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Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:53 pm

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The tears streamed down her pale, gruesome face. Her trembling hands slid over the leather steering wheel continuously; making the sharp turn in the darkness. Abby's car made no sound in the cold night, as it zoomed onward in the rural woods. The trees stood tall, making it impossible for her to see anything, but the road in front of her. Abby wiped the tears from her face once more. And then she saw it. The black figure standing in the middle of the cracked road. She didn't feel herself slam the breaks, she didn't even know what was happening. The only thing she knew was that there was a person standing in the middle of the road, if she didn't stop, she'd run him over. So she stopped, and just in time. The figure didn't move an inch; motionless. Abby forgot about her tears for a moment, and willed the person to become visible. The darkness was too strong, either that or she was going blind.

She felt her hand go to the car door, and then her fingers wrap around the smooth handle. She winced as she pushed it open, hoping to god that this person was normal. Her feet were heavy, and stiff; just like bricks glued to the bottom of her legs. Abby tried to ignore the fact the she'd just been crying, and moved forward.

“Excuse me?” She heard her self say, very shakily. She remembered watching a show once, but only a certain line stuck out. 'Never let them know your scared.' She closed her eyes before speaking again. “Are you okay?”

The voice was male, just as she feared. The deepness of it surprised her, and the honesty in his tone.

“No, I'm not. I was just in an accident. I really need a drive to the next gas station. Please, if you don't mind?” Abby didn't know if he moved closer to her or not, but she still took a step back.

“Uh. Okay.” She felt like hitting herself in the face. She knew this felt wrong, but either way how was she just going to leave this guy in the middle of no where. The gas station was only fifteen minutes away. “I guess I can take you.”

“Thank you so much, I was scared that no one would see me out here...” The man mumbled.

He stepped into the cars head lights. Finally Abby could see that he didn't look dangerous, or murderous. He looked like any normal good looking man. He had tanned skin; he probably worked outside, on a farm or something. Abby could see the faint lines of muscles under his pale blue button down shirt; and this didn't make her feel any better. His light brown hair was short, and whisped away the ends. The blue of his eyes were like nothing she'd ever seen before. Even in the faint car light, she knew they were beautiful. Something you'd see on TV or in magazines.

“Well, I saw you...” Abby whispered, as she led him to her white Dodge Caliber.

The only thing Abby could hear in the car was her own loud breathing, and the mans that sat beside her. Only her's was much louder, and ragged. She winced once again. She couldn't ignore the fact that this felt completely wrong, even if she was only driving this man to a gas station.

“So.” The he blurted, “My names Mike.” Abby turned her head slightly to see him staring at her with his blue eyes. She didn't respond for a moment.

“I'm Abby. Are you sure you aren't hurt or anything... Didn't you say you were in an accident?” She asked. Maybe this would prove he was just a normal guy.

“Oh, no. I'm fine.” And that was it. He didn't say a word more to explain what happened.

Abby heard the warning signs go off in her head. The ones she probably should have payed attention to. But then she thought, if this guy was really harmful, he would have done something already, right? So she asked.

“I have a question...” Abby began, waiting for Mike's approval. All he did was look out the cars front window, shaking his head lightly. “Why were you standing in the middle of the road?”

He didn't answer for minutes.

“No one would have stopped if I hadn't” His tone signified that he didn't want to talk about it.

“Oh. I guess that's true,” was all she could think of to say.

It wasn't too much longer, and the car had reached the gas station. Abby's hands turned the steering wheel roughly, excited for this man to be out of her sight. But all her hopes came crashing down. The gas station's lights were none. The parking lot was vacant, it was closed, and there wasn't another one for miles.

“But, how?” Abby's face tensed, and so did the rest of her body.

Suddenly she was mad, mad that this man stopped her in the middle of the road, that this gas station was closed on a Friday night, just everything. Everything that had been bothering her just decided to come crashing down. She smashed her hand down hard on the wheel in front of her. So hard, that Mike looked at her appraising, almost like he was mocking her in some way. And it didn't go unnoticed.

“What? What else do you want?” Abby's voice rose with every word. But Mike only looked at her, he wasn't going to give in to her anger. Finally she calmed down, and realized how she looked. “Sorry.”

“It's okay... I mean, you can just drop me off here if you want,” He offered, seeing that she was uncomfortable with this whole thing.

“No, it's okay. Really, I've just had a bad day... Do you want me to take you to the next gas station?”

“Uh. Well... I guess my house is closer now. It's just a few miles up the road,” he smiled timidly.

“Alright. No problem,” Abby leaned back in the car's seat, speeding up into the darkness.

“Thank you, so much,” Mike smiled brightly, just as the rain came pouring down.

The rain drops sounded like baseballs being thrown at the car at top speed. Abby slowed down stubbornly, thinking about the time she was wasting. The time she could be spending at home... doing nothing but worrying about her problems.

“Wow, that came on fast,” Mike whistled, as he looked deeply out the window, trying to see each and every droplet.

“Mhm...” Abby agreed.

“Oh. My house is right past this turn,” he pointed to a large field, with an average size house sitting in the middle of the spacious lot.

Abby nodded her head, letting herself breathe. She turned into the long dirt drive way, trying to dodge every pot hole, but soon found that to be impossible. She slowed down knowing she'd definitely get stuck in these overgrown puddles if she didn't. Her patience was at it's wits end, when she pulled up to the front of the white two story tall country home, that had no lights coming from any window.

Mike opened his door, and with a smile he said thank you and goodbye. Abby didn't give him time toget to his door step before pressing the gas. And then noticed she wasn't moving. She sat breathless in her constricting car, just staring at her hands on the steering wheel. She pressed the gas harder this time, and again, and again. By now Mike had gotten under the porch's roof, and was looking at her with a concerned eye. Abby's breath became louder, and her heart beat became faster. He thoughts were scattered, and unfocused.

“Are you stuck?” Mike yelled from outside the car, Abby didn't see him walk back down the row of steps and onward towards her, but still, he was staring in her window now, with his bright blue eyes. She rolled down her window a centimetre.

“Yes... I think I am,” the tears in her grey eyes began to flood, threatening to overflow.

“I'll call a tow truck. You'll never get out on your own.” He jogged back inside, waving for her to come too. All Abby could think of was if his last words had a double meaning.



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