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Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:06 pm

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I woke up and everything that’s happened didn’t matter anymore, because in less twenty fours, this place will be nothing. And, I’ll be gone.

The sun was shinning through the half open blinds. As I rubbed my eyes I feared the day ahead of me. Stumbling to my feet I ruffled my already messy hair into a state of which I could leave the house in. I slipped an oversized t-shirt over my bra which I had slept in, and pulled a pair of torn tights up to my waist. I clipped a pin in my hair. As I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror, I quickly applied black eyeliner. I headed downstairs after I had tied up my boots. My father and brother Damien was sat at the kitchen counter. I grabbed my bag and threw it over one of my shoulders. Damien glanced at me, his eyes narrowed.
“And what the heck are you wearing.”
I sighed and ignored his comment. I threw my bag over my shoulder letting it hand by my waist.
My father hadn’t looked up. “Leave your sister alone.” Damien sighed and shot me glance. A glance all too familiar.
“I need to talk to you.” I said bluntly. Damien nodded. As much as he hated me, he understood me. He followed me into the front room. I gulped. “I’m leaving tonight.” His eyes shot open.
“Where? Why?”
I scoffed, “Why? Because everybody looks at me like I’m a freak. Even you, which god I understand because your as bad as I am. What we both did was wrong, it don’t matter anymore.”
Damien touched my hair, “It was wrong…”
I shook my head, “Completely. And dad, well…all he’ll miss is the pleasure he takes from making me hurt.”
He kissed my cheek quickly. “Totally wrong.” He repeated. And I nodded.

I’m not as messed up as people say. And they say I’m this ‘inbreed loser’. Truth is I didn’t fuck him for fun…it wasn’t like that. Not like it at all.

I walked through the college gates knowing that I would never do this again. I prayed and prayed everyone just ignored me for the day, but who the fuck was I kidding.
“SLUT!” A random guy yelled as I made my way to tutor. I sighed and bit my lip as rushed into the room. My tutor, Aaron Gold turned around. He smiled.
“Alice, your early.”
“For once I know. I wanted to hand this in…”I handed him a folded up piece of paper. “Cliché, but don’t open it till the end the day.”
He nodded and slipped it into his pocket. I sat down in my seat, sliding under the desk.
I looked up.
“Is everything OK at home now?”
I nodded, and grinned, “Of course, why wouldn’t it be.”
“Just with all the, um, things people are saying. Not the students…the teachers.”
I nodded slowly, “I can only guess…but…you wanna know if there true?”
He shook his head, “I don’t care about the truth…I’m more interested in the motive.”
I was shocked. I hated the fact everybody jumped to conclusions. I paused. “Um. Its just rumours.”
He sighed, “You can tell me. I’ve known you since you were a kid.”
“And you’ve known my dad for twelve years…you know he wouldn’t do what people have said.”
He nodded, “I know. I know.”
“So drop it. Don’t talk about my father like that.”
Luckily, the school bell rang, and my brilliant classmates hurried through the door.

Towards the end of the day, I bumped into the one person I didn’t wanna leave. Adrianna.
She smiled as she approached me. “Hey.” She kissed my cheek. “You OK, you look flushed.”
So would you be if you knew the night I had. I smiled, “I didn’t get a lot of sleep.”
“Oh. Maybe I should come over again, you slept fine that night.” She grinned as she moved closer. I grinned, playing along.
“So shall I come over tonight.”
I shook my head, “I cant, me and my brother are going to see a movie.”
She scoffed, “Sometimes you really freak me out.”
I rolled my eyes. “He’s my brother, what do you want me to do. Ignore the rumours and ignore him. No we cant talk in public because people will think we’re fucking again.”
She frowned, “I didn’t mean that.”
“Yes you do. You believe it, I know you do.”
“You cant blame me. When I was in bed I heard you brother talking to you. I found a picture of you and him, you were in you underwear.”
“It was summer.”
She shrugged, “Explain it to me…how does that happen? Siblings that fuck…wait one of the kids is also fucking a girl.”
I sighed, “We’re not fucking!”
“Us or you and him?”
I exhaled deeply. “I cant believe you.”
“Everybody knows, everybody believes it!”
“Its not true. He’s my brother for fuck sake!”
By know we had a audience.
Adrianna sighed and back away from me, “Your fucking sick!”
“And your not. You’re a lesbian, and if I did fuck my brother, you’ve tasted him too.”
It went silent for a second.
I smirked, “I’m leaving tonight. You’ve made this , so much easier.” I walked away as tears formed in my eyes. I thought she ignored everybody, like I did. But I guess she was another whore!

The rumours surfaced when I hugged my brother, silly I know but people talk.

I guess your kind of wondering…the truth? Yes. I’ve fucked my brother…but I also fucked my dad…

I slumped beside a tree on the college green. I saw my brother walk towards me.
“What the fuck?”
I sighed, “Don’t start.”
“Your fucking tutor had me in a room, by the fucking throat! What the fuck did I do?”
I shook my head, “Nothing, nothing, you did fuck all.”
“Then why did he threaten to kill me.”
I shrugged, “don’t know, don’t care.”
“Right, because your leaving…so your gonna tell everyone.” He gulped, “Then leave…make it worse so I get the shit.”
“Why haven’t you?” I said looking up, “I’m the slut right…the incestuous whore. The nine year old whose father raped her, whose father took me into the basement and fucked me.”
Damien sighed, “Your unbelievable.”
“Fuck off.”
“I said fuck off, before I do tell everybody the fucking truth.”
“You wouldn’t.”
I jumped up, “I wrote my tutor a note, telling him everything, in good fucking detail. He wasn’t suppose to open it until after school…im guessing that’s why he wants you dead. You were thirteen, you knew it was wrong…and yet, you still fucked me…and you knew it hurt.”
“So why did you fuck me the other week?” He said softly.
I scoffed, “you really wanna know?”
He nodded.
“Because I’m so fucked up…”
“Definatly…see there’s peple starring at us waiting for you to bang me against that tree, and shag the bones off me…” I grabbed his head and kissed him. I pulled away after a few seconds as everybody was shouting and screaming at us. “It’s okay because everybody will hate you tomorrow, the little boy who was seduced by his own sister…now, you the cock tease that fucked his nine year old sister because his daddy was a fucking coward.” I grabbed my bag and made my way through the college.
I saw my tutor on my way out. He frowned at me.
“Fuck off.”
He followed me…

I slammed my bedroom door and slid to the floor. Tears streamed from my eyes. I cried. What happened to me. The beautiful girl that I once was. The delicate flower that had been plucked in anger. Where was my mother…that’s all I needed, somebody who wouldn’t hurt me. I pulled the chain from around my neck and threw it at the opposite wall.

Dear aaron.
You wont understand, but, I hope you will. The rumours, arnt runours, but I guessed that you guessed that ages ago…I was nine, and my father was drunk…there was a hooker, and he and he had done her…she’d left, and I stupidly needed a drink. I went into the bathroom, stuck my mouth under the tap and let the cld water fall into my mouth. He was stood behind me, naked and grinning like an idiot he was. I wept as he raped me…his nine year old daughter…he….Mr. Gerard Wheeler born 1959 raped Alice Wheeler on 7th September 2002. I wanted you to know, because you’ll go to the police and his sorry ass in jail, where I hope he dies.
Theres other rumours, about my brother. Their all true. I was still nine….my father, this time sober, took me into the basement, where my thirteen year old brother Damien Wheeler layed naked. I suppose father had a liking for cock…my brothers I guess. He filmed us…made us rewatch as he made me go down on him.
Im sorry if im frank, this has to be done.
Im not sorry…I don’t care anymore…I just want to know that when I leave people know the truth.
Now…three weeks ago I fucked my brother willingly….called it fucked up beyond imagination sure. He was MY brother, my brother…and I wanted him to be close to me. I cried, as we had sex. He afterwards held me in his arms, and rocked me slowly, like a baby. He understood why I did it…though I never…I loved him, until I was nine, then my love turned into hate, which turned into anger, and sometimes my feelings are more fucked up then I am…because we’d argue, then we’d kiss…ive kissed him, and he’s kissed me more times then our father knew. We both had issues, that clear…in the end its nobodys fucking business.
When I was younger, even after my rape, I wanted to be an animel vet. I love animals. That failed, I killed my rabbit…I wanted children, I love children. I wanted a little girl, named Gloria, named after my mother, I wished one day I’ll have seen the smile on her face as she would race out from school to meet me. I knew I would never hurt her, because nobody deserves being hurt…I guess ill never have the joy of a child.
By the end, ill be dead. I’ll be hanging from outside my house. It wont be pretty, I mean jeez. Don’t rush to save me. I don’t wanna be saved. Just give this to the police department.
I was happy once, when I was twelve. I had stayed around a friends…and knowing I wouldn’t be hurt that night, it was nice. I saw how real parents treated their daughter…with kindness and love, and I promised myself when I have a kid ill be like that. I wont name the friend, but she was a good friend of mine, and I miss her. Ill miss a lot of people. But nobody will miss me…


Mudat Hui Ek Shakhs Ko Bichrey Lekin
Aaj Tak Maire Dil Pe Ek Nishaan Baaqi Hai


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Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:23 pm

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hmmmm !! nice story ...

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