this summer!

"Hey girlie!" I smiled as I lead her into the house. "Okay so today is going to be epic! I decided to do our nails neon color instead of those shit plaid pattern like the barbie dolls at school has."

"Yay!" She sqealed "I'm so happy."

The doorbell rang again. I looked at it curiously. I had not remembered having more people come over.

Kayla opened the door. Two police men stood looking intensly at Kayla, who stared wide eyed.

"Riley Reed?"

I stepped forward. "It's Rylie Thompson. What can i do for you?"

"You're father called to arrest you're mother."

The bastard!

"Mr. Evan Reed as informed us that for years you have not let you're daughter come see him." The red head police man said looking at my mom.

My mom's face swelled up in anger. "She doesn't want to see him. I can't make her."

"True but to keep this from not going to court I suggest you persuade your daughter to go see her father." Without anything being said, he walked away.

* * * * *

"He has no right at all!" I yelled forlding my arms across my chest. "The bastard could've came down to see me, but no he decides to finally be a big boy and call the fucking cops on you?!"

My mom was as anger as me,but she was a very reasonable women. This was not okay at all in my eyes and no matter what it never was going to be okay.

"Honey the police are right." She looked me dead in the eyes. "You need to see him."

"Mom, he left us. Left me. I hate the man to death." There was no remoarse in my voice. "I do not want to see him and the tramp he left us for."

The look on determination in my mom's eyes were final. I had to go no matter what I said.


A tear trickled down all three of our faces as we pulled up to the Air Port. Kayla was the one who cried first,then my mom,then me. It was the most heartshattering moment I have ever felt. In a way I was dying.. Leaving behind my heart.

"I will miss you so much,luff!" Kayla threw her arms around me. I welcomed her tight bear hug. "Call,text,whatever! Just keep in touch darling!" She tried to smile.

My mom was the hardest to say good bye to. I was going to be with the man she loved. I could see the intense pain flickering in her eyes. When my father left my mother never dated anyone.

In a way she still loved him.

I smiled weakly. "Mom it's not to late to move away and change our names,is it?" My joke was weak but it made her laugh slightly.

"Im going to miss my little girl." She wiped away a tear. "Promise me something?"


"Don't go calling the other women mom,okay hun?"

The tears now poured down my face. "Never."

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