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Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:08 am

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I've never felt that my family's house was haunted, but as a kid I was still afraid of the dark, and would usually go climb into bed with my parents if I had a bad dream or was afraid at night. One night I went and crawled in beside my mom on the edge of the bed facing the window. I can't really be sure if I fell asleep or not (I don't think I did), but I remember hearing a rustling sound over by the window, like the sound of a breeze blowing through a plastic bag. Right beneath the big bedroom window was a small padded bench on which my mom would put decorative pillows and other knicknacks.

As I looked at this bench, I thought I could see what looked like a transparent piece of crinkled Saran Wrap moving back and forth behind it. Suddenly the thing rose up from behind the bench to reveal a bizarre face that, once again, seemed to be made out of Saran Wrap: totally transparent and 'crinkled'. The face had a somewhat surprised expression, as if it were saying, "Oh! I didn't expect to see you here". It had a nose, a mouth, and two eyes, but the eyes were very strange, like cartoony swirls spinning weirdly in their sockets.

I only saw the face for a split second, but for some reason it sent a wave of chilling terror through me that I can still remember to this day, as I write these words. I shut my eyes tight and I think I must have been shaking, because my mom briefly woke up and asked if I was alright. I was so frightened that I couldn't speak, and she didn't say anything more.

I'm not sure what the face was, as I've never seen it again. One strange thing was that for years after, I would see things when I closed my eyes at night. When I first slammed my eyes shut after seeing the face, I could see things in the darkness, things that seemed to be copies of the face's slowly spinning curly-cue eyes. After that, I could see what seemed to be actual eyes, floating by in the darkness, looking blurry and misty, as if seen through some kind of smoke. I'm not sure what this event meant or what the face was, or, really, if the whole thing even happened. If anybody has any ideas or thoughts I would love to hear them.



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