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Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:14 pm

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AVAILABLE: Tuesday, March 15th

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Vampires, Demons]
Victor Marius has watched as three of his brothers and some of their friends found their mates. He is happy for them. He truly is. But, as the oldest brother, he had thought that he would have found his mate by now.

Malachi is half demon, and he has known nothing but pain and horror. Finding a chance to flee the cave where he's been a prisoner since birth, Malachi runs until the sun and its harmful rays take him down.

When Victor sees the man lying on the side of the road, he stops to help but realizes something's not right. He's a demon. The man may smell like a demon, but he also smells like something else entirely...Victor's mate.

Can Victor get past Malachi being half demon, and how can a soulless demon have a mate?



What the fuck?

As I got closer, I saw steam coming off the small, barely clothed, and beaten body. Approaching slowly and cautiously, I almost jumped when the man rolled over and looked at me. Shit, he was a demon.

“Wait,” he croaked out when I raised my gun. “I’ve never killed anyone, warrior. I swear it to you! I was born this way.”

“Demons are dead, they can’t have children,” I growled as something else hit me at the same time. While his blood smelled somewhat rancid, it called to me, smelling sweet at the same time. Fuck! This man was my mate!

“M–my mother was pregnant when she became a demon.” He gasped, holding his side. “I escaped, but the sun was too much for me. I’ve never hurt a living soul in my life or even drank from a human. They’ve kept me prisoner since the day I was born. Please, help me. I can’t go back there.”

“That’s not possible,” I whispered, feeling the draw to my mate. I desperately wanted to believe him, and there were signs that he wasn’t a full demon. He was still alive in the sun even if his skin was smoking, and he had a nasty-ass sunburn. The man also didn’t have the typical red eyes of a demon, they were midnight blue. “What is your name?”

“Malachi Owens,” he answered, his eyes filling with tears as he kept gasping for breath. “You’re my mate, aren’t you? You smell so sweet to me, and it’s not just from thirst, because I can tell the difference. Please, if I was a soulless demon, I wouldn’t have a mate.”

“You try anything and I will end you, mate or not. Are we clear?”

“Yes, I’m too weak and starved to hurt you,” Malachi whimpered. I eyed him over, taking in his bright eyes, small button nose, plush lips, and sort of chubby cherub cheeks. He was gorgeous, even in his dirty state, and I felt myself get hard. I guessed he was no more than five-five and under a hundred pounds. My instincts were screaming to hold my mate, feed him massive amounts of food, and take care of him.

“Okay,” I said with a nod as I tucked my gun in the back of my pants. I closed the gap between us, bent down, and lifted him into my arms. Malachi felt perfect in my embrace, like he was destined to be there. He cried out in pain, and I loosened my hold on him. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“No, I’m the one who’s sorry,” he whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my neck.

“For what?” I asked, completely confused as I walked back to the rental car.

“For this,” Malachi answered and sunk his fangs into my neck.

I cried out as my cock instantly exploded in my jeans from my mate drinking from me, as vast pleasure swarmed me. It was so intense I almost fell to my knees and dropped him, but I was able to keep myself upright and leaned against the car. I kept coming and coming, shooting so much seed in my jeans that I didn’t know my balls could carry that much.

“Now you won’t kill me,” he whispered as he licked his bite. “But you won’t love me ever, either, for doing this to you.”

“Probably not,” I snarled as I came back down from my orgasm. “You know mating without someone’s permission is a death offense.”

“No, I didn’t know that,” Malachi said as I opened the passenger’s door and gently put him inside. “I literally have lived in a cave all my life. I know nothing about anything except I’ve fought to survive all these years, and while I never wanted my mating to be that way, I want to live.”

“Cave? I was sent here by our Council to investigate claims of demons living in the Mohegan Bluffs.”

I closed the door and walked around to the other side before he could answer, giving him time to think about what I said while I had a moment to digest that I was now mated. Leaning my head against the top of the car, I felt a pit of despair form in my stomach. I’d waited all of these years to find my mate, desperately wanting to find them. And I was mated to a half demon, which I still wasn’t sure if that was even possible, who just mated me without my consent.

What the fuck?


“You have me, my love,” I said firmly as I poured slick on my hand, rubbed it into my cock, and added more to my fingers. I leaned over him as I moved my hand between his legs and pushed in a finger. Malachi moaned loudly as he grabbed onto my shoulders as we stared into each other’s eyes. “Would you let me have you star in my fantasies, baby?”

“Yes, god, yes,” he purred, his eyes going wide as I pushed in a second finger. My tongue had already loosened his ass up for me to stretch him a little bit quicker than I had thought. “What would you want me to do?”

“Well, I have one fantasy about my mate always wearing a toy in his ass for me. It’s called a butt plug, and it would keep you ready and stretched so anytime I wanted you, I could just bend you over and take you,” I drawled as I nibbled on his lower lip. “I’d stretch you out every morning in the shower while on my knees sucking your gorgeous cock. Then I could play with it and this hot ass that’s mine all day.”

“I like it,” Malachi whispered as a huge smile broke out on his face. “Anything to get your mouth on me every morning.”

“Well, I wouldn’t have you sleep with it in after we made love before bed.” I scissored my fingers inside of him to make room for a third finger. “That would be uncomfortable overnight I think. But that would also give me the excuse to play with you every morning.”

“What else do you fantasize about?” he asked, gasping when I pushed in a third finger.

“You know how I like being your dominant male?” I waited until he nodded before continuing. “There’s a time every once in a while I don’t want to be the dominant one. I want to be the one taken care of and just let go. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, sometimes you want me to take over the control.”

“Exactly,” I whispered against his lips and gave him a soft kiss. “I’ve always had this fantasy that my mate would tie me down to the bed and spend hours making me come with all the toys I’ve been saving for that day. I think it would be hot for you to use vibrators and dildos and all sorts of sexual toys on me.”

“As long as you show me how to use them first.” The little imp winked at me. I growled at the visual I got of Malachi riding my cock while I used a vibrator on his sac and dick. “I’m ready, Victor. I need to feel you inside of me.”

“Oh yeah,” I groaned as I pulled out my fingers. I moved his legs wider as I lined up my cock. Watching his face, I started to push into his hole slowly so I could make sure I didn’t hurt him. His eyes fluttered closed as he let out the mother of all moans and arched his back for me. He looked like an angel, my angel. “Open your eyes, my mate. I want you to see who’s taking your virginity and pleasing you.”

“I know who is whether my eyes are open or not,” Malachi replied as his eyes snapped open. I thrust in and out slowly, letting his ass get used to me before pushing more of my nine plus inch cock inside of him. “I’ve never wanted anyone but you, and I never will.”

“Good, because I’d have to kill anyone else,” I snarled, the idea of anyone being inside my mate making me see red. “No one else ever, baby. I’m a very, very jealous man.”

“No one else, ever.” He agreed firmly as he reached up and cupped my cheek. “I love, want, and desire only you, Victor.”

“I feel the same for you, Malachi.” I gave one last, soft thrust until I bottomed out inside of him. He cried out when I moved his legs over my arms, changing the angle so he took more of me into him. “This is home—being with you like this feels like I’ve come home for the first time.”

“I’m not sure what that means, but I feel as if my soul is complete finally.”

“It means the same thing,” I said before kissing him. Once I knew he was ready and trying to move under me as if silently signaling me to take him, I pulled back out until only the head of my cock remained inside of him. Then I thrust back in gently but faster than I had pulled out. He gasped in my mouth, and I took full advantage and slid my tongue over his.

As if on some primal instinct, Malachi moved his hips up to meet my thrusts. We kept kissing as sounds of our lovemaking filled the room. There were no words that needed to be said right then. Everything we felt was being told in the way our bodies moved. As we both got closer to our orgasms, I started thrusting into him harder and faster.

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