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Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:27 am

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Chapter 1 -- Spring Break

My names Hannah Parker, I'm 15 years old and I've lived in Los Angeles, California my entire life. I'm an only child so I'm kind of spoiled. And now I have to move to New York in two weeks.

It's 9:30 pm and tomorrow will be the first day of spring break. My last spring break before I'm forced to move away and leave all my friends. Not only am I forced to move I also have to spend this spring break with my family on a cruise. Thats my parents way of making this all okay. Even though I told them I would rather spend spring break at home with my friends they insisted we go.

I looked over at the clock that now read 10:02. I decided to go to bed because I have to get up at 5 in the morning to go on this dumb cruise.

*The next morning*

"Beeep....Beeep....Beeep..." There goes my alarm. I just rolled over and searched my bed for my phone. It was 5 in the morning and I already had 3 texts.

Cameron: "Hey girrl, I know your kind of down in the dumps because you have to spend your last week in LA on a cruise with your family, but promise me you'll atleast TRY to enjoy yourself? Love you!"

Cameron was my bestfriends since kindergarten. And now that had to end,

Me: "I'lll try. Love you too."

I went and read the next message..

Kaeleigh: "Girl, I know your all sad and stuff but when you get on that cruise ship you better let loose and party hard! (: I hope you have tons of fun, I'm gonna miss you!"

Kaeleigh's one of my really close friends. Theres never a dull moment around her, I don't knw what I'm going to do when I have to leave her. Reading these texts were making me kind of sad...

Emma: "Have fun on your cruise girl (:"

Emma's a girl I met this year, we became really close and of course now I have to move. I didn't reply to kaeleigh or emma I just turned off my phone and ran to the bathroom.

I jumped in the shower to wake my self up and then when I got out I got ready really quickly. I scrunched my hair and just threw on some short and a tee shirt. I ran down stairs and got a bowl of cereal and watched mom and dad pack the bags in the truck. I couldn't beleive I was actually letting my parents take me on this cruise and not spending it with my friends before I have to leave for good.

"Come on, hannah! If we don't leave now the ship might leave with out us!" My dad screamed from outside.

"I wish it would." I muttered under my breath as I walked to the truck.

I got inside and decided that I was just going to listen to my iPod the entire ride there. And not say a single word to my parents. Too bad they decided that the car ride there was considered vacation too and they made me pass up my iPod and sing old country music with them the whole ride there. I mean come on. Country music? Were going on a cruise not a ho-down. But whatever floats there boat.

Five hours of torture finally passed and we got to the place where you had to sign in and give them all your luggage. We had to drive through this really long driveway type thing and the people unpacked all of our luggage, then my dad had to go park the car in the parking lot. Me and my mom waited at the front of the building for my dad before actually going in and getting ready to board the ship.

As we were waiting I was surprised to see so many people my age entering the building, I even saw this really super cute guy. 'Hmmm..maybe I could have some fun on this cruise" I thought.

"Theres your dad." My mom said, so we walked over to him and then entered the building. We had to wait in an extremley long line just to walk through one of those stupid security scanners. But after that the process went by pretty quickly. We went to a lady at a desk and gave her all of our information and she gave us our boarding passes. Then they made us take a picture and then we were on the boat. We went to the room and and just kind of put down what few bags we actually carried on the ship with us. I went down to the lido deck to get some lunch, I just got a slice of pizza. I sat down at a table near the pool where I saw that really cute guy again. Not only does he have a cute face but, boy he has an amazing body. I have to find out who this kid is.

I finished my lunch and then decided to walk check out the boat. I swear I saw that guy like 5 times when I was walking around. But of course I couldn't think of a way to start up a converstation. So, I just kept to my self. I met up with my parents and we went back to the room and got ready for dinner.

We entered the dinning room and got seated at a table for 8. There's only 3 people in my family so I figured that meant another family would be at the same table with us. And I was correct. And you'll never guess who's family it was.

The really hot guy I kept seeing's family. It turns out his names Ryan, he has a little sister named Carlie and a little brother named Tanner. His family was really nice but me and him didn't really talk to much.

But this was just night 1... theres plenty of time to change that.

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