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Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:58 pm

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So I was standing at a bar waiting for my best friend, Nenia to show up. My older brother James was standing beside me with his arms crossed over his chest. We have been waiting here for almost thirty minutes and I was getting worried.

"Where are they, Midnight?" My brothers voice came through the darkness.

"I don't know, James, how about you ask them. Oh, wait, there not here," I said crossing my arms.

James is twenty-two and very over-protected of me. But other than that we get along just fine. I wouldn't know where I would be if he wasn't here with me.

A dark royal blue car pulled up and parked beside our car. Nenia got out of the passenger side and her older brother got out of the drivers side. Nenia is tanned compared to my creamy milk complexion. She has mahogany wild curly hair that hangs to her shoulders. Mine is thin and is strawberry blond and hangs past the middle of my back. She is tall with legs and I'm short.

She was wearing short shorts jeans that had ripped seams hanging loose. Leather black boots that button up the sides with black ripped panty-hose. Her shirt was a blood red and showed some of her belly. Her hair was in a loose pony.

Leon or Leo for short which is Nenia's older brother who is twenty-two. He was tall with broad shoulders and buff arms. He had tan skin too, but a little lighter than Nenia's. He was wearing a light blue T with baggy jeans. His hair was a dark coffee brown that hangs to the right.

"Hey dude, Midnight, watcha been up to" Leon said doing the "guy hand shake" with my older brother.

"Nothin' much dude, how bout you?" My brother asked.

"Same," He answered with.

I rolled my eyes and turned to Nenia. We jumped up and down screaming and hugging each other.

"I like what your wearing," Nenia said her voice a seductive throaty voice.

"Thanks," I said looking down at myself.

I was wearing black leather boots that laced up the sides. Jean shorts that went above my knees a little, with a black shirt that went in a V shape. Then my strawberry blond hair was just hanging down. I also had some eyeliner and mascara on.

"Well come on guys we need to go get the rest of the guys," Leo said.

The bar was a small one with a cowboy look on the outside. You could hear the music blaring on the outside. My eyes went wide for thinking we had to go in there. I turned around and James arm was in front of me turning me back around.

"You'll be fine, Midnight," James murmured.

See I was shy, not just ooo a guy said a nice thing you blush. But I hate crowds, can't think of what to say shy. We headed into the bar and threaded our way through the people. Lights were flashing on and off and music was so loud you couldn't hear a fucking thing. We came to a booth with around four guys sitting at the table. Oh ye-pee one of them must be the guys house were going to stay at.

We walked up to the booth and my eyes locked on the biggest one there. He was huge well to me and his arms bugled from the muscles on him. He wasn't like one of those body builders not even closed its just the way he shows his body off.

"What up Jet, this is Midnight and her brother James," Leo said pointing at us.

I was huddled behind James broad width of body. I wasn't huddle like a kid would be, but like I was behind him with my head down.

"Guys this is, Mike, Drey, and Jamal," Leo said pointing at everyone.

James said, "Hey," I just stood there looking at my brothers back.

"Well come on guys sit down," Mike said.

We slid opposite to Jamal (a.k.a. big guy) and I looked up at him. He was looking at me with big puppy brown amber eyes. I felt blood rush to my face like when a person sucks a Slurpee down. His pitch black hair fell before his eyes like a curtain and had slits in it so you saw some of his eyes.

It felt like I was being compelled to not look away. I blinked so slowly it was almost painful. Then tearing my gaze away I went back to listening to the conversation.

They were all talking about how we were going to get there and where we were going to sleep. I still felt Jamal starring at me and shifted uncomfortably. I glanced over there, just the flicker of my eyes and saw him paying attention to the conversation. I let out a breath that I had been holding in and scooted closer to my brother. He puts his arm around my shoulders tucking me against him.

"We should eat first," A deep voice rumbled.

I opened my eyes to find it was Jamal that had said that.

Drey said, "Sure."

His plump pink lips twitched up into a smile. His opaque butterfly eyes scanned the room as if something had caught his eye. I looked over my shoulder following his gaze and saw a sunshine blond-y standing at the bar. She was all legs with crystal blue eyes and good curves. I went back to the conversation with a frown on my face. Drey put a deep brown hand on the table and leaned back.

"Hi, I'll be your waiter tonight. My name is Lucinda," A girl-y pitched voice came.

I turned to see a teenage girl about seventeen smiling so big it looked like it hurt. Her face was a bright pink, saying she was blushing was over pushing it, maybe she was hot and flushed. Her vanilla pony whipped back and forth as she gave us menus. The aqua green eyes she had was impossible for a color or she was very lucky. But I'm guessing she was wearing contacts and her real eye color was a sea-green or clear water blue. She was a little taller with me with an hour glass curve.

As she was passing out the menu's I saw her hand was delicate and smooth looking. "Well aren't you beautiful," Mike said with a bright smile.

Her round face blushed a pinkish color, I guess she was blushing. She murmured a thank you and then said she'll be back a in a few to take orders.

"James will you buy me a Tongue Tied," I asked quietly.

I thought I spoke quietly enough that only he would hear, but Jamal's eyes glimpsed over at me with an amused look. I looked at James face and saw a frown.

"Please, James, its only one drink," I pleaded making puppy eyes.

He let out a sigh and said, "Yeah, Midnight, I'll buy you one."

A smile plastered my face and I went back to looking at the menu. Laying it down I looked at the table playing with my hands. I felt eyes on me again and I kicked my leg out. A grunt came from Jamal, but I didn't say sorry.

"May I take your orders? Or do you need some more time," Lucinda's voice came from next to me.

"Yeah, I'll have a steak medium rare with a Bayard Fizz and Tongue Twister," James said.

"Chicken sandwich," I whispered to James.

He repeated louder so the waitress could hear. Jamal ordered the same with a chicken salad and a Slim Shady. Mike asked for barbecue ribs and a Queen Bee. Drey asked for a spicy hamburger with a Georgio. Nenia asked for a Pineapple Bomber and some chicken rings. Leo ordered a steak and some spicy mustard with a Dr. Pepper.

Lucinda nodded then scurried off into the back. A new song came on I think it was called Good Directions I forget who sings it thought. I lipped sing it and swayed back and forth. My eyes caught hold of something moving and came to rest on Jamal studying me.

When we were done with the food we all huddled out to the cars. Jamal led the way to his house and Nenia followed as we followed her car.

I sat there starring out the window as a mist of rain started to fall. The moon was shining was disappearing behind the gray clouds. Pulling up a long drive that lead to an iron gate that had ivory growing on it. It opened and I saw the other cars. The house was huge like a castle.

Grabbing my bags I walked inside

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