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Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:13 pm

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Eyes. They can come in blue, in green, in black. Good solid colors, something equal something normal. His eyes were hazel, a mixture of green and blue and brown. Unbalanced, something different.

Eyelashes. Remember how in books guys didn't have any. They were usually used for girls.

His were different. Long and curling , tickling me when he kissed me.

The twinkle. The ever famous twinkle. Depicting mischief and fun. Something he only saw in books.

His eyes could only be described as twinkling. His eyes and millions of twinkles, shining and shining. Hair. Shaggy. Something you'd want to run your hands through, over and over and over again.

That's what I would do to His hair. Constantly for hours and hours. He'd let me do it too.

Smiles. Fake and real, they all cause that extra beat in a girls heart, those special butterflies.

I wish I had been able to realize which of His had been real and which of them were fake.

His smile, his hair, his eyes continue to haunt me, they almost mock me at how stupid I was for falling for his lies. He had come to me, with that smile of His, capturing me in a second. As our relationship grew I started to love his eyes, his hair, his killer smile, and then It happened. It was the situation that cleared everything up, all his stupid lies, finally opening the cage that I was trapped in. It was all a lie, his love, his charm, his features, his laugh, they were nothing. How I wanted to hate Him, but I couldn't, because I realized something. I wasn't in love with his hair, his eyes or his smile. I was in love with Him.

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