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Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:26 am

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He ran his mouth slowly around my jaw as I just stood there in a pleasureful awe. His lips felt like liquid fire smoothing running around cause pleasure to vibrate throughout my body. Clutching his head with need I leaned my head back then moaned for the first time.
This one man knew how to make me moan more than any other man has ever. I have not really been with any other men but I have been kissed and this was nothing compared to that. His hands slowly slid under my head to lightly caress my hair softly. This was what I wanted most in the world.
"Faith.." He murmmuured my name lightly before continueing his journey down my neck to the top of my breast.
Dimmly I heard the sound of footsteps sneaking up the stairs quickly. My mind was swirling with lust that for a moment I didn't care what was going to happen. In fact I wanted someone to come barge in and see me like this. See me basking in the enternal love this man has offered me. I wasn't worried about someone catching us because he always knew when we were about to get caught.
When his hand trailed along my lower back I could feel his silver engagment ring cold against my skin.
Before you go judging just know that it was more like a promise ring to marry a girl he doesn't even know. That was how it worked in this place.
I'll explain later.
"Xavier." I whispered so lightly I thought he didn't hear.
"Faith." He smiled.
I held him tightly againt me so every inch of my body was covered by him. Yes I was consumed by him so badly it shocked even me. He was after all everything I wanted and had.
Kind of...
I was just about to tell him to take me to the next level when he pulled back quickly with wide eyes. Oh those amazing blue striking eyes that made me want to melt when I looked into them.
"They are coming." He jumped off my bed smoothly then stood by the door. Placing a hand on the door he closed his eyes to concentrate.
"They are coming,Faith. " He ran up to me then placed a smoldering kiss on my lips. "Pretned to sleep so they wpn't bother you. I must be on my way."
"Wait!" I scarmbled to ge up but he lightly pushed me back down.
He smiled slowly in a teasing way, "I will return to you."
Without another word said he vanished in a puff of smoky blue fire.

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