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Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:28 am

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I can see how many people read stories. That means I can see how many haven't rated or reviewed my story. I would really appreciate feedback. I'm just a little confused why people don't review if they read it. Especially if you want updates when I add a new chapter!


I smiled looking at all the photos. I picked up the one of Danni and I. He was chasing me on my first day of high school. He is two grades higher than me. In the picture I was in grade seven and he was in grade nine. Three years on and we are still best friends. I move all the oter photos then i see one of all of my friends and I. The seven sins. I smiled seeing how happy we were. I was drawn to Azalea, she was beautiful. She knew it. She was Envy. The sin. Her blonde hair hung lightly around her face. Her green eyes were wide. An arm was snaked around her neck. Xavier's arms. Pride, he was pride. His brown hair hung over his face, nearly in his blue eyes. He was leaning over kissing Fang on the cheek. Though, Fang was not short, like me, she was still on her tip toes. I could see her smile beneath the kiss. Her blonde hair was held back in a bun. On Azalea's other side was Romeo. Of course he was Lust. A smirk was spread across his beach boy face. Kneeling under him was Alex. Wrath. He had his gooffy smile on. He was staring at Danni and I. We were in the middle. Danni held me as if i were a baby. I was sticking my cheek out and Danni was kissing it. I smiled at the not-so-long-ago memory. I jumped when I heard the horn. I grabbed my back and ran out the door. I stopped dead when I saw the car Romeo was driving. Ferrai! I jumped and squealed. I stepped in the car and sat on Danni's lap. I hugged him. 5 minutes down the road my favourite song came on, Rihanna's latest song.
Fang and I sang along;
Cause I may be bad
But Im perfectly good at it
Sex in the air
I dont car
I love the smell of it
Stick and stones
May break my bones
but chains and whips excite me

Azalea rolled her eyes at us.

I lightly kiss Xavier. When I pull bakc he is smiling. I sigh, feeling suddenly thirsty.
"I'll be back, drinks." I say.
I walk off and see Danni on the way past. He is staring at Cascade. Frowning, he obviously disaproves that Cascade is dancing with her ex. When I say dancing, I say guy would get seriously hard from it. Fire was buring in Danni's eyes.
"Hey, Danni." I say.
His head swivels towards me. He smiles, but there is something underneath it. Jealousy? No, never. Danni, jealous? Don't be stupid. But, maybe. No. But, they have been friends since forever. I shake my head, I'm imagining it.
"Hey, Fang."
I look over at Cascade, "Go dance with her, you two always dance."
"Mmm," was all I got as an answer.
I roll my eyes, and pick a cruiser and a gold up. I wave my hand at Danni.
"Your lose, not mine!" I yell.
I turned back, and Xavier is there, right in front of me. He grabs the drinks off me and puts them on the table next to us. I twine my arms around his neck, and kiss him.
He gestures his head, "Do you wanna go in the car?"
I smile, and start walking. When we eventually get out the door, I jog to the car. Slamming th car door, I spin around. Xavier is already there. Our lips connect. My tongue explores his mouth. I lean into him. His hands run down to ass. He lifts me up and puts me on his lap. My neck is craning over. I rub against him. I feel the warmth of his hands slip under my shirt. Under my skirt, I feel he's hard. My lips trail to his ear. A bright light shines on us. Oh, shit.

A sudden noise came from the other side of the room. Azalea frowned.
She looked at me, "What's happening?"
I turned to the noise and heard a booming voice yell, "THIS IS THE POLICE! EVERYONE BE QUIET AND NO-ONE WILL BE HURT!"
Screaming emerged from everywhere.
"Shit," I swore to myself.
Azalea looked at me, wide eyed and frightened.

Girls around me suddenly spun around. I saw what they were looking at. The police. A older police-man yelled at the top of his lungs, but I didn't hear what. A young officer was grabbing me and pulling me out the door. The girls I was with no long before were screaming for me. I smiled then was pushed out the door. The police led me to the car, he slammed my head into the door frame. I looked up at him.

A disgusting smile was across his mouth, "Oh, did that hurt? Sorry!" He said sarcastically.

I shook my head as i sat. I looked over and saw Fang and Xavier. Fang only in her bra and skirt and xavier with his top off.

I smiled, "looking good Fang," i looked at Xavier, "not sure I can say the same thing about you though."

Fang smiled, "Thanks, Danni!"

Xavier smiled aswel, "Funny, mate."

I looked back into the house, and saw Romeo and Azalea being pulled out. Where's Cascade and Alex?

Cascade and I ran down the beach, she was ahead of me pulling my hand. I saw her athletic figure slow down. Smiling, I pretended not to see her slow down. When she came to a full halt, I toppled over her. I landed on the sand hard, nearly winding myself. With a thud, Cascade landed on top of me.
"Jeez!" I exclaimed, "You're getting heavy."
She frowned and stood up, "Alex, you're not funny. And I'm no baby any more. If you hadn't noticed I've changed since kindy. So, stop treating me like a child."
I put my hands up, "Sorry!"
We dusted ourselves off then started walking again. I looked sideways at her. She was partly right. I HAD noticed that she had changed. She was no longer the skinny, freaky friend, who used to make my brother eat dirt. Her body now had shape, but she wasn't chubby like Fang used to be. The cross-country running probably kept her fit. She was a small hour-glass figure. Tone with muscle. She looked over at me, as I turned my head away.
"You're not the baby anymore, Cascade." I muttered.

When Alex, Alex's brother, Cody, his uncle, George and Cascade walked in relief washed over me. I jumped up, and felt Xavier and Romeo beside me straight away. Cody was not very welcome with us, part from me. Cody was my ex. One of many. I see him smile when he notices me. I can feel Romeo and Xavier stiffen, as Romeo snakes his arm around my waist. I suddenly feel a pang of guilt because Xavier isn't beside Fang. The guard unlocked the gate. Fang walked out first, then Xavier, followed by me, with Romeo behind and Danni moping along. I held Romeo's hand tightly. Silence was around us.

The car ride was awkward. Romeo and I had made sure that Cody wasn't in the same car as us. Azalea sat between us. But, all of that went off my mind when I saw Fang's hair, messy all over the front seat. I became excited on what we might do later tonight.

He pinned me against the wall, his boddy against mine. His lips met mine and my tongue explored his mouth. Lips trailing down my neck and I arched my self, giving my body up. With my arms twining around his neck, he grinded against me. I could feel his dick under his pants. Grabbing me and pushing me against his bed, i fell onto it. His hands slid under my shirt, puuling it off. I would have taken his shirt off, but he was never wearing one. When i realised i was just wearing a black cottong bra, I wished I was wearing something sexier. But that though dissapeared when he took it off. He cupped my breast, and kissed it then back up to my lips. I slipped my hands under his jeans. He reached down and started undo-ing them. We were moving fast but it had been a long night for the both of us. Jail and all. All we needed was a distraction. Sex was the perfect option. His pants were off before I knew it. My hands ran down the sides of him and under his jocks. Sliding them down. He ran down my body and took my underwear off with his teeth. I shivered as his lip brushed my clit. When he came back up he was smiling. He kissed down my body, stopping at my breast. Not long after his dick came into me. My walls clenched and grinded back and forth slowly. We rolled in the sheets together. went I sat on top I moved as if i rode him like a horse. Hs hands on my arse, squeezing occasionally. He pulled back, smiling, reaching down his fingers ran through my clit. Sometimes rubbing fast sometimes rubbing slow. His finger inserted in my hole. He pushed it in deeper as i screamed. Mvoing it around, i was in bliss. I fell on him, exhausted. I used my last ounce of strength. To rub hid dick. My tongue traced it, leaving him wanting more until we feel asleep side by side. I smiled knowing that I just had sex with Alex.

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