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Sat May 08, 2010 12:36 pm

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Well my love story is a different one.Well to tell the truth, I was a person who doesn't believe alot in love before. For me guys seems like friends nothing much than that. but now "is anything much sweeter than love? ". All started like this one evening I was bored so went on web and found this chat room were i saw some tamil ppl chatting, so went in and started to say hi and everyone ignored.So i started to write tamil songs lyrics and start to type tamil words in english. and that catch lots of ppl attention and they started to talk to me, and there came this guy who was teasing me for writing tamil in english. so i got mad a bit then said if you don't know then learn from someone who knows? instead of teasing, and he went ok right teacher what is my first leasson.I said well your first lesson is how to respect the teacher since you tease me stand on the bench and I said that I was serious too.This is how we start to talk..we talked for months and month. He became my email pal and a good friend in chat.Later on I found out that he was a good friend of my best friend who was studying in his university.We always talked to each other but it was about movies or social issues but never attempt to ask personal questions. But one day out of intrest while chatting I asked him how he expected his wife to be. So he told me 10 things which should his future wife should have. As his last desire he said his wife should be humourous as getting sinna sinna kovam and tell "bench mela eri nillu"..So that shook me so I said what did you say rishi? he said my wife should be humourous as you my little friend.He calls me kurumboo friend since I tease him alot. We do write songs lyrics at the end of our emails it was like a competition that who knows the most oldest songs.After awhile he started to write certain words in email in CAP locks...like once i wrote the song "illakanam maruthoo illakiyam anatho" and he replied "ithuvarai nadithathu athu enna veedam and he continue the song and he put "manmathan enpavan kan thirapano penmai thanthano" in cap lock, and in following days also he wrote many songs like the oldest song nee engea en ninaivukal angea...the most lovable song which click my mind was "palakattu rajavukku oru aapavi rani..when he wrote that song he put these words in cap lock...."raja rishi thanudaiya raniyai nenyinil vaithan yaramma athu nan amma"...so i got a doubt and asked him who is his secret lover...he said that he will say it later..but the songs continued but i knew that he loved me but for some reason he didn't want to break the ice.So one day i asked him wether he loves me ..so he said he will answer me but my reply for that shouldn't be a no and he won't accept that ...so i said ok.and he finally accepted that he loved me...so our love continued like this. and we chose our vacation to meet each other first time[up to then we had no clue how each other look like except asking my best friend for description] because we made a promis that we will never peep at others photo until we see each other in real.So one day we met that was after one year of our love. That day was really amazing. Unfortunatly we can not see each other everyday since we were in different states. but email and telephone once in a while. and as usual one day my parents got to know and first they said no. So he told his parents and they talked to my parents and my aunt knew their family friends so everything was pretty much fixed.We got engaged it was the happiest moment.When we think about the whole process sometimes it amaze us. But for some others it seems pretty wierd since they say how come you took a decision without seeing each other.and what would have happened if he was not handsome.But i alway replied them that I knew that he was a good guy through my friend and so does he knew about me.we have talked alot and intrest were common and thought were common so physical look has nothing to do with true love which comes from heart. and in the case of marriage our aim was that both of our parents whould b e happy during our marriage. may be it took us 5 years to convince them but we never lost that hope. At our engagement day our parents were happy everyone were happy and we were more happy since our love was a success with full blessing of parents. I don't know how to describe my love and how much i love him. Some fancy words are there but that seems not good enough to describe love. On the engagement day my husband after promising that he will accept me as his lovable wife, he looked at me when we were alone and said there are lots of word and fancy expression to describe love but i don't know how to describe my love with that fancy words but i will say something from the bottom of my heart that I really wish that we have a good life together and how our engagement day was together, our death day should be together since even then i want you to be near me. I cried and hit him for saying something sad on a wonderful day but i was crying more out of joy since I knew how much he loved me and I hope that i will alway be his better half and fufill his dream life.

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