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Sat May 08, 2010 12:34 pm

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Hey i am divakar. I am a leo. I was born on Aug-15th. I started my career as a faculty in a reputed computer training institute for a very less salary though i was lucky in a way. May be it was a gods wish that i had to work in that institute teaching student who had no idea about what a computer is? It happened in the year 1998 i came out of the class tired of speaking and teaching them about computer networks, and stood near library to drink water. There it all happened my fortune turned. I saw a girl walking from our main door wearing jeans and T-shirt.

Thats it guys, my heart at the first site said me "divakar this is a girl born for you, Go ahead and get her at any cost" & i discussed this with my close friend who was my colleague too ! he suggested me to talk to her at once and tell her about the feelings. But i denied i didn't wanted it to happen suddenly because i know any girl won't accept any person first without being acquinted to her.So i decided to get close to her. Once again you know guys my luck and gods grace my batch got over and i was assigned a new batch to handle the class. Then the first day of the new batch i got in to the class and a shock i couldnt beleive that she was there in that class as my student. One way i was very happy and other way i was bit dissappionted because i was her teacher and she might not think about me in that way.But still my objective was to get her. I started teaching them.

By now they all already had been through the basics and fundamentals of computers and they had their next module which had to be started by me.They were all fed up with the previous faculties as their teaching style was bad and they started loving my teaching and they wanted me to handle rest of the modules.I personally took lot of interest in that batch and helped them in doing their labs sitting besides them.At this point i started to teach the girl i loved a bit more and show some more interest and sit besides her. She is a Arien and i came to know that she never like me sitting next to her & teach her. Literally she used to hate me ! one day she asked me a question " Why you show so much of interest in me when other students also equally deserve it? " that was the time, i found an opportunity in front of me knocking the door. I said " Please can you come down i want to tell the reason why i care so much about you? " she said " fine i will come " then she followed me her head bent seeing the ground. We were in third floor she came to first floor.

I said her " You wanted to know the reason why i care so much about you? " she said " yes " then me i said " the reason is i like you and i love you" i said this much and i said bye to her without bothering to ask her whether she like me or not. the next morning she came so innocently she asked " you didnt ask my opinion about this" then i said " i am sorry i was bit excited. please tell me what is your opinioin" then she said " i will tell you tommorow morning when i come here at 7:30 a.m." and i said fine. That day i had to stay back in the institute as we had some installation work going on. I got up in the morning and opened the shutters i saw she is sitting wearing a blue dress. i was bit excited and i called inside i asked her to sit next to me and i put my hands on her shoulders and said "see its not neccessary that you should love me just because i said i love you.

I hope what ever you are going to tell now is from your heart and have seriously thought about it" then she saw me a moment and said " i am also going through that feelings since many days " and she accepted it so cooly but she asked me to promise that i wont leave her at any point of her life and swear to go along what ever it is.Thats all folks from then onwards she entered in my life like a rain in desert and we are together and i am also a software engg working for a esteemed company. Now everything is fine and i cannot leave without her and she too. So guys its really true that " You should fall in love once to understand what life is?". take care bye......

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