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Thu Jul 21, 2011 1:13 pm

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I sat in class, watching as the second hand on the clock slowly worked its way around to the twelve. 30 more seconds and the end of school. Only 90 seconds until i will be sitting in the airconditioned car on my way to the family beach house, where i will be starting my summer holiday.


As the bell wailed i quickly packed my things and ran out the door. As i made my way outside and through the blistering heat i spotted the car, sitting just by the gate. When i got only a few metres away i noticed the engine running. The whole family was ready and waiting to go, and oh boy was i ready.

I placed my bag in the boot, pulling my ipod and phone out of the front pocket before i hopped into the front. As i buckled up, mum drove away from the school grounds. My baby sitter, Janie, sat happily in her car seat amused by the bear dangling from a hook on the roof.

I turned my phone on as i turned slightly in my seat to face mum as she drove north out of town. "Mum, wheres dad? Is he coming in the ute?" Mum looked out of the side of her eye, nodding as she said "This holidays will be a little different." I was shocked because nothing has changed when it came to our family holiday. Mum must have noticed the look on my face because she started to explain further. "Your father was unexpectedly called out to a buisness meeting in France. He cant postpone and its a very important meeting. He didnt offer for us to come with him to France instead of this trip, but we decided this would be better as it winter in France at the moment."

Mum patted my knee lightly to indicate that there was nothing to worry about. I nodded slightly and turned back to face the road. "Mum, i'm gonna listen to my ipod now. Just letting you know so you dont try talking to me and not notice i'm not listening." As i plugged the headphones in my ear mum turned the radio up and started shouting out the lyrics to 'Gunpowder and Lead' by Amanda Lambert.

As i tapped my feet on the floor to the beat of 'Dont Wanna Go Home' by Jason Durelo, i pulled out my phone which had started buzzing as new message come through. Many messages from the girlfriends' saying they missed me already and it had only been 10minutes since we last said bye.

The last messaged on my phone was from my boyfriend, Will. I read it as mum spead down the highway.
'Chloe, I miss u already, enjoy ur summer holiday, dont 4get bout me! See u soon. I love u xoxo'
I replied with a smile on my face. As soon as the icon on my phone flashed, indicating the message was sent i switched off my phone. This holiday was mine and my families. We all agreed no phones while at the beach house. Especially during the day. As my father would say; "we come on this holiday to forget school, business, cleaning and drama of back home, so no mobiles as they allow that stuff to contact us."

Dad was right, this holiday was to get away from it all and i couldnt wait till i got there to start my summer.

I didnt realise i had fallen asleep until mum patted my knee. I pulled the headphones out of my ears to hear mum saying "Sweetie we are here." There was a massive smile spread across here face. As i registered what see had just said i sat up fast looking out the window. The same big smile spread, now, across my face.

As i looked towards the horizon i noticed the beautiful sunset. The colours pink, orange and purple were splashed across the sky. I gasped in amazement not remembering how beautiful this place. I was pulled out of my thoughts as Janie started giggling. I turned around to look at her and noticed she was laughing cause she finally pulled the teddy down and it had fallen on her face.

I giggled as i said "Janie, your silly." I opened my door and jumped out of the car. I took my school shoes off as i walked to the front of the car. My feet sinking into the hot sand. As i stood there feeling the light breeze against my body, i watched the sun go down more and more but ever so slowly.

I started to look around so i could let in my full surroundings before locking myself in my holiday room to unpack. I noticed another house next to ours. Both modern type houses and practically the same designs, but i couldnt work out if it was there last time or not. As i stood there staring into space thinking mum tapped my shoulder and whispered "Honey if you are going to stare at incredibly cute boys, make sure you keep it secret not just full on stare, they notice more quickly and find it creepy."

As she backed away towards the house i looked back up to the house next door not knowing what my mother was on about. Thats when i noticed him. He was tan and muscly but not overly. His shirt was off and he was standing with just a towel around his waist looking out towards the sea. He looked like a total god. I looked down looking at my arms and legs realising i didnt want this hottie to see me in my horrible school uniform. I had to change before he saw me. I ran to the back of the car and pulled my bag out and ran upstairs to change and unpack.

I was upstairs for half an hour, unpacking quickly and glancing out my window. I was so happy with my room now, even though it is small and dull with just the occasional poster on the wall, it had the best view. I could see directly onto Mr Hottie's balcony.

He had moved on now and the sun had gone to bed so there was no more light shining on the house balcony, where his golden body had been lean against the railing. As i imagined his perfectly sculpted body, his blonde curly hair and how the blue towel sat on his hips i had to sigh. I knew he could never be mine. I was the type of girl that had hips, a big bum and deffently isnt flat chested.

My thinking was interupted by mum knocking on the door. I turned around quickly and walked back to the bed, so mum didnt notice i was staring at next door again. As i sat down on the bed i said loudly, "you can come in mum." As mum walked in she smiled and sat next to me on the bed. The bed sunk a little more than when most people sit on it. See my mum is a cuddly lady, she has the big bum and hips and boobs like me. But can you blame her? She has had 3 kids and i must say she lookes pretty young for a 43 yeah old.

"Tea is ready, honey. So come down and eat. I can tell your going to have a lovely holiday." She got up and walked away towards the door when she turned around and calmly said, "By the way honey the next door neighbour is named Lachlan, real sweet fellow i must say." Mum walked out smiling to herself, while all i could do was sit on the bed stunned.

I walked out the room still stunned, i flicked the light switch off as i go past it. I slowly walk down the hallway towards the kitchen. I am momentarily distracted as i smell the honey soy chicken and rice mum has cooked. Janie is sitting in her jolly jumper in the doorway to mums room. As she bounces she kicks her legs in the air, giggling. I had to smile, being a baby her age is fun, its just so care-free.

I sat at the table gulp down my tea. I hadnt noticed how hungary i had become. Now that i think about it i didnt eat much today, just my sandwich. As i finish a few mintues before mum i placed my plate in the sink, i said good night to mum. "Why are you going to bed so early?" mum started to wonder, "i had a long day and want to wake up nice and early in the morning." Mum said something as i ran down the hallway but i couldnt comprehend.

After ten minutes of lying on my bed i finally started to sleep slipping into a deep sleep. Ready for the experiences which are yet to come.

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