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Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:37 am

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The Rich Man

Once upon a time, there was this richest and old man. This rich man knew to himself that sooner he will go to die. He was worried to whom he will give his richness since he doesn’t had heir to receive his wealth.

If only he can bring his richness to the place where he is going to be after life, he will no longer worry about it.

Then one day the man realized to give his wealth to the one who is worthy to receive it. To do this he took some money and gave it to some people he found in the street. The first one he saw is a beggar; he was pleased to give it to the old beggar, when the beggar received it. The beggar thanks the man and said” Praise the Lord for sending you to me!” The rich man smiled and asked himself “Am I really sent by God to that man? Is he the one that I will give my richness?

While walking he saw a mother with a child. How about if I give my wealth - to that mother? I know it will be good. So the rich man gave some to the mother. She replied to the rich man:” Thank you sir, you have a good heart! How blessed are you, Because of you, my children will now have a better future”. Yet, the rich man knows that a mother will be better take care of her child than his heir.

The rich man then continues to walk. He saw a child playing around. The man was please to a child so the man decided to give something to the child. The child without knowing the value of it happily received it. The rich man understands that the child cannot handle his wealth but the joy of the child touched his heart. A businessman then passes in his way. The rich man called him and said “You, Mr. come here, I have something for you. Then the rich man gave some part of his money to the businessman. ”Sir, what is this money for? ” said the businessman. That is for you, replied by the rich man” For me? Why did you give it to me? Asked by the businessman”, I just want to share it; I know you have a business I believe that it could help you.” Really, this is for me. The business man eye came in big surprised, I promised to used this money and I will give it to you back with interest. ” Replied by the businessman. What a good idea if I will entrust to him my wealth I know for sure it will then be grow but then though it will grow I will no longer use it. The rich man still doesn’t know to whom his wealth will go.

The man walked again until he passed through the church. There he decided to give some to the priest. At last he knows that he chose the best one. If I will give my wealth to the priest I know that I did the best thing. God is here and he will be please to me .So the rich man talked to the priest and said that his life will soon end and he’ll entrust all his belonging to him. The priest knew that the man has many possession, too many to fit the need of the church. He’s thinking to let the rich man distribute some of his belongings to other that before the end of his life come, he’ll be able to know the value of giving and be able to feel the need of others.

The priest answered back to the rich man. Sir, will going to take care a portion of your wealth for the good of all his church and all his people, however we’ll be happy if you help us on distributing your wealth. Everyday if you will pass by on different street you will see different faces. They all have different needs. Would it be good? If you come and see their needs and see how you could help them. So the man did what priest told him .Everyday he went out on streets to share some of his wealth to those he passes by.

He then realized that some problems are cannot be solved by wealth but of love.

Out of his knowing little by little his wealth decreases. Until one day he found himself almost empty, he said: “I never noticed that my wealth decreased, I have enjoyed sharing my wealth to the people but though, it means that I will no longer have to worry about my wealth. All are gone”

. When the near of his death comes, he prayed to the Lord.” Lord forgive me for loving my wealth more than You on my life, I realized that those things will not be of value on my last days and now I come to you empty handed. Hope you accept me and welcome me to your kingdom.

Then the he died with a smile on his face while remembering those people he helped.

The Lord heard his prayer and sent his angels to the man. The angel talked to the man. “We are the messenger of God, and we are here to bring you on His place but before that I will let you see what’s happened to you after you died on earth”. The angel brought the man on his burial. He saw the priest praying for his souls and a multitude of people crying for him. The man then asked;” why there are many of them on my burial? I’ve been almost living on my life alone. The angel answered. “There are those people you have helped when you shared your belongings to them. There are also the people who always pray to God about their needs, when you came to them some thank God for the blessings they received and know that God has answered their prayers” Confusingly the man asked. “Am I sent by God to them?” The angel answered back: “What do you think? “; the man left unanswered. The angel spoke again. “Those people are the crystals of God. Every one of them is precious. God always send his love for them but many times those people always crying for their life. They thinking that having a better life is the most important thing, they forget that loving God and loving another is the best thing in life. Then the angel and man entered to the heaven. It was a very beautiful place. The gold, crystals, diamonds are found everywhere. The man was disappointed about himself. I spent almost my whole life for making ways to have these things, gold, crystals but yet those entire things here just like stones and sand. He cried to God. He regretted the days he spent on earth.

By Jenirose Sulit

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