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Wed May 26, 2010 10:49 pm

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Something In The Fog is very interesting Teen story; Read and enjoy it

I'd been to a wild end of year party where the booze was flowing freely and I'd had my fair share. Fortunately being of an age where drinking was legal I possibly binged more than I really should have.

This night was really strange. For some reason I decided that I wouldn't stay the night and instead opted to walk home. My parent's house wasn't that far away so just after midnight I bid farewell and began the slow walk home.

From out of the nowhere a huge blanket of fog appeared and I must admit that I really don't like fog. I even avoided reading scary books that focused on things that featured anything coming out of the fog.

It was pretty eerie and I could feel my heart racing as I continued. The strange thing was the further I walked and worried I got, the thicker it became. I was becoming paranoid and was starting get the feeling that I was being watched… or preyed on…

Shivers ran up and down my body every time I heard a noise. This was getting really very creepy and I was beginning to wish that I had stayed at the party where I would have felt safer. But it was too late now to even think about it anymore because the fog was so thick that I wouldn't have been able to find my way back.

I could hear moans coming from all around me and I thought perhaps it was the people from the party looking for me or perhaps a couple were making out in the fog thinking no one would see them. It was a good thought to focus on whilst I tried to make my way home. In fact the state I was in caused me to giggle as I tried to walk.

I really had no idea where I was going and the strange thing was I was sure I could hear someone following me. Wherever I looked things seem to appear in the fog, hands, bodies, faces that were pretty grotesque and body parts that may possibly be attached to the bodies.

From a distance I could see someone. Their clothes were ripped and hanging down, all straggly and very eerie. I kept calling out, but the only noise to come back was a moan and the sounds of footsteps getting louder.

My heart was beating faster, I had no idea where I was or who this person was coming towards me. The closer it came, the scarier I became. From left to right I looked before I realised that there were people everywhere. Their eyes were empty slits, their hands old and gnarled and they were coming for me.

I tried to run, but I fell to the ground…

Within moments they were close to me, they kept calling my name and I wondered how they knew who I was. What appeared to be four burly scruffy dead men were standing over me. Each one of them grabbed one of my ankles or my wrists and between them they carried me further into the fog.

I tried to scream but my voice had dried up in the fog. Not even being able to register where I was left me shit scared.

What did these things want with me? Where were they taking me?

It was like a horror movie, a toss up between a show called the fog and the zombies rise again… damn they stunk. They absolutely ponged and I had no idea what of, except that it was something that was dead and buried.

Shit that light went on in my head and my heart suddenly started beating faster. Dead people can't walk, can they?

Damn they can and these guys were not only walking but they were carrying me to wherever they needed me to be. I didn't get a chance to let my mind ask that all important question… "What the fuck did they want with me?" There was a moment when they stopped walking. They stood perfectly still and we appeared to be suspended in time.

I was hanging there between these four mangy looking guys and for a moment I thought I could break free, but their hold on me was extremely tight…

After trying and trying I gave in and let them hold me dangling there… Their firm grip meant I wasn't going anywhere in a hurry and for a moment I thought everything was going to be alright when suddenly I heard a rustle coming from the bushes.

I looked to my right and saw it… An evil looking babe… Man she was ugly; she was the pits and it, she, whatever, it looked like she had a bad case of acne.

Her face was a face that would sink a battleship in its path. What was worse she was moaning some crap to these mangy guys holding me. They began moving around as if they were under her spell until I was sort of facing her. The guys who were holding my ankles moved side ways until my legs were open wide.

I tried to break free again but I just couldn't do it… they were too strong for me…

Looking at her made my skin crawl. When she looked at me it was like she was licking her lips in the most god-awful way ever known to man. It really looked like she was drooling all over the place and damn it she was between my legs.

Her loud moaning summoned other butt ugly drooling babes. They looked over me as if I was going to be a meal for them. Within seconds they were clawing at my clothes until I was stark naked. Every inch of thread had been ripped from my body.

I could hear myself crying out, but there was no sound. They were clawing at my breasts and my thighs until my thighs were spread as wide as they could go. I was still trying to get away when the head ugly babe, knelt down in front of me.

Her mouth was only inches from my pussy and as much as I didn't want this bitch to suck on my clit nothing I could do was going to stop her.

She moved in for the kill… licking her chops, slobbering like there was no tomorrow as her cold clammy tongue lapped at my clit and pussy.

Man she sucked at giving a babe head, but she certainly was enjoying it…

She slid her tongue deep into my pussy, licking all around and tasting my sweet juices. I was trying my best not to react, but she certainly got the hang of it in a hurry and with those scraggly women on heat playing with my tits they did their best to touch the right spots to get me going.

I was sure I could here the butt ugly footmen chanting pussy… pussy…. we want pussy…. but I was trying ever so hard not to listen to them.

Slobber cakes was having a wild party all by herself and my clit was enjoying the wild sensations she was causing. She used her cold clammy tongue to bring me to an earth shattering orgasm that left my scream howling through the fog for moments after.

My juices showered her face leaving sticky masses of grimy goo dripping from her chin. It was almost as if what was left of her face was peeling away with my sweet honey nectar.

The butt ugly lesbian dykes were fighting over me. The mangy mutts were having trouble trying to hold me tight while the drooling babes fought to see who would lick me out next.

From out of the fog a howl came sending those dykes off into the fog. I wondered what the hell was going on this time. My mangy binds were obviously shaking in their skin as a huge hand came out of the fog.

This thing was incredible. It was huge, massive and it went around slapping the heads off these dead mangy guys. Their hold on me didn't falter though and before I knew it he was leading them deeper into the fog.

The hand was weaving in and out; checking this way and that until it was clear that they lesbian butt ugly dykes weren't following. My legs were held open, I was totally naked and I had no idea where they were taking me.

I couldn't see a damn thing, we were deep in the fog and it was as thick as pea soup. All I wanted was to go home and sleep but I knew they weren't going to let me. I must have passed out from the binge drinking but I woke to find myself on top of a large tombstone.

Spread-eagled the four headless mangy guys walked around clockwise and then anti clockwise. They were keeping guard… The hand was nowhere in sight but I could here a rustle in the fog and it was coming towards us.

From out of the fog came something, which made my "protectors" take flight. I couldn't move, I was helpless…. As it crept closer, I could here it drooling as it smelt my dripping wet pussy.

I woke to sirens in the distance. My head hurt from all the alcohol I had consumed the night before and all I wanted to do was slip into a deep sleep and sleep off the bad dreams I had experienced.

Something made me look out the window, it was early hours of the morning and yet, the fog, the fog is out there and there is something in the fog…

The End
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