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Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:04 pm

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6:30, and my alarm goes off, just like every other morning. As I step out of my bed onto the cold floor, I realize that it’s Saturday, and I could be sleeping in right now. Oh well, I’m up now, may as well go get some breakfast. Down the creaky stairs to the kitchen and I start raiding the fridge. Big bowl of cereal because I’m too tired to do anything too complicated. Why am I so tired again? Oh right, I was up till midnight on facebook waiting for anybody to go online. That’s how lame I am. But that’s ok because I do have friends. In fact, I’m pretty sure I made plans with Emily today. That’s right, we were going to see a movie tonight.

Me and Em have been best buds since grade two, when she moved here from Alberta. At first I thought she was a little crazy, but now I love her cause, to put it simply, she’s amazing. To start with, she’s beautiful, and she knows it. She’s got long blonde hair with highlights. Not to mention her big blue eyes, and the fact that she’s a little chestier than the average girl our age, which manages to catch just about every guys attention at our school. She’s always caught up with the latest trends, although some of her clothes are a little too showy for me. I guess we’re just different in a lot of ways, actually almost opposites. She’s the outgoing flirt, and I’m the shy smart girl whose name everybody forgets. But that’s ok, cause I’ve never really cared to be the center of attention. I like playing things low key, less likely to humiliate myself.

Oh there’s Emily now, texting me. I wish she’d just call me sometimes. Oh well, responding with ‘hey im good u?’
Emily says ‘cool so we’re still good for tonight?’
‘yeah 4 sure im so stoked’
Emily says ‘k so I invited a few other people hope u don’t mind u’ll have fun ;)
‘oh ok who?’
Emily says ‘ just a few guys, it’ll be cool promise ’
‘um alright then u picking me up?’
Emily says ‘yep see u soon’

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly as planned, but Emily’s a good girl, generally. She’s probably just invited her older brother to come along. She knows I like him so she probably thinks this will excite me. I don’t really care I guess. I know he doesn’t think of me that way so it will practically just be me and Em, no problems. Just means I might put a little more effort into primping myself. Maybe I’ll wear my new t-shirt with my old jeans, and that hoody my mom bought me a few months ago.

I hear my dad making his way down the stairs.
“Why are you pacing back and forth at 6:45 in the morning?”

I love my dad and all, but sometimes he just shouldn’t ask.

“Nothing I’m just.. thinking about my homework.”
“Homework? Well as long as it doesn’t involve any boys then you can get back to it. I’m going back to bed like normal people do on a Saturday.”

Generally I would get all defensive, but I’m too tired and stressed to care. Am I seriously getting stressed out about this stupid crush? Crap I need to calm down. Now that I think of it, maybe I should be getting to that homework soon, I probably won’t get around to it until Sunday night, and then I’ll be too tired.. Ok fine I’ll do it now because I’m terrified of when Monday comes and my science teacher gives me that dreaded disappointed look.

Thank goodness it’s done! I can’t believe that actually took me four hours.. although I did keep getting distracted thinking about the movie tonight. At least Em is gonna pick me up so I don’t have to worry about a ride. I would hate to have my dad drop me off, he seems to take advantage of every opportunity to embarrass me. He’d probably give Dustin the speech about how he’d better keep his hands off me. Oh, right, Dustin is Em’s older brother. He’s 18, a whole 2 years older than me. Age is irrelevant though, to me anyways. He’s not even that attractive, its just mainly his eyes that I love. I get so lost in them. The inside of them is this pale blue, but there’s a ring around his iris that’s a very light shade of brown that almost sparkles in the light. Am I weird for knowing that? Or for knowing his birthday and place? I bet he thinks I’m strange. Or maybe he doesn’t even think of me at all. Who really cares though? There’s about a gazillion fish in the sea, right? But I want that fish..

Where did the time go? Looks like Em’s gonna be here soon to pick me up.. Time to start primping.. so much to do! Still have to straighten my hair, put on my make up, and where the heck did I put my t-shirt?

“That’s what you’re wearing?”

I didn’t get it, what I’m wearing is completely acceptable. Did I forget to put my pants on or something? And yet still, Em’s staring with utter disappointment.

“Yeah actually, why?”

“You’ve got so much to learn.” Looking at her glitter clock sitting on her wrist, she turned the car in the opposite direction the theatre.

“Where are we going, Em? Movie starts soon, I don’t wanna be late.”

“Oh stop complaining, you’re only gonna miss the previews. We are making a quick stop back at my place, get you some clothes worth being worn to the theatre.”

No arguing with her, apparently I have no taste.

Sifting through her closet, Em finally picked out a purple tank-top, a denim mini-skirt, and a black leather jacket.

“Do I get a say in what I’m going to where?”

Smiling at me, Em said “Of course silly! Black flats or these heals?”
Not exactly what I had in mind. “I’ll go with the flats. Have you ever seen me where heals before? Who’s gonna be there that’s so important anyways?”

“I said there’s just gonna be a few guys there. You’ll see when you get there.”

I’m not in the mood for these surprises right now. "Em, please just tell me."

"You wouldn't know them anyways, so it wouldn't make a difference if I told you."

I hate it when she's right, but I just gotta deal with it. Unfortunately, her being right dosn't make me any less nervous.

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