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Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:38 am

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Monday Morning

“I can’t believe I am doing this again,” I groaned, smoothly pressing the brake as I pulled into my designated school parking space. There was something about pulling into your private space in the school lot that honestly made you feel like a senior, as if this somehow placed a stamp on your superiority. And my spot happened to be in the back, exactly where you definitely hated being on those soggy rainy days, where the umbrella you were ‘supposed’ to pack, was on the counter. Shit.

I let out an exhausted breath through my pursed lips, opening my car door just enough for my body to squeeze out without water damage to my car. Quickly the rain dampened every dry spot on my body, and I could already feel my bra beginning to loosen with the weight of the now cold rain water.

“Oh no,” I grumbled, squeezing my soaked sleeve with my free hand. This was terrible, especially for being the start of my senior year. Today was supposed to be exhilarating, and breathtaking. I was supposed to walk into school looking nice, as if the summer somehow changed my whole personal self. I wanted to walk into school and show off my new clear completion, and my now not so flat boobs. Sort of. But instead, I was soaked and my hair hung like a wet dog. This was exactly how I was going to be remembered on my first day of Senior year.

The halls were the exact same once I finally made it into the school, and the lockers which had once been a dark black, where now a gleaming bright red. I figured they were due for another paint job soon, assuming the school was aware of the massive amounts of graffiti extending from the sophomore to senior halls. Sometime last year the school board had decided the old locker colors were done for, and were somehow dampering our moods during schools hours. But I could definitely help to explain the damper of our moods if they needed the extra opinion…And in my opinion, it was never the locker colors.

I felt my eyes skim the hallways once more, already recognizing the familiar faces from last year. Junior year had been full of excitement, concluding with Beth’s pregnancy to Johnny Martin, and the P.E fight in the gym which resulted in Mr. Cooks retirement, but we all expected it.

Quickly I felt a tug on my sleeve, and my immediate reaction was to spin around in curiosity.

“Oh sorry,” The male answered as I quickly sensed the deepness to the apologetic voice. My gaze shifted up to the figure, already recognizing the familiar features.

“Yeah, it’s fine,” I answered, taking in Ryan’s familiar characteristics: His warm chocolate brown hair, with those sexy blue eyes. He was perfect none the less physically, but a complete ass on the inside. Every girl within a five mile radius in the school had some attraction to him, whether it had been his football abs, or his seductive smile, they were all over him. There was just something about Ryan that had girls swoon, and it was a bit scary at how good he was at charming the girls.

Yet they all also knew that he was a player, and a good one at that. He would be at the movies with one, and dinner with another that night. Everyone knew it, but girls just didn’t care. I personally found it completely ridiculous that girls literally threw themselves at Ryan, he wasn’t even that good at football anyways. His dad is the coach, so of course he’d be on the damn team.

“Mandie?” he questioned, as I turned back around. Was he seriously initiating a conversation with me? Last year he wouldn’t have even gave me the time of day, and now he was reciting my name? What the hell?

“Uh, yeah?” I answered, raising a brow towards his sudden mood change.

“Wow, you definitely grew up over the summer,” He grinned, as I felt my insides beginning to churn. I uncomfortably crossed my arms over my chest, hoping my quick up size in bra cup over the summer wasn’t that obvious, or the fact that my face was suddenly all cleared up.

“Yeah, a few months can really do that to a girl,” I joked, as his grin grew wider. I heard a quick laugh escape his alluring lips, and I turned away quickly. Just looking at his lips made my body want to lurch out and place mine on his, and he’s only laughed…How pathetic.

“You look nice,” He answered, as his smile suddenly fell flat. His gaze turned intent on me, observing the new found characteristics of my now mature look. I was proud, I was proud that I was finally receiving the subtle attention from guys, and for the fact that Ryan had made an actual attempt to start a conversation for me. So far, senior year was going alright.

“Thanks,” I responded, trying not to stare at the perfection of his jaw line in correspondence with his willing lips, or his intense blue stare on my face. Just the simple fact that he was so fixated on me, made the pleasure strings of my body grow haywire. I was already beginning to feel exactly what a majority of the girls in our school had felt when they were close to him, and I finally became aware of how they fell so quickly for him.

“I’ll see you around,” He finished, placing a quick hand on my shoulder. All within a few seconds, his thumb subtly ran across my neck, as the rest of his hand gave my shoulder a quick squeeze. I felt the sudden quick jolts of electricity all down my spine, as my mind registered for my body to experience the pleasure his simple touch could make.

“Yeah,” I managed to choke, watching his toned body pace down the hallway, disappearing into one of the many offices.

Finally my body slapped back into reality, and I felt the incoming thoughts flood my brain. I had seriously just allowed Ryan to basically rape me with his eyes, and already fell for him just like every other senior girl in this whole damn school. This was pathetic! Ryan and his player ass weren't even close to being my type, and just to have his hand on my shoulder sent pleasure down my body…This was bordering insanity.

“Ugh,” I groaned, upset with myself that I had just let Ryan get to me. I was infatuated, and that was all there was to be between us, nothing more.

“Hey girl!” I heard Stephanie shout, as I watched my three best friends stride down the hallway in complete smiles: blonde, blue eyed, and gorgeous. Everything I wanted, but knew I could never have.

"Hey guys,"I answered in a lively tone, approaching the three in approvement. Stephanie was the first to pull out her cell phone, immediately texting as I came up.

Stephanie was the seductive one of our group, always with some sad guy whipped around her hip. It was almost sicker than Ryan of how quick she was able to have guys wound around her finger, and somehow she still ended up with a few serious relationships.

“Oh it’s Danny,” She giggled, as we all eyed her carefully. Her excited gaze finally met ours, as her expression suddenly turned curious, “What?”

“Who is Danny?” Hannah asked, leaping for Stephanie’s phone screen in excitement. Hannah was definitely the clown of our group, in other words, that one friend you just can’t live without. She always wore an appreciative smile, laughing and smiling to the point where it was almost inhumane. But I loved that about her, just the simple fact that she always knew how to make me smile, made my friendship with her bloom in the first place.

“Just some guy,” Stephanie shrugged, slipping her pink phone into its proper pocket on her purse.

“Just some guy you fucked, you mean?” Jess laughed, throwing her head back manically. Hannah stood baffled, letting her innocent jaw drop about to the floor.

“Jess!” I yelled, holding a finger up to her sailor’s mouth. Jess was the rebel of out group, and definitely the bold advice giver. She was blunt, never holding back her opinion on anything, hence the reason why she definitely balanced out our group. For some reason her personality was alluring to everyone, despite her mouth. Even I myself, have admitted that with having Jess around, there was never a dull moment.

“Sorry, I’m just tired of hearing about Steph’s boy toys every five minutes,” She growled, as a sly smile spread across her eager lips. I knew she loved raiding on Stephanie’s boy list, but I’d have to admit, we all did. Sometimes we’d sort through her past hookups just to see whether Stephanie had done it behind someone’s back, or if it was a ‘pure hookup’, meaning without someone’s boyfriend.

“I bet you he won’t be a pure hookup,” Hannah joked, as Stephanie’s glare grew angry.

“Shut up, both of you,” Stephanie growled, as Jess waved her off quickly.

“Whatever,” Jess mumbled, turning to follow the crowd back to the auditorium, as Hannah and I stayed silent next to Stephanie.

“So Mandie, Steph and I saw you talking to Ryan,” Hannah blurted, placing a hand quickly on Stephanie’s shoulder. She immediately looked up from her cell phone, awaiting my reaction.

“He was just apologizing for grabbing my sweater,” I muttered.

“Bull shit,” Stephanie laughed, apparently sensing my comment was a lie.

“I’m serious!” I growled.

“It’s okay Mandie, we know later this year he’s going to ask you out. We were just waiting for the first interaction between you two,” Hannah laughed, as Stephanie began wildly shaking her head.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“She means, you look hot this year,” She stated, as I felt my cheeks flush, “And he hasn’t asked you out yet from all four years, so he’s bound to do it this year,” She added, as I felt my eyes narrow.

“Jerk,” I smirked, taking her comment jokingly.

“Sorry Mands, I just know Ryan, and he’s kind of a player,” She announced, as if I didn’t know.

“A sexy player,” Hannah responded, biting her lip happily.

“Hell yeah,” Stephanie agreed, as they both erupted in a quick laugh. I stood unaffected, mainly because I wasn’t in any mood to deal with guy bull shit this year, and for the simple fact that my early interaction with Ryan, was still on my mind.



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