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Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:04 am

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“Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Sullivan, wake up, we have arrived to your new home. Let me help you with those bags,” the chauffeur urged. “Splash, splash, splash,” I ran to the front porch. It had rained so hard the oceans fell. “This is the farthest I can take you, I must return to the city, good luck,” he added. He left me like hope leaves a dying man.

The house was bigger than life, the doors were made of fine wood, and the knobs were solid gold. “Ding, dong,” I pressed the door bell. “Welcome my son, how was your trip? You must be drained, follow the housekeeper to your new room, oh, and get ready for tonight’s dinner,” the colonel ordered. The colonel had married my mother two years ago, she loved him very much, but when she passed away a week before, my life turned upside down. And I had to move in with him, I left my friends and my whole life behind. As I was walking upstairs, I saw different types of beautiful solid gold dragonfly ornaments, “Amazing,” I thought to myself.

“Nice of you to join us,” the colonel added as I sat three chairs apart from him. The table was crowded with the colonel’s best commanding, high ranking officers from all types of branches. “The man next you is Absalon, he’s the most agile man I’ve got, he can run like the wind. And the young lady across from you is Mila, she’s very seductive and persuasive,” the colonel bragged about his colleagues. But Mila stood out from the crowd, her beauty was so magnifying, and her eyes, her hair and her scent were unconfused and rare in existence. She was as close as it got to a Goddess. There was only one person he did not speak about, “Father, what about the man next to you?” I asked. “This is Anton, he’s the best man I’ve got, and he reminds me of my youth.” He replied. Anton had a very aggressive look, like a predator going for itskill. My stepfather went on and on about his career, but his words were emptier than a church on a weekday.The night was still young, and I was still very exhausted from the long trip over here, so I excused myself and went off to bed. “Cough, cough,” my room was a real icebox. I left the room looking for the heating switch, as I was walking, I heard whispers, “No he must, you need him, and he’s the only one that can.”But before I saw any one, “what are you doing up so late?” Anton asked me with his weird accent. “I, I was looking for the heat switch, my room is freezing,” I replied. “Go back to your room; I’ll see what I can do about the temperature.” Anton added.

The next morningI walked downstairs, but the house was empty. I walked outside to the front porch, but the heavy fog didn’t let me see very far. “Father, colonel!” I yelled. But there was no answer; I could onlyhear the buzzing of the dragonflies flying in the distance.I went back inside to look for an indication of his whereabouts. As I was searching for a clue, I stumbled upon a rare book written in the 16th century in one of the library’s bookshelves. As I reached for the book, “Squeak,” a door to a secret passage on the wall opened.The passage was extends, but at the end, there was a huge cave with an underground lake. I couldhear the herd of the dozens of dragonflies flying over my head. I saw a bright light coming from inside the lake. As I got closer I saw revelation of my mother, “Son you must get out of the house before its too late, follow the dragonflies.” Then the image vanished. I ran back into the house, but the colonel was waiting for me along with those three colleagues he spoke about. “Well, I see you found our little hiding place,” the colonel said. “What’s going on here, I just saw my mother in the water!” I yelled at him. “Son, you are not what you think you are; you are the son of Ares, the God of war.” “Ha, ha, ha, you’re insane,” I responded. “Then how do you explain those dreams of yours of mythical worlds and creatures, and the athletic built, the wisdom, and the good looks that you have?” The colonel asked. From that point on my life changed forever. They wanted me to open the Pandora’s Boxto unleash a war no man had ever seen. So I ran as fast as I could through the fog; I followed the trail of thedragonflies.

“He, he, he,” Absalon giggled. “Do you really think you can out run me?” He added. “IM THE SON OF WAR!” I yelled at him. I struck him with my iron fist, he flew in the air, and he fell knocked out to the ground. I kept on running, when I suddenly saw an abundance of rose pedals falling from the sky. “My love, why do you run from me? When I can give you so much, open the box, and I’ll give you love in return,” Mila whispered in my ear.“No, I will not fall for your lies,” I replied. I struck the ground beneath, and the ground opened and swallowed her completely. I kept on my way, when suddenly out of the gloom, “Bang” I was thrown to the ground by the tremendous force of Anton’s fist. As the fog faded away, I laid on the ground staring at the blue sky. “Buzz, buzz,” a dragonfly landed on my forehead, “Wake up, wake up my son, don’t give up,” I heard a whisper. I took a deep breath, and jumped up and landed on my two feet. “My turn,” I told Anton. After I was done with him he begged for mercy, and mercy I gave him. I went back to the house looking for the colonel, “Father, where are you!” I yelled. “Clap, clap, clap,” congratulations for defeating my best officers, and thank you because now I can rule the world by myself. I charged at him, but the coward pulled out a gun and shot at me. I fell to the ground screaming in agony. “This is how it ends? The son of Ares almighty has fallen on his knees, bleeding, shedding his demigod blood, how pathetic, I laugh at you,” The colonel said. Suddenly I felt an adrenaline running through my veins, and my wounds began to heal. I got up, the colonel shot at me, but the bullets had no effect. The colonel in his desperation shot a gas tank outside the house, “boom,” the house burst into flames. I got a gun and pointed towards the colonel, “This is for my mother, bang, bang, bang,” he fell to the floor. His end finally had arrived; his karma finally had caught up to him.

As the sun was setting to rest, I sat on a rock next to a nearby pond, and I watched how the luxurious house burned to the ground. And a dragonfly flew out of the ashes into indulgence, and from that point, I knew that my mother’s soul was at ease.

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