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Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:03 am

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I am working and living in Kuwait since 5 years, I was living with my friends here since 4 years and this has happened 2 years ago,

I was tired after office hours and I took dinner and went for sleep after surfing 30 minutes on internet. We were 3 friends living in an old building having 4 floors while we were having an apartment on the ground level.

One of our friend used to come late in the night from work at around 11pm so we used to take dinner before he come. That night as usual I finish my dinner at 8 pm and went to bed at 9pm. My friend came and he start working on some project on his laptop after dinner. I was partially awake and came to knew that he is working on his laptop and I sleep back. Suddenly I felt the blanket on my face and trying to push it hard on my face like I am getting murdered. I was struggling to remove the blanket but I can't and than I try to shouted and calling my friend to help me as I knew that he is working on his laptop and he is awake, but I can't even shout. After struggling hard I shouted loud to help me and I feel that I got wake up but I wasn't and again I felt the blanket on face. This time it was trying to push it more harder on my face and again I feel I am wake up and but still the same situation. But at last I suddenly woke up in real and saw that my friend is still working on the laptop. I was breathing like hell and heart beat reached at high rate and I feel blindness in my eyes and I asked him if he heard me calling his name to help but he just laughed out and said I might be dreaming.

But I am sure I wasn't because I feel that it was real and not a dream, how can a person wake up twice from the sleep.

After few months again while I slept I woke up in the middle of the night and feel to pee but when I went to bathroom and try to open the lights I got surprised because the lights arent working. I felt scared because we have good quality of lighting in our apartment. I try to open 3-4 times but I failed then I try to call my friends again but I can't even shout.

These has happened many times to me and I know that I wasn't dreaming about all this because it was real.

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