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Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:17 pm

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Things are never as you think it would be and maybe that's the beauty of life ... is full of these treasures and unexpected surprises ... ... Waiting for you at the next corner.
Walking down the street .... Always cross the landscape, the park always changes the same ... the same ... no! Wait ... there was something out of place ... I retrace my steps past and come through it ... so sweet, so innocent ... his eyes calling you ... looking so deeply into my eyes ... in the dark corners where no one had ventured .... something inside me had moved ... my heart melts ...
However, a sense of reality suddenly I realized ... No, I said to myself ... I can not do anything for him ... Can not be him ... I can not cloud my intellect beautiful eyes ... We can never be together!
Putting a stone in my heart, I went ahead ... only to realize that my feet do not move ... They were trapped ... something had stuck ... maybe it was his love .... What is this ...? I was devastated ... between the fight of my mind and my heart ...
But the fight was not necessary ... I had already lost ... and won .... I turned to correct my mistake and I accept my defeat in my heart ... take him to my house ... to provide love and care that you deserve ... I turned to tell her feelings ... but to my surprise he was gone ... Left, as if you were never there ... in silence .... silence .... leaving behind an everlasting impression of those fascinating eyes ... one last look I've been offered and I had turned my face relentlessly ... away from love ... Away from you, Mike. I never got to know what his name was, and probably never will, but ... Mike felt like a ... Mike looked like a ... Mike, it could have been mine ... ..
Ah! Years ago ... Now many others have come and gone in my life ... but even today every time I come acorss ... A white mouse playing with a piece of cheese, or getting old fat ladies jumping into bed .. Or have their last breaths in the laboratories of science ... I remember you, Mike.
Mike, the mice could have been mine ...

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Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:54 am

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were you from post me

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