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Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:40 am

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"Did you have fun today Jess?"
"I did. Thanks mom my party was awesome!"
"You're welcome sweetie"
Mom swerved off the road in to a tree so she didn't hit a man that ran in front of us.
"Mom! Are you okay? Mom, Mom! wake up!" The man that caused the crash sprinted over to the car, opens the front door and checks mom for a pulse, and found one.
"Help! Help us! My mom-"
I was silenced by a heavy rag being tied tightly around his mouth by the man.
"Shut up already you worthless brat! You're making it really hard to do my job.”
I stared up at him.
Since the air bag was already deployed, the man broke mom's neck to make it look like the air bag did it. He laughed.
"There! Now that my job is done, all I have to do is deal with you! I could easily make it look like you died in the crash but... I think I deserve some fun, lately my life's been a little boring. Get out of the car."
I hesitated.
"Get out now or I make this bad for you right here, right now."
I got out.
"Good." He walked into the woods a little. "Now come here." I didn't need to hear another threat, I consider his old one to still be good. I went over to him and he slipped something red over my neck and tightened it. A shock collar, for animals. "This is what I use on my dogs if they disobey mewhile training. It'll work for you to. Rules are simple; do what I tell you to do or I shock you. Got it?"
I nodded.
"Good. Now, walk. Straight.”
We walked for about a half-hour or so. Through out the walk the man would give instructions such as; left, right, faster, stop, etc and if I didn't follow his instructions exactly, then he would very lightly shock me. I couldn't feel it very much, but it was enough to get me paying attention. We got to a clearing where a wooden cabin was built. It was badly made. Gaps in the wood displayed a little bit of the inside.
“Here we are. You're new home!”

“In.” He ordered, I went in. I didn't like the fact that he could shock me if he wanted to, so I figured I should try to stay on his good side, at least for now. The cabin was horribly built. A slight breeze was blowing, and I could feel it when I was inside. I was worried what would happen if a mild storm picked up, and what would happen to the meek shelter that I predict I have to live in according to what the man had said. There was no flooring or carpeting, only a tarp that barely covered half the area. The other half was dirt and had some sort of pole stuck in to the ground with chains attached to it. On the tarp consisted of a chair, a comfortable one at the looks of it. My feet were tired from walking and I found myself longingly thinking of the chair.
The man laughed. “What do ya think of the place? You'll be seeing a lot of it, and doing a lot of hanging out around that pole!” he laughed again.
I can already guess what the chains are going to be used for.
The man grabbed my wrist and harshly pulled me over to the pole. He took hold of a pair of hand cuffs attached to the pole by a long chain. Another chain, shorter than the other, ran from the cuffs, through a loop at the top of the pole and over to the chair.
“Sit.” I did and he secured my hands with the cuffs. He knelt across the pole from me and took a second set of hand cuffs off the ground. The man surprised me by yanking at my feet. He positioned me so that the pole was between my legs, and cuffed them together. Then he stood and walked over to the chair to sit.
“I’m going to ask you questions and I want the true answers. Understand?”
I nodded. He took out a note book from a bag sitting next to the chair.
“What's your last name?”
“Smith.” He smiled, then shocked me.
“What's your last name?”
“I already told you, it's Smith.” He shocked me again.
“tell me. What's your last name?”
“Why do you bother asking me if you already seem to know?” the man laughed and I was shocked, twice. “what was that for!”
“I'll ask the questions. What's your last name?”
“McClearis! God damn it!” He shocked me. “dude! I told the truth.” I was shocked again.
“I do not approve of cursing. And you will address me as 'sir'. What is your first name?”
“Jake.” I got shocking results for that response too.
“What is your first name?”
“You don't seem to be affected by mild shocks. Should I turn up the power, or try to find something more effective?”
“I think you should take a nice big pine tree and shove it!”
“You're starting not to be amusing anymore, I think I’ll find something more fun to use.” he got up and pulled out a chest from behind where he was sitting and took out the longest whip I’ve ever seen. “it's too big to use in here, so I guess we'll go out side. But first.” before he unchained me, he give me a new look by tearing of most of my jeans, the arms and stomach of my long sleeve T- shirt. I was practically in short-shorts and a sleeveless-bellie-shirt. I was unchained and outside shortly after.

He led me over to something that looked like monkey bars from a child's playground, except it was about two feet higher then my arms could reach.
“Hold your arms in front of you.” he firmly tied them together with a piece of rope. Then the man tied the other end to one of the monkey bars, so my feet were a few inches off the ground, and spun me. For five minutes he spun me around and around. After five minutes he stopped, but I kept spinning, and he started whipping me and laughing. This continued for a solid twenty minutes, then I guess he got bored and stopped. The man untied me and dragged me closer to the cabin, which he went inside and brought back out bandages and some liquid, that smelled sort of like peroxide, that they were soaking in.
“Lift up your left leg.”
I hesitated and he glared at me threateningly. I obeyed, he took a single piece of cloth bandage and wrapped it around my leg. What ever it was, it stung like hell.
“Your right.” He wrapped up my right, then wrapped my arms and torso. By the time he was finished, my whole body was burning. The man saw the pain and discomfort in my face and laughed. “That will teach you to behave. Back to your pole now.” I was in too much of a daze to move, so to motivate me, he kicked me hard right below my ribs. That got me moving. I slowly got up and walked in side with him close on my heels. I went right over to the pole and sat down at the base, expecting to be in the same position as before. “Get off your lazy ass!” I got up and looked at him, confused. “you ain't sitting down this time.” He secured my hands and feet using the same cuffs he used last time, but left me standing. Naturally I pondered on this thought but dismissed it, as I figured that I would find out eventually. The man walked over to the chair and sat down in it. “now, when I ask you these questions, you will give the correct answer. Understand?”
I nodded.
“Give me an answer.”
He yanked on the chain that was connected to the cuffs, through the loop at the top of the pole, and over to the chair. My arms were jerked upwards by the chain and a spasm of pain shot through me as I was left hanging.
“Yes what?”
“Yes, sir.”
The chain relaxed, the pain went away.
“What is your first name?”
“Joe.” the chain jerked and the pain came back.
“I’ve got all the time in the world for this. What is your first name?”
“And I've already told you, Joe.” this time, instead of one pull, he jerked the chain twice, sending two times as much pain in to me.
“I will break you, no matter how long it takes. What is your first name?”
“Joe.” I won't give him the pleasure of breaking me. I just won't, not this soon. He stood, pulled on the chain, and slapped me hard in the face, then sat back down.
“How old are you?” at least the man forgot the other question, for now.
“Twenty-two.” he pulled on the chain, stood, turned me around, and kicked me in the back hard enough to send me flying - sort of – away from him. Then towards him, then away. I swung like this for a minute or so. I slowed, stopped, and the tension in the chain lessened and I dropped back to earth.
“Now, let's try this again. How old are you?”
“Three.” I went flying and grunted with pain.
“How old are you?”
he smiled and laughed a little.
“This is gonna be fun.”
“Fun for me or fun for you?”
“Fun for me and painful for you. Let me explain. I really do enjoy this, I really do.” he said while unchaining me. “this what I’m going to do. I'm going to unchain you, then we'll go out side and do what we did earlier. Next, depending on what my mood is, I’ll either hang you upside down and we'll continue with your interrogation or you'll get a lot of exercise. I might even let you pick.”

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