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Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:02 am

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Oman, is known for its history in black magic, spirits & jinns, recently I had the opportunity to experience this first hand.

My boyfriend, another guy friend and myself decided to drive to Salala which is in Oman, Salala is a beautiful part of an otherwise dry mountainous country, it known for the numerous wadis, waterfalls, incense trees and many other attractions, also Salala is the only part of Oman that receives rainfall (between June to September) and so it is green and luscious, they have a special rain festival during the monsoons, where tourist from all parts of mid-east gather there to cool down and unwind, it's a peak season for tourist and you may find all hotels and lodges are full to the brim, anyway we decided to go there as being in Dubai we don't see a lot of rain and greenery around here. So on the 25th July 2011 we all got ready and left from Dubai at 10:00 pm approximately, my boyfriend took the longer route (despite my grumbling) though I knew a shorter route to get there so after driving for more than 16 hours we reached Shalala at 5: 00 pm the next evening.

After dinner we set about looking for a hotel or lodge so that we could freshen up and sleep the night, being the peak season all hotels were full by the time we found a hotel with vacancy it was almost close to 9:30 pm and the hotel we found had just one room empty. Now I don't want to name the hotel as people here are very superstitious and I don't want it to get bad publicity, our room was on the second floor of the hotel, at the end of a long corridor, it was a single room with twin single beds, set far apart. After checking in and paying we went upstairs and my boyfriend and myself choose the bed at the right side of the room and our friend took the bed on the left, now let me be a bit specific and give you the layout of the small room, it was shaped like a alphabet 'L', as I open the main door, I have to walk through a small passage with the kitchen and the bathroom on my left, then I walk into the bedroom, our bed was opposite the passage where we had the clear view of the main door, kitchen and bathroom, there was TV on a small table there too right near the foot of our bed and my friend had a wardrobe near the foot of his bed and the air-conditioning above him.

My boyfriend had been driving non-stop for 16 hours, he was very tired and told him to shower first; meanwhile I set out his night clothes, unpacked some essential toiletries and kept the remaining bags in the wardrobe. We had packed small so everything fitted perfectly. After my shower and other nightly routine I climbed into bed and was asleep before I knew it.

Later in the night I woke up with a start, my eyes just flew open and I was keenly aware that there was something watching me, as I sat up I saw a mist figure near the bathroom door, it was clear, my boyfriend was sleeping next to me snoring loudly I must add, I looked at it for a while and just fell back and went to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up it was about 11:30 am, my friend was awake too and did not look as if he slept well in the night, after finishing our morning routine of brushing and showering etc., the three of us were just sitting on the bed whilst I packed, we were on our bed he was on his bed with his back to the wall and facing us. He started telling us that he could not sleep because the cupboard door creaked opened and closed all night, it scared him enough for him to have a sleepless night, that moment I remembered the mist figure that told them what I had seen.

Just then the cover of the air-conditioning (which was off by the way) flew across the room and landed near the TV, if the cover had to fall it would fall on his bed, but this was like someone had forcefully thrown it across the room, we looked at each other and said "time to go" and took our things and left.

We stayed in Salalah for another day, but did not go back to the hotel, we thought its better we sleep in the car than face the wrath of the unknown.

I should also mention that while coming back they listened to me and our journey took only 12 hours.

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