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Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:11 am

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I wake up suddenly to a noise in the bushes. I look around, it’s sunset and i’m in a small park, not too far from my house. Puzzled, I look around again and remember how I got here. I had walked here in hope of clearing my head and feeling better, I had fallen asleep instead. The past few weeks I have been rather sick, throwing up a lot and having a sore stomach. I normally eat more than should be healthy, but I haven’t been hungry and I’ve been losing quite a bit of weight.

I hear the rustle in the bushes again and it catches me off guard, I feel myself tensing up. I can feel a lump form in my throat and I’m getting ready for something to jump out at me. I slowly get to my feet and prepare myself to fight for my life.

Just as I start shaking, my best friend in the world Maddy jumps out of the bushes and makes an unhuman sound. We stare at each other for a moment then burst out laughing. We hug each other and sit down in a comfortable silence. After a while, she finally spoke. “Your mum is worried sick, she’s been calling me nonstop for the last hour.”

“I didn’t mean to fall asleep, I better go home now.” I replied.

Maddy and I both get up at the same time and head for my house. As I walk into the lounge room, mum’s face lights up with relief and happiness. I love it when she does that. She runs over to me and embraces me in a bone crushing hug. “I’m so glad you’re safe.” She whispered in my ear. Her smile turned to an angry frown, “where have you been?!”

As I explained where I was, mum slowly calmed down and I slimly dodged a grounding. Maddy turned towards the door, said goodbye and left mum and I to our conversation that I knew was coming. Gesturing to the table, one word escaped mums lips, ‘sit’. The table was set perfectly, with a tablecloth and all. This was out of the ordinary for mum, as we always eat together in front of the television in the lounge room. I knew what this was about and I didn’t like it. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the smell of my favourite dinner meal, chicken schnitzel. Mum was trying to calm me down so my response to what she has to tell me won’t be as bad.

As soon as I finished eating, mum finally, spoke and decided tell me what I already knew. She had booked me into the doctors. I’ve always had a horrible fear of the doctors, no bad experiences, it just scares me. I had been putting off the doctors long enough and what’s happening to me is scaring mum more than she will tell me. I can see it in her eyes, so I will go, just for her. I slowly walked up to my room and listened to some music. I shall do my homework later as I haven’t been sleeping lately either. Dreading the doctors tomorrow.

I wake up to my alarm clock buzzing, with heavy eyelids I have a shower and get ready for the day, lacking the energy to make a real effort, I just put my hair up in a messy ponytail and added some light makeup to my face. Doctors time, I decided not to let mum come because she would get too nervous and freak out before we even got there. As soon as the doors opened, the scent of old people and cleaning product filled my nose and made me shiver. The doctor was already waiting for me and I walked through to him.

He gestured for me to sit down and I obediently did so. Mum had of course already called up and told him everything because she couldn’t come, which shortened this visit. He grabbed the papers and sat down, as he peered over his glasses, I could see it in his eyes that it wasn’t good. He simply looked at me with a fake smile and said “we’ll just take a few tests.” After taking a swab, blood test and then asking for a urine sample, we were done. This isn’t looking good at all.

Looking him in the eyes, I asked “what’s wrong with me?” His eyes looked sympathetic as he straightened up and professionally said “we won’t know until the test results come back.”

Typical doctor, leaving me in the dark.

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