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"Worst Night Ever"
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Author:  Nome [ Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:40 am ]
Post subject:  "Worst Night Ever"

Danni read the advertisement for the most talked about night of the year. Samuel Salvatore High School Class of 2007 Promenade was going to be the most talked about event and no one has asked her yet. It’s not that she was opposed to going STAG but it all seems more of a dream with a prince charming standing by your side. To Danni it was everything and more to have one prince charming, Bryden Felix. Bryden wasn’t the Capitan of the football team, although he was on the team, he wasn’t the lead in a band, although he did play the bass, and he was no mathematician, but he’s pretty good in English. Bryden wasn’t the most sought after boy in SSHS but he did have his little fan club, Danni as president of course. (That was just a joke) “Hey Danni, Danni wait up” Kisha, Danni’s best friend since April upped and moved to Guam, yelled down the hall to where Danni was stuffing her Chem. Book and taking her English Lit out. “What’s up Kish?” “Did you hear Kai asked Beah to prom? Guess how he did it? I swear it was the most romantic thing I have ever seen.” At that point Danni wasn’t in the mood to ask her to get to her point and started walking towards her next class. Kisha obediently followed “He got the choir to sing and then had a solo asking her to prom in from of everyone in my Government class. I swear all the girls were crying and awing.” Danni turned on her heel in front of her English class. “Did she say no?” Kisha stopped mid sentence. “No, why would she? She’d be stupid if she did!” “Ok, that’s all I wanted to know! See you in the parking lot Kish.” But as Danni was about to turn the knob to her next class the door opened and hit her in the head. “Damn I’m so sorry Danni, you ok?” as the blur started to decrease and her vision returned Danni notice Bryden standing in front of her. “I’m fine” She said rubbing her head. “So sorry I’d stay to see if your fine but I’m late to Mr. Proctor’s class” Danni held her hand up to stop his rambling “Say no more, I’m good.” Bryden held the door open for Danni and then scrambled to class.

Twenty minutes later, it was either a concussion or the color of his eyes that made it so hard for Danni to concentrate on her English class. “Ms. Urbano, maybe you could tell me Lord Byron real name since you are so fond of his picture?” Danni hadn’t even heard the question, Green no Blue, no a bit of both she thought. “Ms. Urbano? Yoo-hoo earth to Danni!” Mrs. Hitchcock was one of the best teachers in SSHS, she never scolded a student unless they needed and she never put any of them down. “Well whatever she ate for lunch I suggest none of you eat it. Danni!” that caught Danni’s attention “Huh, oh George Gordon Byron 1788 to 1824, known in England for his poems “She Walks in Beauty”, “The Eve of Waterloo”, and my personal favorite “When We Two Parted”.” Danni excelled in her work, she had a way with words and with the people who wrote them. She was no over achiever she just loved writing. “Ah, I stand corrected maybe you all should have what Ms. Urbano had for lunch. Tell me Ms. Urbano why you favor “When We Two Parted”?” Everyone turned their heads to Danni, she was known in that class to over dramatize things turn even the boring of boring poems into something all teenagers could love. She was also sought after these days to help write lyrics and poems for guys even some girls who are asking someone to prom. She helped Kai write the song he sang for Beah. “It’s simple, what all people then wrote about, love, first love and last love. It’s a simple form of romanticism Byron was typical. “When We Two Parted” was about a man who had hatred towards a woman who left him. “Long, long shall I rue thee/ Too deeply to tell” he was that passionate, so much hatred towards a woman, it was bold and courageous for men considered it a scandal then.” The class was silent then Mrs. Hitchcock cleared her throat and said “Why Ms. Urbano I think we have just gotten a glimpse of your future.” Danni blushed and scooted down in her chair. “For the display of passion Ms. Urbano has just expressed I have an assignment for you all today. I saw the banner outside for prom; I want you all to write what you feel, like our fearless Lord Byron. How much does that night mean to you? Show passion, show feeling, give it meaning. If you can’t write it then pick a poem that expresses what you are trying to and write about it.” Ideas flew by, questions were asked until finally the bell rang. Danni jumped out of her seat and walked out of class to the front door where students were already spilling out. “Danni, Danni wait up!” Kisha was running towards Danni at breakneck speed. Danni turned to an exasperated Kisha. “What now Kish?” “Mike and Joni, he snuck into class and wrote it on the board before anyone got in, he had a rose and had the football team lift her desk and carry her around like it was a parade.” Kisha always had a story to tell and lately it was about who asked who to prom and how. Seemed like she was around whenever it happened. “Kish” she stopped mid sentence “What did she say?” “Yes, of course” “of course” I laughed and walked out the front door.

“She did it in the bus, it was so romantic, and Danni you had to have been there.” Kisha was rambling about Casey Fisher asking Manuel Acosta to prom. One of my doings of course “Did he say yes, kisha?” “Duh, he’d be a douche if he didn’t” Danni giggled. “Did you hear who Bryden’s taking to prom?” Danni nearly choked “Who?” there was a pause and the Kisha said “I don’t know that’s why I’m asking you.” Danni let out the breath she’d been holding close call she thought. And the conversation on who might be asked to prom tomorrow and what will they do continued with clues as to who and what from Danni being answered. That night Danni decided to take the initiative, if she didn’t someone else would and that would be a disaster. It was time to use her skills to advantage and win Bryden over. It was time to put all the self consciousness behind her and ask her prince charming. “Tomorrow, Tomorrow I’ll plan” and she went to sleep.

Author:  sidi [ Tue Jul 19, 2011 10:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: "Worst Night Ever"

so sad

Author:  jamesbond [ Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: "Worst Night Ever"

nice story

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