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Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:22 pm

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Prophet Dawood (as) was a prophet of Allah (swt) and a king. He had nineteen sons and every one of them wanted to inherit his throne. He agreed with one of his wives to nominate their eldest son to the throne. Allah (swt) commanded him not to appoint anyone, but to wait for His order.

SheepOne day, he was asked to decide in a dispute between Elia, who was a cultivator, and his neighbor, Yohanna, who was a herdsman. Elia complained that the sheep belonging to Yohanna had grazed in his cornfield and had eaten the vegetables, causing him a great loss. Yohanna admitted that it had happened at night while he was asleep. By the command of Allah (swt), Prophet Dawood (as) called all his sons and told them that whoever decided the case correctly, would become his heir.

Sulayman / Solomon (as), who was the youngest son, ruled that Yohanna would have to surrender to Elia the milk and the wool that he would obtain from his sheep during that year. Prophet Dawood (as) asked him how he had decided in this manner.

Sulayman (as) replied, "The sheep did not eat the plants, but only the fruits; thus only the produce from the sheep should make up for the loss."

Allah (swt) informed the Prophet Dawood (as) that the ruling given by Sulayman (as) was the best and he should be made his heir. Dawood (as) gathered all his sons in the presence of the learned people and chiefs of tribes and declared, by Allah's command, Sulayman (as) to be a prophet of Allah (swt) and his heir to the throne.

Prophet Dawood (as) died and Sulayman (as) became a king at the age of thirteen.

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