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Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:04 pm

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Informing people of Worship

In the tribe of Bani Isra 'il, there lived a suitor who, after years of worship, Allah asked to manifest him his rank and status, and prayed, "O' Lord, if my actions are to your liking, I would further attempt to carry out good deeds, but if not, I would like to make restitution for the before death overtakes me, and himself (more) acts of worship. "

In his dreams he was informed: "In the eyes of Allah, you do not have a good deed." Disturbed, he exclaimed: "O 'Allah! Where have gone over my actions? "It was said to him:" You do not act, if you have done a good deed, you know the people from the. Therefore, the pleasure you derived from them to inform your actions, your reward for these actions. "This troubled him immensely and made him very sad.

For the second time he was informed in his dreams: "Now our purchase of your life. Almsgiving equal to the number of veins in your body every day! '

He pleaded: "O 'Lord! How such a large amount of charity if I do not hold anything? '
He heard: "We have no obligation to impose a soul, except to the extent of his assets. Recite the following three hundred sixty times a day, every word is charity for a vein of your body:

Subhan Allahi, Wal hamdu Lillahi, Wa la ilaha Illallahu, Wallahu Akbar, Wa La Wa La Haul Quwwata Illa Billah. "(Arabic attached)
The worshiper who was overjoyed to hear these words, saying: "Give me more than this', then it was said to him:" The more you recite the more you have to earn reward. "Reference: Anecdotes for Reflection, vol 3, flaunt, Pg 57.

Explanation of the above anecdote

Showing off a tree that is in life as caused by the hypocrisy and whose fruit is nothing but hidden polytheism. It was exhibited before entities who are unable to support life and death, nor the authority to the needs of a person.On the Day of Judgement, when the subsidy bill will say to a person who showed "Collect the rewards of your deeds of those partners that you had made to me and for whom you had done your deeds!" Show off usually happens in meetings and on clothing and acts of worship. Thus it is essential to carefully and remain vigilant of Allah to purify our interiors of these satanic vice.

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