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Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:10 pm

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I've heard it said that there comes a moment in life when everything makes sense. When all that you've done, all that you failed to do, melds into one remarkable moment.

One of the songs that I love to sing is called, "This is the Moment" from Jekyle and Hyde. It is indeed very powerful. It supports that idea with these words:

"This is the moment,this is the day. This the moment when I know I'm on my way. Every endeavor, I have ever made is coming into play is here and now today."

I believe we all live our lives in hope that be get to see that moment.

It continues..."I'll gather up my past and make some sense at last!"

I am often heard asking "God, why are you so good to me?" I like being in that place of wonder and humility. I am humbled by the discovery of a tiny flower rooted in among the weeds. I am often physically and emotionally overwhelmed by a sunset.

Seeing such seemingly insignificant things as enormously important, is both a gift and a challenge for me. There are very few people in my life who share that enthusiasm thus leaving me frustrated.

The truth is, I have had so many "moments" in my life.

"When all I've done - All the dreaming, Scheming and screaming, Become one!"

Today I have arrived at a pinnacle moment in my life and continue to expect even more.

Am I a "chosen one?" Do I see myself as God's special child?

Apparently so. But so are you.

Have I always felt like this?

No way. I lost years of my life to negative thinking and destructive living.

No matter what your situation in life, I promise you that you have had those moments already. You've just chosen not to see them with the magnifying vision of hope and love.

It's never too late to capture such moments because you will have more.

Remember, I am not talking about awards and coming in first place in a marathon. I am talking about the accumulation of simple joys and the acknowledgement that waking up, facing the sun, doing something for a stranger, laughing, and even crying are remarkable moments in anyone's life.

Even grief is a privileged gift. It is an acknowledgement of having loved and been loved by someone whose passing leaves you mournful and empty.

For me, this day was the arrival of my book, "I Wish You Enough!"

It is nearly impossible to describe the feeling. It came late in the day yesterday. I ripped open the package as my heart began to pound. I held it in my hand like a newborn child.

My fingers slid over the front cover rising slowing across the raised letters of the title. I held it silently for a few minutes as I flipped through the pages pausing here and there in recognition of words I wrote.

There is an incredibly beautiful picture of a young child making a wish with a dandelion and the poem from the story on the opposite page.

My words... her innocent beauty.

Later, after having dinner with Marianne, I told her that I had something special for dessert. She closed her eyes in anticipation of some velvety chocolate dream. Placing it in her hands and watching her response brought tears to my eyes.

I have not given her much in life as far as security, wealth or lavish gifts. This was something I held as more valuable than any of that. Her reaction showed that she felt the same way.

Later I walked into our back yard and stood upon the small deck outside our shed we call "Hope House."

Looking toward the near harvest moon, I held the book up and said, "Look, God, at what you and I have done!"

Then I shared it with my mom and dad who have been gone for some time now. "I hope you are proud."

"This is the moment"... one of many in my life. One of many more to come. You have them, too. Start celebrating yours now.

What is your opinion about this story?

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