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Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:02 am

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I've had a lot of various ghostly and paranormal experiences since very young, from ghosts that cause no harm and sometimes have made me recheck something that was dangerous, iv also had the malevolent types that groan beside your ear at night and cause fear and anxiousness. But the experience I had the other night has really left me wondering in confusion as to the meaning of it all. I moved last year and in this house I get no feelings of anything paranormal but my husband and I were in a house that was close to the house we used to live in where there was a lot of activity!

It all started when my husband was in this house and we were chatting on the phone and he said how he felt someone was standing beside him screaming at him while he was talking to me, then a week later we were in this house again and as my husband was sitting there I saw in my mind\'s eye his face distort and stretch into the warped screaming face... It freaked me out so much I had to look away and told him I was scared but could not tell him what I saw and as I said that the atmosphere in the room was very thick and intense but as he spoke to me it relaxed.

The following night we watched a film and sat out in the kitchen talking when he suddenly said I think I'm becoming more in tuned to the paranormal I felt the tension again in the air and told him to come stand by my side because I felt something was behind me but I could not move. He came over and said you won't like this but as we were talking your face became distorted into the screaming face! It chilled me and my eyes watered up as I told him the night before I saw him too in that way.

I'm so unsure what to think as we had been separated but now we have a happy relationship and talk about everything so is this something playing with us or is it a warning!

Would love to hear some feedback please as it is out of character to see this happen we are both loving and genuine people

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