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Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:32 am

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The day it happened was one remembered deeply forever. It was the day Ed, Edd and Eddy were taken by Social Services into public care.

It was early in the morning, Eddy lied down in his bed, tired but full of ideas. He went to reach for the phone but before he could, he heard a knock on his door.

Eddy thought " Who's knocking? Ed? Nah, he's probably out cold. Sockhead? Maybe. But who else could it be?"

Eddy opened the door, yawning before saying tiredly " Yeah, what do you want? If you're part of that salesmen group trying to sell candles, why don't you go to that..."

Eddy was interrupted by a tall, middle-aged man in a suit muttering to a younger woman wearing a blouse and skirt " The boy has a way of words. Are your sure this juvenile is one of the children you've picked?"

The woman nodded before whispering " Him and two others.

Eddy said " Excuse me but I have a question. Who are you and what do you want?"

The tall man stuck his hand out and said " Hello, I'm Mister Connors. And this is Miss Alexander. We are from Social Services. Yesterday, we got a call to inspect this house. Where are your parents?"

Eddy began to gulp. None of the kids' parents were in town. Heck, they were practically non-existent. But he couldn't let these juvenile hall workers know that.

Eddy stammered " T-They aren't here. What do you want with them?"

Mr. Connors said " Young man, if my thoughts are correct, your parents are absent. And therefore, we must take you out of this house."

Eddy replied " No way. You don't have a warrant. Nor do you snobs have the right to put your nose in my business."

Mr. Connors said " Yes, we do. And for that, you will be taken away. Miss Alexander, will you take this one to the car, please?"

Ms. Alexander nodded and at 7:15 am, Eddy was taken out of his house in a hairnet, undershirt and boxers. He was shoved inside the car.

He noticed the two boys next to him " Ed? Double D? Social Services came after you guys too?"

Double D nodded and said " I'm afraid so, Eddy. It seems that with our guardians' long-term absences and the fact that they're non-existent, someone seems to have alerted the local authorities."

Eddy said grumpily " And of course, they had to come the day BEFORE cleaning day."

Ed said " I like chickens, Eddy!"

Eddy rolled his eyes before asking " Hey, Connie, where are we headed?"

Mr. Connors answered clearly " You will be sent to Peach Creek City Center where you will reside until you turn 25."

Eddy said " 25? We'll be in college by then! Forget that!"

Double D asked " Excuse me, Mr. Connors but what about school? Surely, we must be able to continue our education."

Mr. Connors said " You will attend school. However, the junior high school you kids go to seem to be very.... disagreeing of you attending."

Miss Alexander said " Therefore, each of you will attend another school. You may not be at the same school."

Eddy asked almost angrily " Well, what about privacy? I'm not having some idiot taking my stuff. Not that I have my stuff with me or even a change of clothes."

Miss Alexander answered calmly " Each resident at Peach Creek City Center has their own bedroom along with facilitates. Be aware that you will have to use the public bathrooms at the center, NOT your own private bathrooms if you have a room with one."

The car door opens. The building in front of them looks like a typical public school but with a cool, urban atmosphere.

Eddy mumbles " This place looks like a prep school or something."

The group heads inside.

Mr. Connors said " Here are your rooms. You must remember the rules. Good day."

Mister Connors and Miss Alexander walk away hurriedly.

Eddy said " Great. Now who's going to give us the rules of this place?"

Double D replied " Eddy, there's a handbook on your nightstand. According to this, each resident must have a few of their own personal items and clothing."

Eddy mutters " Would have been good to know before they dragged me out in my underwear."

Double D continues " Each resident must have a good school report and decent attendance. Breakfast is at 7:30 am in the dining hall, Lunch is at 12:30 pm and dinner at 7:30 pm. Each resident may have their own room or may share with 1 roommate or more."

Ed said " Oh good. Lunch!"
Double D said " Not now, Ed. It's only 8:00 am."

Eddy sighed " Thank god it's Sunday and not a school day. I was hoping I could relax today."

Double D said " Speaking of relaxation, according to the handbook, the rec room is of use to all residents. However, if a resident has a bad school report or their grades have been lowered, staff may restrict them from using it."

Eddy said " Oh great, so if I get in trouble, I can't relax in comfort."

Double D said " Well, gentlemen, what are your thoughts?"

Ed said " There's a chicken here, guys!"

Eddy said " Well, if I'm right, being in this place isn't so bad.... not yet, anyway.

Well, education is very important in a child's life. Too bad nobody bothered to tell that to Ed and Eddy.

The next morning, Eddy was lying down in his new bed. He was a bit of a deep sleeper. It was 6: 10 am on this beautiful Monday morning.

A mysterious person said " Hey! Wake up ! Wake up, geek!"

Eddy opened his eyes before slurring " Who are you and who are you calling a geek?"

The person shrugged and said " The name's Johnny. Johnny Smith. It's just a term, man. Don't be offended."

Eddy stretched and yawned. Why did it have to be a Monday? Just 24 hours ago, he was lying asleep in his bed back home. Now, he's all in this insanity.

Eddy said " So why did you wake me up?"

Johnny said " It's 6:10. If you want to head to go to the showers, it's best to go now."

Eddy asked " What about Double D and Monobrow?"

Johnny answered " They're both actually awake with one getting dressed and your other friend is eating."

Eddy ran off to his private bathroom. After 5 almost silent minutes, he put on a T-shirt, jeans and a pair of blue low-tops.

Eddy walked to the dining hall. The other kids were staring at him. He would have wondered why or retorted angrily but he had to eat.

Eddy entered the dining hall, sitting between Double D and Ed. Johnny was across from Ed.

Johnny said " So how was your morning so far, guys?"

Ed said " It was great! Buttered toast and gravy for Ed!"

Double D asked " Excuse me for asking but who are you?"

Johnny said " I'm Johnny Smith. Nice to meet you."

Double D said " Eddward. Likewise."
Double D asked " Jonathan, where are we going to school?"

Eddy muttered " Temporarily of course."

Johnny ignored Eddy's comment and said " Well, you three will be going to St. Mary's School, a co-educational school for ages 10-18. You will have to wear the school uniform but luckily, you three have a exception for this week. But be prepared to wear it next Monday. And obey the rules."

Double D said " Yes, we will. Right, Ed?"

Ed shouted " Buttered toast!"

Eddy shrugged and said dully " Yeah, whatever."

The three boys got on the school bus. Eddy and Ed sat down next to each other, Double D in the seat in front of them.

The bus drive was interesting. People actually talked to them like they were average. Then again, they weren't at PCJHS. They had a fresh start and a clean slate. Eddy actually had a few phone numbers in his pocket.

Eddy thought " Well, I'm kind of popular here and it's only the bus ride!"

The bus stopped and the kids got off the bus. The school was modern, beautiful and large, 5 times the size of the boys' small, junior high school.

Children and teenagers in polos, Oxfords, sweaters and jeans walked up the concrete steps to go inside the school. Ed, Double D and Eddy walked inside amongst the large crowd of bustling students.

Eddy winked and smiled at a young fourth-grader walking by. The fourth-grader blushed.

Eddy said " This place is OK. So should we try out for anything? Clubs? Sports?"

Double D bit his lip nervously and said " Well, sports are not really my strong spot or forte if you will. Perhaps a club?"

Johnny said " Are you sure that you don't want to try out for a sport?"

Eddy shouted " Whoa! Where did you come from?"

Johnny answered " From the hallway. I go to school here too. What class are you in?"

Eddy squinted at the schedule in his hand. The writing on it looked like it was written very messily like a 3-year-old wrote it.

After 20 minutes, Eddy finally said " Y802."

Johnny said " Cool. That's my class. What do we have now?"

Eddy said " English."

Ed said " Eddy, I already speak English."

Eddy muttered " I'm sure you do, Ed. I'm sure you do."

Eddy said " Let's ditch."

Johnny nodded and smiled.

Johnny thought " Well, Eddy's OK. A bit of a jerk, but he's tolerable."

Double D protested " Boys, let's try and be reasonable with this. We can't miss our first day of this beautiful new start to our education."

Eddy replied " Don't try getting out of it, Sockhead. We already started a couple days late into the school year. So you aren't going to get a Perfect Attendance Award and nobody's going to notice that we're gone."

Double D looked at Johnny who sighed sadly.

Johnny said " Sorry, Double D but I agree with Eddy. Stress like this on the first day isn't healthy. Let's just go home."

Eddy asked " Won't anyone notice us?"

Johnny answered calmly " No, Connors and Alexander are out scouting for more poor kids. Everyone else is at school or someplace else. We'll have the whole house to ourselves."

Eddy smiled and said " Sweet!"

Eddy thought " Maybe coming here wasn't so bad after all. I should have came here sooner if I knew that this would be a decent place."

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