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Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:09 am

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This story is told by the pov of a druggie girl. So, when she mentions her love for drugs ignore it!!!
Also this story has sexual despricptions and cursing!!!!

The basic knowledge of drugs is actually overrated. Police make it seem like it's a bad thing that only the devil's spawns would do. I used to think that people who do drugs are more likely to wind up dead but I was wrong. Drugs helped me in ways people would never be able to.

My life wasn't exactly horrible. No, I had a loving mother whom was always there for me. My father lived in some mansion away with his lover and her three kids.
I had a good life.

Yes, the pain of daddy leaving mommy was alot to take in. At times I cried wondering why I forgave him for walking out for all those years. I guess I was just a pussy who wanted a male figure in their life. Imma sucker.

I got into drugs when I was in 10th grade- this senior named Ethan was known as the shit in school. He had the coolest car and biggest house out of everyone in school. He was in sports and everything. So, naturally I was happy he wanted to talk to me. Of course he was a huge player. I didn't care though. I was in love.

He introduced me to Cocaine the second week we dated. Ever since then I was huge on snorting Cocaine. Then he introduced me to the big H (Heroin) and I fell in love with that.

After we injected H we would fuck like crazy for hours. Yes, I was a virgin but hey at the moment I didn't even care for my virginity. Honestly it was a waist anyways.

My dreams used to be becomeing a doctor but after being in love with drugs I couldn't even think about anything else. I wanted H and Cocaine like nothing else in the world!

It was my passion.

My obsession.

The relationship with Ethan and I were very complicated because he was, like I said before, a huge ass player who fucked three girls the other night while I was in the room. I mean sex with him was great but I was looking for some kind of love.

That's why I loved drugs.

It was something that helped me through moments of doubt,nervousness, etc...

I had lots of friends who did it to so it wasn't like I was the only one.

I mean everyone in high school does it.

Living in the heat in Arizona was the worst. I liked the hard cold that made me shiver like crazy. Arizona was however that best state in many reasons. Mainly because water parks are fun here, snow boarding, etc...

Anyways, back on topic, I just got out of school and was full on prepared to get fucked up. I walked towars the abandoned bulinding couple of blocks from school, where we usually do our daily dose.

Ethan was there with his arms around a nervous red head named Cherry. It was obvious this was her first time doing drugs. i remember how I felt when I sat there. I was nervous but happy Ethan had his arm around me like I was some princess.

"Ahh new meat!" Andy grinned stupidly at the red head Cherry. She looked at him in disgust. Andy wasn't ugly in fact he was hot but his personality is of a slimy perv pig. "Ethan you're always bringing the girls!"

Cherry didn't like that part. She turned to Ethan with a stubborn raised eyesbrow. "What other girls?" Her voice was snappy.

"Just girls." He kissed the top of her head slowly. "They mean nothing to me."

That was like a slap in the face right there. Of course I've known I was nothing to him and honestly I didn't care that much.

All I wanted was the H..

"Got the stuff?" I asked Andy who at down happily.

He grinned at me. "Greedy bitch!!" He laughed. "Yeah, I got it."

So I sat down next to him as the others came pileing in. Saira,Monica,Jeff,David were the others who did drugs with us. There used to be more but some people wanted to have someother stuff Andy couldn't get, so they left us.
It was fine though.

More for us.

More for me.

Andy handed the bag of Cocaine to Cherry and Ethan to share, the other bag of Cocaine to Saria and Monica.
Finally he pulled out the shots and the H.

David smiled like he saw a mirical with his own eyes.

I licked my lips in hunger.

Jeff reached for it first so he could slowly inject it in David's arms as a way of some gay love or whatever. Andy grabbed my arm and held up the shot.

"Ready?" He grinned.

I nodded in eager.

I wanted it in me.

Slowly the shot periced my skin and the strong dose of H was slowly being inserted in my arm.

This was heaven.

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