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Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:50 am

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There are only 2 things you need to do to read this story.
1. Clear your mind.
2. Use your imagination. If you cannot keep an open mind and go with the story, do not bother reading further.

Things you should know before you continue: In this story YOU are the main character, everything is being told to you as it has happened, and anything written within asterisks is happening in to you, not being told to you.

*You open your eyes and are blinded by a bright light. As things start to come into focus, you realize that you are in a hospital bed. There is a stranger reading in the corner. He looks up with a surprised expression; he speaks.*

You’re awake? Thank goodness. You’ve been in a coma for over a month now. NURSE!

*As you jolt upright, you feel a strong desire to throw up.*

Whoa, slow down! You can’t just jump up like that. Come on, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take deep breaths. Where is that freaking nurse?!

* * *

Okay, I understand. You don’t remember anything about yourself, what has happened, or me. I figured as much. It’s okay, and it’s natural for you to feel anxious. Don’t worry; I’ll explain it all. I was there for everything that led up to the accident. Plus, I’ve been talking to everyone else involved getting a total account of what exactly happened. It is kind of confusing though and you won’t understand unless I start at the very beginning. Oh, and by the way, my name is Peter.

Okay, so it all started about two years ago. You and your friend Cynthia came to my friend’s house for a party. Cynthia was loud; you could hear her over the music when she was using her “indoor” voice. There was no way that anyone could miss her. She was like a sister to you. At least, that’s what you said at her funeral.

That night, the two of you were inseparable nearly the entire time. That is, until you went to get drinks. You kept on repeating that if you hadn’t split up, it wouldn’t have happened like that. You looked for her for a little while, but she was an outgoing girl. It wasn’t really odd for her to go off and hang out with new people. It wasn’t until later that night that things got weird.

It was midnight and people were starting to leave. That’s when you met me. I could see it in your eyes, the fear. You had found her purse scattered across the bench in the backyard. You stumbled and stammered as you asked everyone you could stop if they had seen her. Even I could feel it as you made your way in my direction. Something about simply watching as your weak ankles slipped across the wet, rocky ground gave me a sense of terror.

You falling didn’t come as a surprise so I was ready to catch you when you did. At that point you had lost all hope that anyone had seen her; you wept. I couldn’t just leave you so I helped you as you looked around the house one last time. When, we didn’t find anything new, I convinced you to go home. Another one of your friends, Dylan, drove you to make sure you were okay.

I didn’t see you again for two months.



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