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Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:39 am

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I hope anybody will be able to help explain these strange happenings.

Around the year of 2003, my Brother Alfie was 3 years of age and was sitting on the top of the stairs of our house. All of the family: Mum (Wendy), Dad (Barrie) and Me (Sister, Mollie) was sitting downstairs, watching a film one night.

We noticed that Alfie seemed to be talking to himself, so my dad called up to him and asked who he was speaking to... He replied "The man in Mollie's room". Well of course there was nobody else up stairs at the time. So my dad went to investigate... There was nobody there.

My dad told Alfie to come down stairs and tell him what he was like. Alfie said "He was a big man, he was very friendly, had pink clothes on and big boots". My father then asked him to show him where he had seen the man.

My brother led him to my PINK bedroom; pointed at the wall and said "He's there! Look". Barrie looked but didn't see anything; he put it down to Alfie's very creative imagination and the fact that he was only young.

Later that night all of the family including both of the dogs and cats were downstairs. It was silent as my dad had paused the television because he thought he had heard a strange kind of whispering noise coming from upstairs, although all of the windows and doors were shut in the house.

A few minutes later we all heard something walking down the stairs. It definitely had two feet and sounded as if it was wearing heavy work boots. As we turned around to look at the stairs we heard mumbling again.

I am now 21 and this was the last encounter of strange activity until early this year: I and my mum had both had something brush up against our hands, and when we turned around there wasn't anything or anyone in sight.

There were also black and white lights being seen in certain rooms in the house by friends and family, not only us. Also strange human-shaped shadows have been seen to walk down the hallway between mine and Alfie's bedroom.

I hope any comments can help to explain these experiences.

Thank You.



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