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Sat Nov 27, 2010 11:07 am

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This is a rather old story, maybe two years old; it's also my first experience with the paranormal. This story occurred in Madison, Ohio during an annual family trip to Lake Erie. As usual, we rented a house for a week, but this time, we rented a new house. It was much larger to support the ten people we normally had. However, we all have reason to believe there was another person there before us.

For the first few days, everything was fine. We got there safely; we got settled comfortably, etc. The beach was amazing and we swam there all the time. Anyhow, one night I snuck downstairs with my cousin Nicholle to talk to our older cousins when we should have been sleeping. We were sitting on the couch when Jeremy said, "Someone's coming downstairs!" We all pretended to be sleeping, while Richie ran into the bathroom.

After a few moments, Jeremy said, "Okay, Richie. You can come out of the bathroom now." Richie didn't emerge from the bathroom. He emerged from the side bedroom he was staying in. Needless to say, we were kind of confused. Jeremy then said he had seen someone with a white shirt (like the one Richie was wearing) walk into the bathroom!

For the rest of the night, we all heard footsteps walking up and down the stairs.

The next morning, my other cousin, Brit, ran downstairs in the morning, crying. She said she had woken up and couldn't open the door. The door didn't have a lock, so there was no way she could have been locked in. She then continued to tell us that she had woken up because the door had slammed shut. As she was trying to get out, the closet door opened, and the windows slammed shut. She said she started crying more and then the door miraculously opened.

It was a scary week for us. The adults never experienced anything, but we did. We still go there, and little things have happened.

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