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Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:40 am

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We walked onto the field and sat in a circle. Each person with a partner, practically jumping out of their skin with excitement. Finally, Mickie, the obnoxious red head, picks the first two partners to engage in a fun, silly, and nonsexual wrestle match to reach the leader.

Partners switched off one by one, giving us good reasons and excuses to meet new people and wrestle with the opposite sex. Then, I was called to wrestle with my partner. Laughing from embarrassment, I begin pulling my way towards the leader and eventually made my way to the tall, jewish boy sitting partnerless on the grass.

"Hi, I'm Caylee!" I said to him.

He smiled softly, "Hi, Caylee. I'm Ian."

And that's how it all began.

Our messy, but fun game of Laptag came to an end and one by one people left the park. I got off the grass and sat next to Ian on a bench next to a huge Oak Tree blocking the sun.

He looked at me and laughed, "Caylee, you have some grass in your hair."

"Oh God, how lovely." I blushed and struggled to get it out.

Just then, Ian reached up and carefully plucked each piece of grass out of my hair and threw it on the floor.

"All gone," he laughed, "so, what are you doing after this?"

I smiled and shook my head, "I have no idea. I was thinking of just kicking it back at my house if you want to join me. I think Max and Cassidy are coming, too."

"Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun."

"Cool. Well, we are leaving right now so hope you have all your stuff."

Ian smiled and followed me up the hill and we met up with Max and Cassidy, a sickening, overly displayed couple. The four of us walked back to my house and ended up in my room where Max and Cassidy took dibs on the bed and engaged in lots of sexually fueled activity.

Ian and I lay on the floor and talked about everything. We talked about our school life and our hobbies. He had such a soothing tone and diction to him. His sense of humor was more than pleasing which drove me crazy when I found myself dying of laughter from the small, subtle comments he made throughout the night.

I sat up from the floor and smiled at him, "I can't believe we have gone to the same school this whole year and have never talked. This is very disappointing."

"I know," he replied, "If I'd known you were so funny, I would have approached you ages ago."

"Well, same to you, bud."

"We should hang out sometime soon."

I smiled, "Definitely."

Just after, Ian reached into my front pants pocket and grabbed my phone. He, then, dialed his number and saved it in my phone. I texted him then and there with my number with chills rushing down my spine each time we spoke a word to one another.

Once Ian, Max, and Cassidy left I began catching up on my homework which I had procrastinated for the past two days. Shortly after I began working on my homework, a hard vibration went throughout my pants. I pulled out my phone and read the text message. Ian had texted me for no specific reason. He just wanted to start conversation, I would guess, but whatever the reason was, it was perfectly fine with me.

We texted the rest of the night, talking about school, music, friends, and movies. We shared our favorite singer/songwriters and movie directors while laughing about random comments we'd make to each other. I was astonished with the honesty Ian and I had with one another. If he liked a songwriter that I didn't like, I could be totally upfront about it and it would be totally fine. Ian would make a comment and we'd engage in a long, non-eventful argument about absolutely nothing. And the strange thing was that I loved it. I loved the pointless conversations and stories we shared with one another giving us that relationship where anything one of us would say, it would be more than normal. Our relationship had enhanced and bonded within one day of Laptag and a good excuse to sit on my floor and be weird. I could be myself without worrying about the consequences or what Ian would think about me later on.

Our relationship quickly molded, planting a big red rose in our relationship that, I told myself, would be wonderful and healthy all through the years spent friends.

Three months fly by and I stare at my phone in wonder. I have texted him every single day these past months and have kept a good three to four hour conversation each day. He had baseball after school till 5:45 and I had musical rehearsals till 5:45, so not once did we ever keep each other waiting by the phone.

His sense of humor kept me amused every day and not once did he repeat a joke, nor did he ever leave me hanging on a subject. I could say the most random, irrelevant comment and Ian would start an hour long conversation about it. He seemed like the perfect guy for me; however, one thing left my dangling on a thin string.

As lovely as it was to talk to him day after day by text, not once did we ever talk at school. Ian and I had the same friends, sat in the same part of school, and hung out with the same people on the weekends. So why was it so hard for us to talk in person? Our relationship was strictly via texting. Noticing it as well, Ian finally made the move.

"Hey, babe." He texted.

"Hey, bub! What's up?" I responded with wonder of where this conversation would go today.

He replied, "Nothing, just finished Pre-Calc homework and now I am watching T.V. How about you?"

"Reading a book. It's so cute. This girl never did anything with her life except studied. So then she went to stay with her dad for the summer and met this guy who took her on all these adventures. It's honestly so adorable."

He didn't respond. Twenty minutes pass and still no response. My hands shook and I thought that maybe he wasn't near his phone or just didn't hear it vibrate. The time lapse seemed like hours when it had only been about thirty minutes. Then, he responded.

"Well, if you're up for it, maybe you and I could go on an adventure at some point?" He asked.

I smiled and screamed with excitement. "Definitely! Question, though. Would you consider this a date? Or just friends going on an adventure?"

"Let's call it a date.

"Good. :) So when are you free?"


"Sunday is good. It's a date." Chills went down my spine as I typed it on the screen.

"It's a date."

I sat up and looked at Brady, a know-it-all friend, in a grey and blue v-neck tshirt I'd picked out for him at Pac Sun.

"You look great, Braderz. I love it." I smiled in satisfaction.

He looked in the mirror, "Eh, you really think so?"

"Brady," I sighed, "I'm a girl. I know what looks good and what looks bad on guys. It's my job."

He laughed and went back in the dressing room to change. After he got his shirt back on, we bought it and headed to our friend, Francesca's house for a little movie night.

"You almost here?" Francesca texted.

I replied, "Yeah. We'll be there in a minute."

"Okay, cool. We are down the street."

I got out of the car and Brady followed me into Francesca's living room. My best friend, Kristin sat in the living room laying out a selection of movies for us to watch. Brady stood quietly by the door in his new tshirt and I have Francesca a worried look. Francesca's mom entered the living room with trash bags and tossed them over to us.

"Okay, before you guys watch any movies," she said, "I want you to clean up from the BBQ we have last night. The backyard is an absolute mess."

Francesca nodded and led us out back. We walked down the steps and Brady staggered in back. When Brady made it outside to see what was therem his mouth fell open.

"Surprise!" The crowd yelled.

Brady stood emotionless at the big growd of friends in the backyard wishing him a hapy birthday. He smiled softly and gave Francesca, Kristin, and me a big hug thanking us for the surprise party. I looked out at the crowd and saw Ian sitting on the table and he smiled and gestured me to come say hi. I smiled and walked over to him.

He grabbed my hand, "Hey."

"Hello. How was your day?" I smiled.

"It was good. I had a baseball game today, so I'm kind of tired."

I chuckled, "I bet, I heard you won, though. So, congrats on winning!"

We sat there in silence for a moment of two, then Kristin yelled my name and I walked over to her. Kristin and Francesca dragged to Francesca's room and sat me down on the bed.

Francesca nudged me, "So, you like Ian right?"

Francesca and I met in the beginning of the year and didn't have a lovely start. That previous summer, I had a thing with her ex-boyfriend, so we started the year off sort of shaky. However, after months of trying to pretend to be friends, we learned that we actually had a lot more in common than expected. Now, we can't say one bad thing about the other. She has become one of my best friends, and as a best friend, I could never tell her a lie.

I sighed, "Yes, I do like him. Happy?"

Kristin jumped with joy, "Yay! You guys are totally going to hook up tonight. I can feel it."

"Well, it is going to be kind of hard if you both are talkinf to me the entire time in here." I stood up.

Francesca grabbed my hand keeping me from leaving, "Ian is one of my best friends and is such a good guy, so I approve. This is exactly what you both need."

I rolled my eyes and walked back outside. By then, everyone had transferred from the backyard to the pool and jacuzzi. I took my shirt and pants off and sat in the jacuzzi with everyone else. My friend, Jessie sat next to me and I began talking to her trying to forget the previous conversation I'd just had.

She smiled, "Girl, why aren't you talking to Ian?"

I sighed, "I don't know. It's kind of weird. We never talk at school or outside of texting. I don't know what to say."

"Okay, you know what? You're angering me. I am not talking to you until you talk to ian." She turned away and began talking to someone else near her.

Partly shocked and a little frustrated, I ignored her slightly annoying remark and turned to my friend, Veronica. Veronica smiled and eyed ian then pushed me towards him.

I smiled and stared at him, "Everyone is pushing me towards you. I guess our friendship, relationship thing isn't so discrete."

Ian laughed and pulled me towards him, "well, fuck it. Let the world know."

I smiled and sat on his lap as we all sat in the jacuzzi. Ian continued to make everyone laugh throughout the night and after mant attempts to leave, he wouldn't let me out of his arms. The stares and faces people made towards us, made me feel awkward. The pressue everyone was forcing upon us made me distraught and confused. Did I really watnt this or was I just giving into everyones wants and desires concerning Ian and me?

We all got out of the jacuzzi and got dressed. One by one people left the party, leaving only hand full of people. Ian was in Francesca's room with his guy friends and I sat outside on the chairs next to the table. Kristin grabbed a chair and sat down next to me.

She grabbed my hand, "so are you gonna hook up with him?"

"I don't know." I looked away.

"Well, he wants to. Atleast, that's what he told me." She smiled, "So, i say you get off your lazy ass and do something."

Just then, Ian walked outside and approached me. Kristin stood up and walked away. I shrugged abd found myself standing up and grabbing Ian's hand. I led him to the side of the house and pusehd him against the wall where I closed my eyed, gave in, and pressed my lips against his.

His lips were warm and soft. His tongue made its way into my mouth and we just stood there, kissing. My hands rested around his neck and slowly made its way down his back. His arms held me tightly and he squeezed my waiste. For the 1st time in a long time, I felt wanted and cared for. Chills raced down my spine and my lips slowly parted with his.

I smiled, "I really have to go now, love. Kristin will kill me if I keep her waiting."

"Aww, okay." He kissed my head and shrugged, "uhm, one thing, though. Veronica invited me to this Lakers charity event game tomorrow and that's when our date was suppossed to be."

I smiled, "Don't worry about it. I was invited too. But, unfortunately, my mother isn't so crazy about me going to a Laker game with a whole bunch of teenagers where I could easily get lost, kidnapped, and killed."

He laughed, "Can we reschedule?"

"Of course. And I will be seeing you at the concert tomorrow, too. So, it's really now big deal. But I do have to go now. I will see you tomorrow."

Ian smiled and kissed me. I dropped my hand from his and got into Kristin's car. She turned and looked at me with satisfaction. I sunk in my seat and closed my eyes. What the hell just happened?

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