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The Bride
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Author:  Sonia [ Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:08 pm ]
Post subject:  The Bride

It was a week ago that my uncle came to my place. We were having a discussion on things that people think are not real when the talk led to ghosts. My uncle have had many experiences with them. I guess this one is worth telling:

My uncle and his friends were going for a drive about ten years ago when they had to go through a narrow road next to a cemetery. While driving he saw a beautiful girl dressed like a bride, actually like an indian bride (they wear sari of dark red colour). He was the one driving and he knew there were 'things' that had happened to people if they stopped to help such girls. Actually, he was into ghost stuff, he knew it was one of the haunted places and this girl was quite famous as many people had seen her, many had suffered, and many had been able to escape. He continued driving as if he hadn't seen her. After about a ten minutes of fast drive, he dared to look back only to find she was right behind the car. He screamed and drove as fast as he could (there's not much of traffic rules here especially at night, no cameras or anything. It's like do what you feel like.) He broke all the signals and started reciting prayers.

All his friends had been there all along. They too were suffering the same things. After about an hour, they came to a stop and looked back but no one was there. They all were very scared and had high fever for about more than a week. Still it is believed that if you take that road, maybe you will experience something similar. I have also told it to my other net pals but they all believe it to be some fake urban legend. Well I hope whoever reads this believes me cause I am so sure it's true.

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