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Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:33 am

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A typical Saturday with nothing to do it was nine o`clock in the morning. I`m never usually up this early but mum wanted me to do some messages for her. What’s new! To make it a little less boring than what it was going to be I rang Stacy my friend to come along, she wasn`t that up to it but i persuaded her. Mum was going out all day today and was willing to trust us. Come on we are fourteen how hard could it be to buy some fruit and whatever?

So she handed me and Stacy two hundred pounds and told us we could buy an ice-cream on the way home and that she was so pleased and happy and put on her lovey dovey face saying that she loved me and was very grateful for what i was doing for her. I was surprised myself she left me alone with two hundred pounds, but i wasn`t going to let her down.

Mum had left now, we watched a bit of telly and then after half an hour had past we decided to go and do mums messages. I asked Stacy to bring a pencil to score off the things we had bought so we didn’t forget. We locked up and were set to go. Time flew as we were walking along and chatting because before we knew it we were in town. It was packed some of the shops had a que outside from their doors. I didn`t expect as many people to be there but it didn`t bother us. We sat down on the bench looking at the list wondering what to get first. To tell you the truth we were trying to figure out mums handwriting but me nor Stacey didn`t say a word just staring at the sheet as if a dog had wrote it. Mum never was good at handwriting much anyway.

As soon as we had it all figured out we got up and looked in at this shop window. It was just what I wanted the latest dell laptop and it stood staring at me right in the face with its shiny blue back and quite a large screen it was gleaming and looked beautiful. I had to buy it I absolutely had to buy it. Stacy was also staring at it just like me. We were arguing in what to do. Knowing Stacey of course she wanted to buy the dell but I wasn`t keen on disobeying mum. She would go crazy, no of course she wouldn`t she would go BALLISTIC.I told Stacy no and we turned round to walk away but I ran back and this time straight into the shop and before I could change my mind I was walking out of that shop with that dell laptop. I couldn`t believe what I had just done.

I sat down to think it all through not knowing what to do!

As soon as I had thought it all through I had a plan .I was going to return the laptop. I walked through them shop doors again straight up to the ladies face. She said no problem she was very nice about it after I told her I wanted to return it. She took me over to the till and asked me for the receit. I reached into my pocket to get it opps other pocket,I reached into my other pocket and nothing was there. I looked at the lady with puppy eyes and pleaded her to take it back and that I was sorry I lost the receit. Soon her face didn`t look so nice no more and she told me to get out and never come back to return the laptop without the receit.

I walked out to Stacy asking her how we could possible get our hands on two hundred pounds. We thought until our brains were wrecked. We didn`t have a clue what to do. All we could do was wait till mum came home and tell her all about it and give her puppy eyes, though I knew I was in for it. We walked home and slumped on the couch feeling so bad about ourselves. I was just thinking how much mum trusted me to do this simple task. If I couldn`t do this task no way was she ever gonna trust be again to do anything else as long as I live. All I could do was hope for a miracle.I was looking around the room for some inspiration and then I had it I saw my old flute under the couch. I grabed Stacy by the hand and fetching a bag on the way out. I told her to run as quick as she could to the town again. Now that we were back in the town I set the bag down. Stacy was a brillant singer she had won in the our school competition last year and she sounded amazing. I asked her to sing her favourite song as I played the flute. She didn`t have a clue what was happening but I didn`t have time to explain I told her she would figure it out.I picked up the bag and we ran to the centre of the town were it was still busy enough. Stacy started singing and I was playing my flute after the first person had layed down a few pound in our bag she was starting to realize and she projected her voice. It was an amazing sound if I may say so myself crowds of people came to watch and were soon dancing and singing along. As soon as it turned six we had to stop. Everyone let out a big sigh because we were going. We were that good 3 little girls came along and asked for out autograph. It was a fantastic feeling, but I didn`t have time to take it in. I was hoping that we had made enough money. Stacy and I were counting. I couldnt two hundred and fifty and Stacy counted three hundred and fify. We were up on our fetting jumping for joy we had made three times the amount. We gathered up the groceries and what not and headed home. I told mum everything waiting for her to shout at me. After I had finished I waited... Then she let out a roar of laughter i couldn`t believe it she was so overjoyed she didn`t care about the laptop she was so gobsmacked from what we had done and was happy. Of course I gave her some money and a bit to charity and half of it to Stacy and I had just enough left to buy accessories for my laptop. It all worked out well in the end. What a busy day but never to be forgotten.

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