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Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:09 pm

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My name is Katie and I'm going to tell you about Maddie Allen. Maddie Allen ran away after her parents got divorced. No one really remembers Maddie because she ran away four years ago. I am telling her story because I felt it needed to be told. I’m Katie and I'm 16 years old. I have dirty blonde hair and green eyes. Maddie looked almost identical to me. The only difference is that she was about three inches taller than me. No one thought Maddie would have ever run away. She was an only child and she was to the verge of being spoiled.
Everyone always thought she was so lucky because she had almost everything. The only thing she was missing was a happy family. Her parents fought constantly in front of her about the stupidest things. The fights they had right before she left were about who would have custody of her after the divorce.
About a year later I got a letter from her, but there was no return address. The letter said ‘Katie, thank you for always trying to be there for me. I am happy now living in Berwick, ME. I think you should write about my story. You are the only person I trust to tell it truthfully and you are such a good writer. You know everything that has happened me up until I ran off. Don’t come looking for me. I have changed my name so no one can find me. Thanks for always being there for me. You are one of my only friends. Your Friend Maddie.’ Ever since then I haven’t heard from her. There is no way of knowing if she is reading this or not, but I hope and believe that she is. She wanted her story told and now someone close to her is telling it, and so Maddie’s story begins.

Maddie and I met it in third grade. We became friends after about two weeks. Her house was always so cozy and I loved going there. Her mom was always baking things like fresh cookies and brownies, and her dad was a writer for a sport’s magazine. She had almost all the games for the DS lite. Whenever I went there we always went out to Friendly’s. After about two years her parents we starting to fight, and after that I stopped going over there because Maddie was always at my house. Each one would get her something and want their gift to be better. She hated to have to choose, so every other gift was the best. Eventually she just stopped taking them because they were coming every week. Her parents didn’t get the fact that them fighting was dragging Maddie into a depression. Every day she seemed more unfocused and sad. Whenever someone asked if she was ok she always said “Yah, I’m fine.” After about a half of a year people just stopped asking. Her parents finally noticed something was wrong, but just for long enough to find a way to blame the other one. My mom ended up taking her to the doctor. She ended up getting diagnosed with major depression. When my mom told her parents they just fought over what happened and who’s fault it was. My mom ended up saying “You don’t get it do you? Her being diagnosed with depression is both of your faults. The fighting you guys do in front of her and involve her in has been leading to it. She is spending the weekend with me so she can try to get some sleep and won’t have to listen to you two fighting” or so she says. Anyway... Maddie ended up staying for about a week and then went to therapy to try to help her get out of the depression. Her parents tried less to fight, but it didn’t always work. She started coming out of her depression about three weeks later.

She stayed like that for about three months. Her grades were pretty good up until her parents talked about getting a divorce four months later. She kept talking about how if her parents got divorced she would run away and never come back. People started trying to help her and if they tried to help she seemed to get worse. The only person that could help her out was me. When we talked she seemed to get better, but only for a while. After about a half of a year she seemed like she was getting deeper into the depression. I asked how she was going to handle the divorce and she wouldn’t answer. I asked her again in a few days and she said she was leaving and that she couldn’t handle the stress it was putting on her. I tried to get help, but it was to late. She had left. We did find a note from her, it said ‘To who every is reading this note, I ran away to Maine. I couldn’t take my parents fighting anymore, it was leading me into a serious depression to the point where I might have tried to kill myself. I’m sorry I didn’t tell anyone, but my parents would have fought even more about who was to blame. I may come back, but not for a long time. Please give Katie my mp3 player and all my ds games. I may contact certain people after so long. Goodbye.’ For a while people searched for her, but no one ever found her. I am one of the only one's who know why all the searches failed.

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