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Obe Or Spirit Spooning
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Author:  Pooja [ Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Obe Or Spirit Spooning

I've had many paranormal experiences, all of my 17 years of life. For a while, this kind of slowed down and went low key. About a week or so ago, things kicked back up again and I've had quite a few things happen that were irregular, you could say, for me. I say irregular because usually the same kinds of things happen (paranormal things) which are just normal to me now. I've had spirits touch me, come to me in dreams, watch me constantly, move things, mess with me, I've had premonitions, and about 2 OBE's. This was a little different...

My cat sleeps in my room with me, which I force her to because I'm terrified to be in my room alone at night. She usually scratches at the door when she wants out, which is about an hour before I get up for school (5:00 AM). Last night was just like any other night, a presence was there, but it's always been. It was around 5 AM when my cat Luna started scratching and knocking the door to get out but when I rolled over to let her out I felt a strange presence. I was too afraid to get up and I did not want to let her out and be there by myself.

I was really, really tired at the time because I'd taken nighttime medicine so I could sleep better, because I usually wake up often in the night. I just ignored her scratching and knocking and tried to sleep, pulling the covers over my head.

I was in a sort of trance state. I was in between being awake and asleep when suddenly I felt something grab my arm. Not in a harmful way, just quickly, and it almost felt like something laid down beside me. It gave me the shivers for a few seconds and then I came to.

The feeling was very strange, it was almost like an OBE, the feeling of being sucked out of my body, but then it felt like something was keeping me in, and lying next to me. After I came to I rolled over fast and saw nothing in my room but my cat. It startled me but I didn't feel the fear I'd felt before I'd fallen into the trance state.

There's always been quite a few spirits around me, who I never felt were evil, but one truly terrifies me to the point where I can't be alone in my own house. I run out of my room when I turn the light off. I sleep with the lights and TV on and my cat in my room, and I run down the hallway. I even hate being the first one awake because I get up at 6:00 AM and it's still dark outside, so I have to turn on all the lights. I feel there is a spirit who is here to protect me but I don't have any relation to it that I know of. The others are sort of just there, coming and going, and usually have good intentions.

By the way, before I went to bed last night, before I got out of the shower, two letters were written into my mirror. A and it looked like S, but the S was backwards and in front of the A, which was significantly bigger. Could this be a sign?

If anyone can help me put this together, or make some suggestions, I'd really appreciate it.

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