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Wed May 26, 2010 10:50 pm

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Tonight's Victim is very interestingTeen story Read and enjoy it

Traveling around the city streets at nights I was hungry and I needed to satisfy my thirst. I was eager to satisfy the hunger for the blood that I so desperately needed. The young men who walked the dark streets were easy prey, I never killed them and occasionally I paid them for their service that they provided for me. Some were willing to share, others I had to take from them without their ok.

Living my wild and free existence was something I had chosen to do. I was happier if I could satisfy my wild sexual lust at the same time as satisfying my hunger. Tonight, it was a warm summer's evening, which meant that there would be lots of people put and about and I'd have easy pickings. My victim wouldn't even know he was a victim.

Walking around the streets there were many groups of people together, but not many single guys, so I decided to head into one of the sleazy bars where I'd scored oh so many times before.

Putting on a good act I knew I could lure someone home to my bed tonight. I wasn't unattractive so my looks were handy when looking for an unlucky soul and if he was horny, he could pay me for the privilege also. Extreme hardcore sexual acts were an added bonus when performed at the right time and it didn't matter whether my victim was a babe or a guy I'd be still be delighted with the outcome.

Walking up to the bar, I smiled at Ted and made a mental note that I should pay him a visit on a not so busy night… I was feeling enormously horny and decided that I'd really like an entrée tonight of hot cock and balls. I climbed up on the high bar stool and pretended to sip on my drink whilst watching the guys wander around the room.

Finally I spotted him. He was a young man of around 20, he looked a little bit scruffy and a wee bit hard done on his luck so I called him over and offered to buy him a drink. He sort of looked at me weird like and it was almost as if he knew my secret, but with my eyes making eye contact with him he agreed to let me buy him a drink or two.

He told me about how he'd just lost his job and needed money in a hurry to pay off his debts but no one would hire him. I continued to talk softly to him as I let my eyes work their magic. I'd managed to put him under my spell by the time we'd had three drinks but with him being an easier target than most it didn't take much doing at all.

When I stood to leave, I didn't have to say a word. He picked up his coat and walked the short distance with me to my room on the 18th floor of a dark and sinister apartment building. It was old and run down but it was my palace and anyone who visited saw it as just that.

In his dream like state I handed him a crisp $100 bill that he promptly slipped into his top pocket before stripping naked for me. I was amazed at his beauty underneath his scruffy clothes and decided that I certainly had lured a good one to help satisfy my thirst tonight.

My pussy tingled in anticipation of what was to come. My thirst was a raging fire in my throat, I knew I had to have him… but I needed to remain calm or I'd blow my chances of drinking from his blood challis.

As he stood before me, I asked him if he knew what he was doing here. I wanted to ensure that he was not completely out of it and besides if my prey knew what was going to happen to them and how I was going to enjoy their bodies, it was more satisfying for me. I loved watching the confusion in their eyes as they fought the inexplicable fear they were feeling and as they embraced the wanton lust they held deep in their hearts.

Damn enough of this sentimental crap, the look on his face gave me the answer I needed and when I stroked his throbbing cock I held him in my arms until our bodies were close to each other. I could feel his cock rubbing against my mound as he almost roughly manhandled my burning sex.

He was going to be one delectable prey that I would remember for a long time. The heated passion smoldered in his eyes. They looked almost deaf like and haunted just like mine. I knew he wanted this as much as I did despite me being the one who had to quench her thirst.

In his trance like state he helped me kneel down in front of him, taking his huge red throbbing cock deep into my warm mouth. It was so huge it felt like it was shoving its way down my throat. I could feel my mouth and tongue salivating along the entire length of it before sucking the head firmly between my lips.

He thrust his cock forward, fucking my mouth as I squeezed his balls and played with his tight ass. My pussy was swollen; it pulsated and throbbed as I felt the familiar stirrings of desire. I pulled him down onto the floor with me until I was kneeling over him. I longed for his tongue to touch my fiery cunt and with our heads at each other's groin we began a feast to end all feasts upon each other's genitals as if it were our last meal.

His mouth and tongue worked on my warm moist cunt, he licked and sucked devouring each drop of nectar as if it were his last meal. His pulsating cock throbbed in my mouth. With each throb it grew unbelievably with each thrust. The blood raced through his veins until his cock swelled to an unimaginable size. His taste was exquisite… Seeing his veins standing out like purple ropes of mind-blowing lust was driving me crazy. I had to have him so badly…

I willed myself to take control. I did not want to just bite into him and drink his entire life force like the demon that I really am. I did not want to kill him but if I my thirst for his blood drove me to do it he would bleed to death. I was hungry, I needed desperately to quench the thirst that was raging through my body, and in the state I was in I would surely drain him of every drop of his precious life.

He was working his tongue over my pussy like a true professional and I wanted to keep him as a plaything for a while. I could use him to lure sexy girls or other guys into my palace for bloodthirsty banquets whenever the heart desired it… So I decided that I would keep him alive and just pierce the skin a little on his thick thighs.

Using a razor sharp blade I did just that…. He squirmed underneath me as the stinging pain suddenly hit him. I spoke ever so softly as I hypnotized him again, his bucking turned to soft thrusts of his hips as I held his cock in my hand and began stroking it slowly.

I closed my mouth over my feeding place; his blood was hot as it pumped into my mouth. Stroking his cock, I squeezed it tight while pumping him hard. I manipulated him into a mind-blowing earth shatter orgasm. With each pulsating pleasure his blood flowed into my mouth. I drank deeply as an inhuman ecstasy washed over him, he shot his load with such a force that warm gushes hit the side of my face as I continued to drink in his lifeblood.

I rubbed my pussy over his face faster and faster as I continued to drink his pungent ruby wine. I couldn't control my lustful desires as I exploded against his soft tongue.

Slowly we separated. He looked at his leg before looking into my eyes. The look on his face questioned what had just happened, but he understood. The compassion he showed was very touching as he smiled at me wickedly.

Playfully he touched his cock and asked me when we were going out in search of a plaything for him and me. I looked out the window and with the sun slowly slipping out of the darkness, it was time to sleep, but later that night we would go out on the town and pick up a guy and gal who were down on their luck and eager to make a quick buck or two

The End
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