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Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:53 am

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* A/N: Hi! Thanks for checking out the beginnings of a new story I'm writing! Working title is "Sparks Fly" but that could change accordingly. This story is about two total opposites who, to each of their dismay, get thrown together. Perhaps the hatred between these two will grow in a friendship? Who knows? We may even see some sparks fly :)


"But you've got such a pretty face!"

I've heard that my entire life. I guess its not really something to complain about, having a pretty face. It's the 'but' in that sentence that really gets to me. But what? But your ass is too big? But your waistline is too thick? But your thighs touch each other when you're standing up straight?

No one ever actually said these things to me, but I knew everyone found them all true. I was a fat girl. I had grown up as a fat girl. I was aware of it. I saw it everyday in the mirror. Yet, for some reason, people felt the need to remind that I was fat. True, I was slimmer now than I had been in say, junior high, but I was still a curvy girl.

I'd pretty much grown to accept myself the way I was. I was happy. I had plenty of friends. And since I'd dropped most of my baby weight from junior high, the kids didn't make fun of me anymore. I was content with the way I was. That is, until someone muttered that back handed compliment...

"But you've got such a pretty face!"

It just rolled all over me. Because to me, it wasn't pointing out how pretty I was, no matter how true it may be. Even though I was overweight, I'd always found myself to be pretty. I was blessed with my mother's flawless complexion, and thanks to the horrendous braces I wore all during junior high (yeah, that's right...fat girl with braces) I had a smile to die for that was encased in a full, heart shaped pout. I loved my cute nose, which was neither too big nor too small. And my piercing blue eyes contrasted nicely with the dark mane of shiny hair that wrapped itself around my shoulders everyday. I had been told on more than one occasion that I could be in a Pantene commercial if I wanted. But back to the point. That statement wasn't pointing out any of these things. That statement was pointing out that there was clearly something wrong with the rest of me. And it just rolled all over me.

Like I said, though. I try not to let things get to me. I was content with myself and my friends and my life. I walked the halls of my high school with my head high with confidence. I was smart and I was pretty, and the people who really mattered knew that. No one could shake my confidence. No one except...

Brady Abrams. And the two little words that ruined my life.

He didn't bother me much now that we were in high school. But I still felt my face turn nine shades of red whenever I passed him in the hallway. I never made eye contact with him. I never even glanced his way. In the few classes we had together I sat as far away from him as possible and pretended he wasn't even in the room. It was all pretty silly, I'm sure. Brady Abrams probably didn't give two shits about me. We hadn't even really spoken to each other since junior high, and even then conversations were short and unfriendly.

Still, there was just something about his presence that made the strong, confident girl inside of me turn into a lonely, broken, junior high girl with self esteem issues. Yes, Brady Abrams had almost broken me in junior high. But I never let him see me cry. Ever. I ignored him now so he would know that he was nothing to me. He didn't even exist.

I wasn't deluded enough to think that Brady Abrams actually cared what I thought of him. No. But the truth was, I was still scarred from his childish cruelty, and this made me feel better about it. So I ignored him. Pretended he wasn't even there. And it had worked for me pretty well. Up until now. Because now...

I was stuck with him.

This is Madison Bell, our main character. I chose this plus sized model because even though she is curvy I think she is absolutely beautiful!! Which is how I see Madison in this story :)

And this is Brady Abrams :) Definitely a villian to start out in this story, but a hunky one at that ;)

So that's the intro to my new story. Let me know what you think so far and if you're interested! I'm working on wrapping up another story called "Friends With Benefits" (check it out if you like!), and then I will start work on this one. I've already got great plans in store for Madison and Brady, I'm pretty excited to start writing! :)

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