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Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:25 pm

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My name is Jess and here is my story.

The date was July 10, 2008 and the location was Alberta, Canada - 200 miles west of a town called Rocky Mountain House.

I had been having a rough couple of months and I needed to get away from everything so I drove up to spot in the Rocky Mountains and stayed a couple nights. The first night had seemed very normal to me, I slept very soundly but the next night I didn't sleep.

It was five minutes to 10pm and all the cool sounds of nature were going crazy, the sounds were loud and it almost seem as if they were scared then suddenly when my clock hit 10pm the sounds stopped dead.

I stood by my truck trying to listen for even the slightest sound. There was nothing. The wind had died down, the air was warm and I couldn't even hear the water from the river which wasn't even that far from the truck.

I was getting a little concerned considering when the sounds go quiet it usually means danger. I started towards the door of my truck when I heard a crunching sound off into the trees. The first thought was maybe a grizzly or black bear and a fear flushed over me which made me freeze in my spot. The moonlight beamed down just enough for me to see the very edge of the bushes.

The trees started to vibrate for a short second but when they stopped nothing stepped out. I felt relief but something deep down told me I wasn't alone. The air started to get warmer and warmer, and just as I reached for my door handle a huge gust of wind surrounded me and I felt as if I couldn't move. I couldn't scream or anything. It damn near felt like a dream but it was real.

After a few split moments the wind stopped and the last thing that I remember was my body burning and as I blacked out I could almost swear to this day I saw a glimpse of a tall man in a black and white suit.

After all that happened I woke up in my bed back at my place with a bruised pattern on my left hip that looked almost like a hand print.

Now this may seem like an odd story but it is true. I can't remember how I got home and the weird thing is when I woke up it was almost three days later and I had over a dozen missed calls. Could anyone give me any thoughts as to what may have happened out in the mountains? Was it a possesion from a spirit? Or was it just nature telling me it was time to go home?

Thank you any comments would be great...

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