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Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:19 am

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This summer has been a difficult for me. I've always been able to sense the presence and emotions of spirits. A sensitive, is the word my parents use for me. Even with a life time of the paranormal behind me I've never experienced anything like I have this summer. It started early June; I was in Hilton Head, South Carolina with my mom, little sister, and a friend of ours.

It was probably around two in the morning; I turned over and saw a man standing at the foot of my bed. He was a tall man and had long, straight hair. What really unnerved me were the horns on his head. They looked like bones that stuck straight out of are head and twisted in the middle. His presence was awful, truly malevolent. It made me physically sick. He was there the entire night, fading in and out.

Later in the same vacation, we were down to St. Augustine. We walked in the lighthouse, and then we went into the house. We went into the second room of the cellar, and the sheer strength of the spirit hit me like a brick wall. It was too much for me to handle, my chest constricted, I started to shake, and I got a pounding headache and began to feel nauseous. Whatever it was it was it was not happy. It was just my rotten luck that my mom read that the room was supposedly haunted.

My mom has had a few experiences with the supernatural but she's not as serious or as wary about it as I am. So what does she do? She stands in the middle of the room and openly challenges it. Saying things like "If you're really here you'll knock me over" and things like that. At this point I began crying, I really couldn't help myself. I kept telling her to stop and once she heard me I ran up the stairs. This is when things really got bad.

When we got home I started to see this entity. Both its presence and appearance were unique. It was somewhat like a shadow, but it looked tangible and solid. Its eyes were white orbs. The weirdest part, it always appeared to be melting into the ground. Every time I was alone I saw it, and I could always sense it. It got me so afraid I still sleep in the living room.

There are only two times that it wasn't in this one particular stance, arms relaxed, one shoulder lifted higher than the other, staring right at me. The first time was at night I was walking to my room to get my iPod charger. I nearly ran in to it. I have a bunk bed and it is right in front of my door. It was standing in front of my bed, arms spread and extended over its head. It was rocking back in forth. The movement was unnatural, so inhuman. It almost seemed as if the room was moving as well.

The second time I saw it out of its usual stance was during the day. I was walking down my hallway, when I was about to pass my bathroom and it stuck its head out right into my face. I've seen it dozens of times since June and it scares me. My friend told me it was trying to protect me. I cannot disprove that; it may very well be true. However, if it's trying to protect me then why does it take such a horrifying form and why does it scare me.

My most recent encounter was in Texas. We were driving through the country side and I felt something enter the car. I looked to my right and saw a black shape sitting next to me.

It is getting worse. Every where I go I see them, and feel them. I'm even starting to hear voices. It's not as harmless as it once seemed. They won't leave me alone. I'm always followed, always watched. I'm scared, very scared. In fourteen years I've never been afraid of the supernatural. I've been spooked and frightened, but never this afraid. My mom said we would do whatever it takes to make it better, but I'm unsure. I don't know what I'm doing and I'm pretty sure cleansing my house will not keep them from me when I'm everywhere else. It keeps getting worse and I don't know what to do anymore. If any of you know where to even begin, your advice is welcome.

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