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Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:30 am

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* The feeling of his lips trailing down my neck made me shiver in delight. Oh how I loved this man to death. He was my lover.

My Soul Mate.

Everything about him made me shiver in pleasure. He was mine in every way possible. There was no way this man would ever leave.


That was the last thing I heard as I felt his hands slip from my waist. I opened my eyes in shock to see him on the ground..

dead. *

Raven bolted upright in a breathless scare. She was in her room, thank god.

She slid to the edge of the bed to put on her fluffy bunny slippers. The dream still lingered in the back of her mind, but her grandmother had told her to ignore the dreams and the demons within it. So that's excatly what she would do.

She rose from the bed with her head a little dizzy. Quickly she walked to her closet to put on a new outfit for a new day.

The yellow sun dress looked comfortable enough. Grabbing it off the hanger so she could slip it on and go check on her grandmother.

The little house had little room for anyone to have a provate life. Her granmother refused to move because this house was her grandmother's house and it was very special.

The house itself was apperantly acient that was worth billions. Which to Raven didn't make any sense given the fact that the house was beat down and could barley hold three people in it.

The Grandmother Mae was sitting on the puke green couch when Raven walked in. Her mother was sitting on the grass green chair with the newspaper in her hands.

Raven cleared her throat. "I am up. Anyone want some coffee?" She asked politly.

Her mother smiled a tiny smile at her. "I'll have some."

The crisp crackles of grandmothers voice spoke up. "Oh nonsense,Christine, that stuff is so horrible for you." Her batty brown eyes focused on me. "I will not tolerate that coffee stuff no more."

"Yes, M'am."

"Also go to Father Joe's house and tell him I will be at the Church a bit late tomorrow."

Raven nodded, "Yes M'am."

With no futhur explanation, Raven slipped on her boots and headed to Father Joe's house.

Father Joe was Grandmother Mae's favorite person at Church. Mainly because Mae believes that God has blessed the man and everyone should bow down to his feet.

Father Joe lived in a small house uphill from Raven's house. The house was filled with crosses and bibles everywhere. When Raven was little she asked Father why he had all these things in his personal house. He had told her that God may have blessed him, but the devil will always lerk waiting for a chance to posses.

In a way Raven had to agree it was smart. She herslef was afraid on the Devil's haunting ways, but after being so closed to Father she became less afraid knwoing he'd help her if the devil ever did posses her.

When she reached the house sh noticed that Father was sitting on his front porch reading the Bible.

She knelt down. "Hello Father." She smiled sweetly. "I have news for you."

He smiled at her kindly with warmth. "Is it about Mae I presume?"

"Yes. She told me she will attend tomorrow."

"Good for her to help out. Thank you Raven for coming all this way to tell me that. God bless you."

"God bless you, Father."

He stood up slowly,given he was getting old, and reached for her hand. "My wife made cookies,darling,would you like some? Oh she will be pleased to see you."

Raven smiled as she nodded.

Father's wife,Mary,was one of the sweetist women in the whole wide world. Oh how Raven adored her dearly.

Mary was sitting on the kitchen chair when Raven walked in with a slow Father Joe behind. The old women was knitting some socks together.

"Hello, MAry." Raven smiled. "Long time no see."

"Ahh Raven how I missed you're charming self!" Mary sang. "Come on in dear and get yourself some cookies. I bet Father bragged about them."

In truth he didn't but Mary wanted to believe it so oh well.

Father Joe sat down next to his wife. "My nephew is coming over,Raven, I'd like you to meet him. Now you must be cautious the boy is a troublemaker. I have to look after him to teach him the way of God before it's too late."

Mary patted his hand. "The boy will learn dear. He just has a few demons in him."

Raven looked back and forth between them in confusion. FAther Joe and Mary were always so happy to help others. So why was this boy any diffrent?

Then A loud knock Jolted the family. Then the door opened widely as a boy walked in.

Raven gasped.

It wasz the man in her dreams!

He was a handsome as he was in her dreams.
Dark brown with a hint if auburn. His hair
Hung over his eyes in a messy cute way.
He was tan and built likesome Greek
Godess sculpted him. The most intriguing
Part was his eyes which were glazing black eyes.

He was excalty like Raven had remembered. When he saw her his black eyes widen in shock. Something in his eyes flared at the sight of her.

Raven shivered as his eyes trailed down her body slowly as if savoring every inch of her.

It felt like some magnet was pulling them toward each other.

Before any of the could react, Mary slapped the boy in the back of the head with a wadded up newspaper.

He flinched as it coneccted with his head. All the lovey dovey emotions in him dissapeared.

Mary, to Raven's surprise, looked extremely pissed off at the boy. "You have a lot of nerves to be checking her out in front of us like that!" She exploded on him.

His eyes became bored as he sighed. "Ehh, C'mon there's not much to see anyways."

Everyone gasped. Raven did not have a busty chest like most girls here or a Kardashin butt to flaunt around, but she was noraml. Her skin was pale though but it had a healthy glow to it. Her hair was a light honey brown and she had baby blue eyes. Nothing to brag about.

Father Joe grabbed the boy hardly on the arm. "Now you listen here, Trey, I will not tolerate your rude behavior! This girl happens to be a family friend so you best be nice to her." The threat was clear and stable. Not wavering and no hesitation.

Trey shrugged lazily. "Sorry uncle but when I see a female my hormones go hay wire." He smiled a lopsided smile. "So, where's my room?"

The tightness in Raven's chest was to much to bare. She had to get away from him before she ran up and kissed his perfect lips. Without uttering a word she turned and ran out the door.

No one tried to stop her.

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