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Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:23 pm

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Kendell, hadn't seen Max all night, he was supposed to come say goodbye to her. Kendell and her group were leaving for New York at five thirty tomorrow morning. And this was there last chance to say goodbye. There friends had thrown them a huge goodbye party at Max's beach house. Kendell sat on the balcony staring out at the water. She had done her best to hold back her tears all night, but as she looked at the water realizing that this could be the last time, she thought to herself 'My last night, my last party, and my last look at the water and Max isn't here to share it with me.' So many thoughts raged through Kendells mind as she stared at the water, so many memories so many dreams, all with Max and he wasn't there." The party was winding down and everyone was saying there goodbyes. She thought about all she was leaving behind, all that hr friends were leaving behind. Miranda was leaving behind a little sister and a father. Janet was leaving behind a dog and her parents that were always to busy to care anyways. Brittney was leaving behind a fiance and a twin brother who was old enough to make it on his own anyways. And Kendell, Kendell was leaving behind her home, her mom, her boyfriend, her other friends, she was leaving behind one abortion, one abusive father, two years of being a rape victim, she was leaving behind a life of pain, a life of happiness, a life of wonder, a life of trouble. She was leaving it all behind to go after a dream a dream that meant the world to her.

Max sat in a chair staring at Kendell, she was leaving him, he thought to himself. In a couple of hours she would be gone and she wouldn't even remeber him. He stared at her, he stared at the ocean where the most of there good memories were made. He sat there with wondering contemplating, should he go over there. Was she worth it, was she worth driving himself mad with grief was she worth, his tears, his time, his love, his support was she really worth that much to him. In a few hours she was going to rip out his heart and stomp all over it. He looked at her bags packed sitting by the door, this girl was slipping away slipping through his fingers, and the more he pushed her to stay the more she pulled away. He was losing her his one true love, he was losing her to fame and to glamour. No that wasn't it he was losing her ro her dream. He rose from his seat slowly walking toward her, she looked so fragile and so innocent. He stepped closer man she was beautiful with light from the water bouncing off her face. He sat down behind her with his arms around her, she closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. They stayed there just like that way after the guests left, and they stayed like that not wanting to move not wanting to let go, not ready to say its over.

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