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Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:27 am

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Sheenah Deans was living a normal life, having a normal family, while living in a normal house. Yes, everything was normal except for one thing: her left eye. Both of her eyes have wonderful blue colors, except that on her left, there was no pupil. Only her eyeball and a blue circle, nothing more. That was also the reason why she considers her life at school hell, because everyone teased her "mutant" or "freak". She had a bestfriend, but maybe that person didn't believe in their friendship for long.

"Hey freak, would you do my homework for me?" her younger sister, Kynch (pronounced as Kinch) said. Sheenah just stared at her. This was her another burden, her evil sister that never did anything good to her. She had a crab mentality and is so self-centered. "Stop looking at me with that freaky eye! You'll do my homework for me and you can't do anything about that. And make sure that it's perfect!" she said and threw her Hannah Montana notebook on Sheenah's study table. She snorted at her sister as she returned to her own room. Sheenah eyed the cover of the notebook. Pink with glitters. So irritating.

"Such a little bitch." she grumbled as she searched for the last page with writings.

"Assignment: Make an essay about you family," the page said. Bingo! Payback time. After 10 minutes, she already had a 10 sentence essay. When she gave it to her sucking sister, she didn't receive any thank you; only a smirk and a leer.

"Thank you Sheenah for helping me," Sheenah muttered to herself while imitating Kynch's high pitched voice.

"Thank you, weirdo!" Kynch suddenly shouted. Sheenah rolled her eyes. She halted when she was already in front of their huge mirror. She stared at herself, especially her eye. Why was she born with a weird eye like this? Why her? Why not just Kynch? She clenched her fist to control her anger. She wanted to shatter this mirror so that she wouldn't need to see her horrible eye anymore. They're right, she was weird. A freak. A mutant.

That night, she had a very vivid dream. She was walking through the school corridors but no one was teasing or staring at her. Instead, they would just smile at her kindly as if she was some respectable person. Suddenly, Mill, her ex-best friend approached her. "Hey Sheenah," wow, no one ever called her by her name, "I'm glad you're already here! Let's go to the gym, I have something for you."

"Mill, are you really talking to me? Yesterday, you were just letting those people mock and tease me but now...." Sheenah said.
"What are you talking about? We've been bestfriends since the world was created and I would never let anyone put you down. Well whatever just come with me." When they got there, there was a huge happy birthday sign. Everyone close to her, either in a good or bad way, were there. Her family, neighbors, acquaintances, those that teased her, etc.

"Is it my birthday?"
"Yes! Did you forget? This is your 13th birthday! You're finally a teen!" Mill squealed.

"Happy birthday, big sis. I'm glad you're my sister." Kynch said and pecked Sheenah on the cheek. She gave her a small pink box while smiling. Though she was still in shock, Sheenah managed to smile back. Kynch looked so angelic whenever she smiles. Slowly, she opened the box and she stared in horror on what was inside: her left eye. Her had flew to her left eye socket but there was already an eye there. Mill held up a mirror to her. Sheenah let out an ear piercing scream when she saw her left eye totally black, like those eyes of rats or koalas.

She was woken up by her alarm clock and was already sweating all over. The covers of her bed were all messy. She jumped out of bed and went to her mirror to ckeck her eye. Nothing unusual. Just her usual pupil-less eye. She dressed up with her most comfortable outfit, I mean black shirt and jeans, and fixed her jet black hair. She studied herself before finally walking out of her solemn room, to be exposed to the harsh world. Another day to face mean people, another day to play deaf and fearless.

Sheenah and Kynch rode their Mom's car. "have you been fighting again last night?" she questioned them.
"No mommy. Actually, she was a very good sister and helped me with my homework. Isn't that right, sis?"
"Yeah." Sheenah muttered. Their mom just nodded and continued driving.

Sheenah was dropped by her school first, because Kynch's school is a little farther. Right after she entered the building, the students started laughing and chanting names.

"Everyone, guess what? I have a new name for her, Cyclops!" a boy said, and everyone laughed. They started saying the name.
"Hey, guess what assholes," Sheenah said. Everyone paused, "Cyclops is not logical because I also could see you well with my right eye covered." she said and covered her right eye. Everyone seemed to shiver because seeing her left eye alone was scary. They started to disperse quietly and Sheenah was left aloe with the boy. She blew her bangs that covered her left eye hoping that it would scare him.

"I see we're alone," she said playfully as she started walking towards him. The boy was just staring at her abnormal eye but couldn't look away. "How about we play just a little bit?" This boy is actually cute. He had bronze brown eyes and a lot more normal that Sheenah's. When she was just inches away from the boy, she saw her vision blur for a short while. The boy flinched but he wasn't able to move. When her hand accidentally touched his arm, she heard a loud scream then she fainted. The last thing she saw was a thick brown mist.

Sheenah woke up at the clinic. She looked at the time, and it's still not start of classes. She grabbed her backpack and went out. While she was walking down the corridors, everyone was staring at her but nobody was teasing her. She remembered her dream so she ran to the girls' CR. Her jaw dropped when she finally saw herself. Her left eye is totally normal now, plus she already had brown eyes. She put her finger over her eye to check if she's wearing contacts, but she's not. She covered her eye with her bangs and went out. She bumped into someone, and it was the boy a while ago but now, he had grey eyes. So pale and....empty. He searched for her eye then his eyes widened.

"You! You stole my eyes! Give them back to me!" he said and pushed her. She landed on the floor. As he was about to touch he again, someone pushed him away. "Hey! Stop that!" it was Mill. she crouched beside Sheenah and helped her get up. "Hey, are those contacts?"

"Erm...yeah.." she just nodded and turned back to the boy. "Hey Toby, why are you hitting on girls? Are you gay?"
"No! Can't you see? Look at my eyes! They're empty! Look at her, a few minutes ago she have abnormal eyes but now, she got the color of my eyes! She stole them!" he charged at Sheenah but Mill blocked him.

"Don't you ever dare hurt her again! And, duh, how is it even possible? They're just contacts! You heard that? CONTACTS." she grabbed Sheenah's arm and walked away from Toby. After a while of walking, Mill needed to say goodbye to her because she need to go to her homeroom early. Finally alone, Sheenah thought about Toby. Is it really possible that she stole his eyes? Yes, she did something to him, but she doesn't know how she did that. But whatever it is, it is the solution to her problems.

When Sheenah got home, she headed straight to her room but Kynch blocked her way. "Hey freak, what did you do to my assignment?"
"I helped you," Sheenah said innocently.
"FREAK!! Look at this!" Kynch shoved her notebook in front of Sheenah's face and pointed on a sentence, " 'I have my parents Allia and Alex Deans, and a freaky sister with an ugly name Sheenah.' And look at this, 'She always helps me in my projects and assignments because she is such a loser and she is an alien.' Don't you know my teacher read this?!"

"I just stated the facts," Sheenah shrugged.
"You bitch!" Kynch yelled as she hit Sheenah with her notebook repeatedly, "Because of you my reputation is ruined!"

"Stop it!" Sheenah shouted, but nothing happened. "Stop stop stop! I said STOP!!!" Finally, Kynch stopped and stared at her sister. Her focus moved to her eyes and saw what has changed.

"Are those contacts?"
"I guess."
"Do you have some more?"
"No, my bestfriend gave them to me. This is the only pair."
"Then give those to me. You know I've always wanted to have contact lens." Kynch insisted.
"No, why would I? I need these so that I'd look normal."
"I don't care if you look normal or not! Give them to me!" Kynch said as she aimed for Sheenah's eyes. Sheenah just blocked her hands because she know she wouldn't really claw her eyes out, would she?"

"Stop hitting me!" she blurted out. Kynch paused and looked at her. "Excuse me, Kynch, but maybe you're forgetting that you're 2 years younger than me. Also, not everything that you ask for would be given to you because not everything is about you. Look around you. Other more people aside from me have greater needs than you. Do you understand me?" Kynch, miraculously, didn't shout back.

"Girls!" their mom yelled from behind them. She looked like she was in the middle of applying her beauty mask. "If you are fighting, would you please keep it down? I don't wanna be stressed because it would ruin my beauty. So shush!" Ugh. What a useless mother. Sheenah wished that their father is still here because he was the only one that cared for her. He died three years ago due to car accident, and this woman that they're calling mom is just their stepmother. Their real mom died of giving birth to Kynch. When their mom went back to the master's bedroom, Kynch ran to her room and cried. Finally, she's back to being a sixth grader. Sheenah looked at herself in the mirror. She felt good that she became a big sister today. Finally.

The school looked like a different place for Sheenah the next day. Nobody teased her, but they just looked at her curiously. She took up her guard when she went past Toby, who was already wearing eyeglasses. "Damn you, freak. You didn't just steal my iris, you stole my vision too."

"I didn't," Sheenah said, but she sounded like she was convincing herself.
"Don't mind him," Mill suddenly appeared beside Sheenah, "He's just blaming you that his cataract is hitting on him now."

"Yes, well, it looks like that. The doctors don't know what exactly it is, but they're guessing it's another type of eye disease, like cataract. But whatever it is, it's taking up one-fourth of his eyes so he needs eyeglasses to see clearly." Sheenah felt her stomach twist. She stole his eyes, and now he's suffering the consequences.
"H-how'd you know all that?" She asked Mill.
"He immediately visited the doctor yesterday because he hoped that the doc would say 'a girl stole your iris.' Of course, it wouldn't be like that. Toby told a friend, then that friend told another friend, told another and another. You know the news. It's amazingly fast."

On that whole week, Sheenah had brown eyes but they slowly faded back into her natural blue, and worse, back to her pupilless eye. On the other hand, Toby's "cataract" slowly covered his eyes until he's totally blind. It is possible for him to be cured, but the operation would need a lot of money, and that's just for one eye. He stopped going to school and on Monday, Sheenah got her usual eyes again. The students immediately turned into little demons again when they saw her back to "normal."

"Oh my God, why didn't you wear your contacts today?" Mill asked Sheenah.
"They're worn out. I can't use them anymore," she lied. This was her another specialty: lying. She's fast in thinking of appropriate lies in every situation.

"Oh gosh, what do we do now? Everyone's teasing you again."
"I can deal with them. I've been teased in my whole life but I'm still the same. They didn't change anything and they're just wasting their breaths." Mill just nodded but she still looked anxious. She told Sheenah that she'd just see her at the cafeteria but when she got there, Mill was nowhere to be found. Sheenah waited for whole 30 minutes, but her bestfriend didn't come. Sheenah suddenly realized something. What if Mill is letting go again, just like what she did the last time? No, Sheenah wouldn't let that happen. The only way to do that is to make her eyes normal again so that the teasings would stop and Mill would show up again. She needs to be normal as soon as possible. But what if that means someone would need to be blind just like Toby? Sheenah doesn't care anymore. Nothing and no one can stop her.

After lunch, which Sheenah spent alone, she tried her best to go straight to her literature class but in every corridor that she passes through there is always a mob of students whose goal in life is to make Sheenah's life miserable. To avoid a big mass of laughters and curses, she would just turn back and take the other corridor where a few students are passing. Unfortunately, there is always a group of students there so once again she turned to the other side and took another way. She spent many minutes doing that and when Sheenah finally lost her patience, she decided to face a thick crowd of jerks. She stood silently for a moment, waiting for them to stop chanting names. When it was already so quiet, Sheenah spoke.

"What's the problem? Why did you stop?" she mocked them. "This is what you want, right? To tease me everyday because I'm born with one freaky eye? Well then, I'd give you a chance where you can make fun of me legally as long as you want." Sheenah glared at them as she lifted her bangs and secured them with bobby pins. Everyone could feel the awkwardness as they stared at her eye.
"What are you waiting for? Say what you want!" no one spoke. "SPEAK!" they simultaneously shivered. Nobody knows how she does this, to scare big masses of people until they pee their pants. Maybe it was a gift.

Sheenah smirked, "What? Are you scared?" Sheenah walked across every person that was in front and looked them straight in the eye. They tried to look away but they couldn't.

"BOO!!" they all jumped at the same time due to surprise, or fright. Sheenah laughed as she looked at all of them smugly and walked in the middle of the crowd. Everyone made way for her.

A few minutes later, Sheenah finally reached the Literature class. When she could already grab the knob, the tardy bell suddenly rang.

"Shit! I'm late because of those assholes. God, what a hell!" she turned around because the teacher would just nag her, and she's not in the mood for that. Her sight ran across a girl walking a few feet behind her. She looked so innocent. The first things that Sheenah saw were her eyes. They were apple green and outlined by a dark green rim. Odd, Sheenah thought, because she saw all the details though she was several feet away. The girl flinched when their eyes met, but Sheenah smiled to prevent her from getting scared.

"Don't be scared. My eye is scary, yes, but I wouldn't hurt you." she reassured and walked up to her.

"Uh, I saw what happened a while ago. I felt bad for you. Sorry."
"No need to worry! I handled them well, didn't I?"
"Yes. Well, you see, I need to go to literature. Bye."

"Oh no no no.... I mean, you're already late. Mrs. Chapstin would nag you if she saw you. She wouldn't even notice that you're not there."
"But. . ."
"Oh no. I know teachers really well. Just come with me." Sheenah smiled at her sweetly. Not only to make her feel safe, but also to hide her dark plan.

"What's your name?" Sheenah asked after a while of walking."
"Azorra. I'm new here. I came from Phoenix, Arizona. I know you, you're. . . . Sheenah."
"Yeah, also known as 'freak.'" Azorra giggled.

"You know, Sheenah, I don't know why they're teasing you, because I think you are such a good person."
"Gee, thanks. . ." Sheenah looked down. She felt bad to do something horrible to this innocent girl. "Um, Azorra, if someone is in great need of an eye, are you willing to give yours?" she was taken aback by her question.

"Um, you see, I love my eyes but. . . . Why? Do you need an eye transplant?"
"It's sort of like that." Sheenah stepped forward and caught Azorra's eyes. It looked like she could already see her sould deep inside her pupil. Suddenly, Sheenah felt jealous. Her vision blurred for a moment and Azorra gasped. "Sheenah, your eye just... swirled."

Sheenah took another step forward but Azorra didn't move an inch, or she wasn't able to. " I'm sorry Azorra."
"For what?"
"For this." she grabbed Azorra's arm and tried her best to keep her eyes open to see how the magic happens. Azorra's eyes rolled back into her head and green smoke oozed out of the corner of her eyes. It headed towards Sheenah's eyes very quickly. When they reached her eyes, she felt like they doubled in size and was really itchy and painful, but she didn't even scream or faint. Her hands flew to her eyes and did everything to ease the pain.

"Uhhh...." Azorra breathed weakly as her eyes returned, and they're already grey and empty. She stood limply for a few seconds as if she was half asleep, and Sheenah took the time to run when she got her eyes normal again. She headed straight to the girls' CR.

"Oh. My. God." she exclaimed when she saw her green eyes. They complimented well to her pale skin and black hair. "This is so amazing!" she squealed. She felt so happy that she wanted to scream and jump like a kangaroo. She's also happy that she'll have her bestfriend back and everyone would admire her again. But what about Azorra? Nah, Sheenah could deal with her. She'd soon be blind anyway.

On her way to 6th period which was math, Sheenah came across a few students piled in one corner of the corridor. Since she's confident once again, she joined them to see what they're looking at. It was Azorra, crying.

"What would happen to me now? I might get blind just like that boy, Toby. It's her fault! I shouldn't have trusted her! It's her fault it's her fault it's all her fault. . ." Azorra sobbed while one caring student kept telling her that everything's gonna be fine.

"Who is 'her' anyway?" one student asked. Sheenah flinched and was about to turn away when Azorra caught a glimpse of her.

"Her!" she pointed at Sheenah with one, stiff finger. Everyone's heads turned to her and eyes immediately stared at her green eyes.

"Um, Hi?" the crowd, also the caring student, simultaneously stepped aside leaving Sheenah and Azorra face to face. Azorra stood up and she doesn't look innocent anymore without her green eyes. More like scary.

"You! You did this." Azorra said and made one deadly step, while Sheenah stepped back.
"Wh-what are you talking about?"
"Don't be such a stupid liar! I know it's you! You even have the color of my iris now!" she said and pointed a finger on Sheenah's left eye. If Sheenah didn't move back, her eyes might have been poked by Azorra.

"What? I didn't do anything! These are just contacts!"
"Prove it." everyone intently looked at Sheenah. She started to lift her fingers to her eyes while hoping that they really were contacts. Of course, that's fiction so she dropped her hands to her sides. "For Christ's sake, what are you even talking about? Are you saying that I stole your eyes, just like what Toby said?" Azorra paused. She realized how crazy she sounded saying that, but she still decided to continue.

"But--" Azorra started to say but Sheenah cut her off, "Azorra, listen. While I was talking to you, you suddenly convulsed and I panicked. I ran for the school nurse but when we got back, you were gone. I couldn't have stolen your eyes! That's impossible!" Sheenah said a very convincing lie which made Azorra think again.

"But you said sorry. . . Why did you say sorry?"
"Because. . . I was gonna do a trick on you. It's like this: I'll hold you arm tightly for a few seconds and when I let go, you'd feel electricity flow to your fingers. I didn't know if it would hurt you so I said sorry in advance. Here, let me show you." She reached for Azorra's arm but she jerked back and slapped Sheenah's hand away.

"Don't you ever touch me again! I don't even want to see you! You freak!" she ran away and started sobbing again. Sheenah looked around while holding a smirk. Wow, that was easy. There was a while of awkwardness as everyone registered what has happened.

"Did you say she convulsed?" the caring student asked.
"And she got grey eyes too, juz' like that boy Toby." a black kid said. Silence.

"Maybe there's a disease in here. Something that infects the eye and then makes them blind." everyone looked at each other, considering what the student said. Finally, someone agreed. "Yeah, a disease."

Since then the "disease" was named the "Grey Iris" and everyone stopped using objects that are applied on the eyes like eyedrops and contact lens, because they think that they're the reasons why this Grey Iris started. It's almost impossible to see anyone with contacts anymore, except Sheenah because they're not really contacts and they wouldn't wear off until 1 week has passed. Sheenah was enjoying the attention because many girls started hanging 'round with her and asks her to join their stupid girl groups, and boys started asking her out saying that she was pretty. On the other hand, her sister Kynch, couldn't boss her around anymore because she already knows how to be superior. Her bestfriend, Mill, showed up again and kept complemeting Sheenah's green eyes, but Sheenah is starting to wonder if she really is a true bestfriend. Actually, she doesn't care much because at least she has someone always beside her to talk all the time and help her forget that she's the reason why this Grey Iris started.



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