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Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:17 am

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Hi everyone. My name is Farheen and i would love to share my real love story as i hope it would help others gain self confidence.When i was in 8th class my cousin proposed me that he loves me very much and at that time i was very young and uncertain about my decisions so i asked him to wait for my answer.I used to stay abroad whereas he used to stay here in Pakistan. We used to meet just for 40 days after every two years but even then i never answered him. As soon as i finished my intermediate (from 8th to intermediate its complete 4 years) i came to Pakistan to complete my Bachelors and thats when we actually got to know about eachother. As i got to know about him i realised he was a wonderful person and very much committed as well as loyal to me. The only problem was that he was least interested in his studies and hardly cared for his academics. This worried me as i was the only daughter of my parents who were seeking for me a highly educated and well settled groom. We met for first time on 4th february when i was completing my degree first year whereas he has completed his bachelors but he had two papers left to clear. At that time he told me honestly about himself that he hardly cared for his academics but he promised me that he will do anything for my sake. I fell in love with him at that moment but never revealed to him anything. I wanted him to clear his papers and join Masters if he honestly loves me and wants me to become his life partner. I still remember he gave all that he could to clear his papers and soon he got admission in one of the colleges. I started trusting him so i approached tomy parents as i revealed to them everything about him. (Even my parents knew about his academics.)I convinced them and gave them faith that i believe him and i can never be wrong. At that time i dint knew what made me take that decision and only on my trust,my parents engaged me to this person. And we were together from that day. I used to wake him up in the morning during exams and he used to study from morning to night. And finally he cleared his M.B.A that too with first division. I was abroad when he called me up nervously revealing that he has an interview to face and i gave him confidence and support. Within a week i came to know he was the one selected out of 120 candidates for the job. Now he is going Dubai to get settled and i have seen his love grow along with time as he never changed. He loved me before andhe loves me now also. He is the best person in the whole world and i only wanted to tell all of you that if you truly love someone then to acheive that person you go to any extent and thats what my Younusjii proved. I love you Younus jii! And you people learn to have faith on your love and if you believe in him then there is no problem waiting for him coz true love happens just once and rest is life. I will let all of you know when we are getting married. TAKE CARE!

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Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:19 am

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That is Awesome.I must Admire his Struggle...But at same Time it was,Who Choose him, Well Before
he was Settled and have higher education...Credit goes to You because you response Positively but
what about Girls who try to Chooses a Boy like they are going to Choose a PC for them...Every time
they curious about when the Next Version will Come in their Life....Forgetting the Previous (Version or love)...
Best Wishes for both of Your Life....
Farrukh Shahzad
Software Engineer

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Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:09 pm

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nice story but endless

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