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Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:38 pm

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Sita Ashoka was limited to the forest for the whole time that the battle had raged. She had seen that day with her heart in her mouth, worrying about Ram and Laxman. After Ravan had triumphed, Sita Ram sent Hanuman to the good news.

Sita Ram's reunion with was nothing like she expected. His behavior was as cold as he greeted her from a distance. Ravan Sita Ram told that it had been Salin, she was free to her path in life to choose. He told her she could stay in Lanka Vibhishan, or accompany or be Sugriva Laxman. She could if she wanted to Bharat. Sita was baffled by the behavior of Ram's. It was quickly apparent when Ram said he doubted Sita's wedding after she had lived with Ravan for one year.

Sita was deeply hurt that her loyalty to Ram in front of a gathering of people ask. Offended, she turned to Laxman and asked him to build a fire. She remembered RAM that Ravan had kept her captive in Lanka for one year against her will. He had tried to woo her at the time, but she was steadfastly loyal to Ram. She told Ram that she would prove her fidelity to a trial by fire. She would walk through the fire Laxman built, and if she had been unfaithful to her husband in thought or in deed, the flames would consume her. On the other hand, if her mind and heart had never wavered from her husband, she would emerge from the fire spared. After these words, Sita calmly walked into the flames. The crowd gasped in horror as the flames enveloped Sita. But a few moments later the people heaved a collective sigh of relief as Sita emerged from the roaring fire unharmed. Not a hair on her head was scorched.

There could be no greater proof of loyalty Sita's. Sita Ram embraced and said he never had a moment doubted her purity. But as a monarch, he had a duty to the spirits of his subjects on the subject. Otherwise they have no respect for him as a king. He praised Sita says her trial by fire was to eradicate all doubts were raised in the future rest.



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